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  1. What is an EOI Beagle?

    Is it a working/field line Beagle? If so, what does the acronym EOI stand for? and does anyone have experience with them, and their breeding community? (I'll be happy to just get an answer to my first question - what is an EOI Beagle)
  2. The problem with "teaching the whole quadrant" is that shows a lack of understanding of classical conditioning and how it is at work all the time ... whether intentionally or unintentionally, whether the trainer is aware of it or not, including when the focus is on achieving results through operant conditioning (dog training as such). Like in the saying "Pavlov is always on your shoulder" (and Skinner on the other shoulder). That is the reason why the "positive only" ideal even exist (even if it isn't always realistically what is taking place)... because of the harmful and unpredictable side effects of aversive methods that result from the (unintended) classical conditioning that happens all the time alongside the operant conditioning based methods that are generally the focus of dog training. It means aversive methods generally undermine the animal's welfare and the owner-dog relationship... even if reward based methods are also used. When people favours a "balanced", "all 4 quadrants" approach, they generally reveal that they grasp *only* the 4 quadrants, which is really nothing but a framework to categorise/label the 4 main types of motivation that facilitate learning. While they are familiar with operant conditioning, they have a lack of awareness of the consequences of the other major form of conditioning that is happening, namely classical conditioning
  3. Ndtf Block 1 Review.

    Does anyone know if the NDTF Cert III in Dog Training Behaviour / Glenn Cooke & Pet Resort Australia do still teach use of tools like check chain, e-collar, flooding etc, or have they moved on to more humane methods since 2009? Thanks for the review by the way! It is extremely useful. I am/was considering the NDTF program, and it is very difficult to find the info I'm after, such as about the training paradigms used, the instructors/supervisors for the subjects (apart from flowery words like "leading", "top professionals" etc), and details about the 2 practical blocks. I have already perused the websites of NDTF, Pet Resort Australia and Canine Evolution Dog Training. None of them mention any of the things mentioned in this review, which is what I wanted to know... My gut feeling told me it would be hidden in the details somewhere. Now I just want to know if this is still what is taught, since the review is 8 years old