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  1. Thanks everyone, sorry the links didn’t work but I appreciate Powerlegs posting the picture. I will keep an eye on the spot (excuse pun). I just had my other boy at the Vet for an eye infection which sprung up overnight after weeks of getting him back to health after the ‘chook neck’ paralysis. Hopefully things will go smoothly for a while. : )
  2. My 4 yr old has a brown spot on the white of his eye. It kind of looks like the brown is leaking onto the white. Of course that’s not the case, but it’s how it looks. Does anyone have any idea about this? (Click link below) Thanks 93126A13-D9F2-4101-9930-89275F8F8411.mov 47290F0E-2EE3-42F1-B2AB-ABC5092F25A8.mov
  3. Thanks @Deeds, I will give it a try. I tried boiled rice, cooked chicken and pumpkin which he usually loves but he only licked about a teaspoonful off my fingers. He will eat his denta stick at night though. His overall demeanour is off also - prefers outside to inside, stays on his bed, doesn’t get excited about a walk, pat or car ride, not even a small tail wag! He is a Cavvie KC which love attention so it is definitely a worry.
  4. Just an update on Tully. His walking has improved greatly but unfortunately he now seems to be suffering depression and is off his food. I have to virtually hand feed him to get him to take anything whereas before, despite the paralysis his appetite was good. I’m taking him for a little walk in the bush on the tracks and hopefully this will raise his spirits. Also going to try some nutrigel. He is still toileting ok. Thanks for all your good wishes. @JulesP @Rebanne @Tassie
  5. @sheena @Tassie The above is a good article. I have been feeding my two CKC Spaniels chicken necks from pup age. The occurrence of this disease is rare but since my dog became ill, I have heard of 3 other cases in our area. Some Vets say the pro’s outweigh the risks of feeding necks but after the stress (& expense - not everyone can afford tests etc) my dog and I have been through, I am unwilling to take any more risks. Re: the teeth, one of my boys has great teeth, one does not - yet they have the same diet. So now it’s cooked meats with plenty of veg - raw and cooked, small amount of cooked egg, some dry foods and water. Plus a good walk every day.
  6. Hi, I am pleased to say Tully is recovering well after almost 3 weeks of paralysis. I have been doing physio twice a day on all limbs for about 5 mins per limb. Once we got through the first week without any breathing problems I was pretty confident he would be ok. Smaller meals of scrambled egg with veggies for breakfast and cooked mince with veggies at night (pumpkin, carrot and Broccoli) so he didn’t get too bogged up. I kept track of his water intake approx 500mls a day. He actually got up and walked some steps on all fours today, I am so happy for my brave boy.
  7. Just don’t feed them raw chicken or raw chicken necks. Please. :-l
  8. My dog was diagnosed with this a week ago. It was just bad luck as both my dogs are fed the same and I was unaware raw chicken necks and raw chicken can carry a risky bacteria. It is extremely distressing to see your dog walking one day then paralysed the next. My Dog’s front legs were paralysed within 2 days. I’ve had a lot of stress worrying it would paralyse his lung muscle but after 8 days we are through the bad period. He is still paralysed but I am confident with some dedicated physio from me I can get my boy back on his feet. It’s important to get your dog up and about as much as you can for his physical and mental wellbeing. I’m buying a second hand layback pram so he can walk with his brother as he gets distressed being left behind. Another tip, with the cooler months coming up, leave a cover on part of your grass so there’s a dry area for him to lay to do his business. He’s not moving much so watch the food intake and give him enough water to help shift his poo. He’ll get bogged up from lack of exercise. There’s a small percentage that die from this but you have to put the effort in to save his quality of life. I set my alarm at 3 hourly intervals so I remember to turn him over or change his position, it’s like having a newborn again. Ask others to help with the physio and read up all you can. Melbourne Uni U-Vet did research on this and the info is valuable, google it. All the best.
  9. Has anyone experienced Acute polyradiculoneuritis or lower motor neurone paresis? Evidence shows it’s most likely caused by a bacteria found in raw chicken necks.
  10. My CKC spaniel has just been diagnosed with this 8 days ago. I have read everything about this I can get my hands on, but now I need to hear from others who have dealt with it.
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