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  1. Agility Jumps & Weavers

    I've just started agility with my puppy (2 weeks ago). As far as the tunnel is concered, the ducting is a great idea. My boyfriend installed our aircon only a few months ago and had some left. I've been using that and I have to say it works a bit too well. After about 2 minutes she decided that she loves going through it and my problem now is teaching her to go through ONLY when I ask her. You have to tape up the ends well as you don't want him/her to get to the insulation. My jumps & weavers aren't as impressive as all of yours - a piece of pvc pipe on two plastic pots and bamboo stakes for the weavers (my boyfriend actually let me poke holes in his lawn - the dog has him wrapped around her little finger). Works well enough and after 2 weeks I'm increadibly impressed at how quickly she's picked everything up - she can do 12 weaves quite fast with maybe one mistake in every 10 attempts. She loves it!!!! Oh and my boyfriends way of teaching her to go through the tunnel was to put it in the sliding door with her outside and us inside.
  2. Cartrofen

    Ha ha I was actually saying that I give my older HORSE a cup of apple cider vinegar and it works a treat. My mini poodle has the cartrophen (sp?) injections and they work - have never tried apple cidar vinegar on her.
  3. Cartrofen

    We have a 18yo mini poodle who can get quite stiff in winter. We have been getting the injections for her for the last 5 years or something like that. Usually she just has the course just prior to the cold months and it lasts through the winter. If she's having a bad year then I think we have her done again further into winter too. I don't know if it works for dogs but my older horse gets arthritis and gets a bit stiff in winter. I give him a cup of apple cider vinigar in his dinner each day and it works like a miracle! He's like a new horse!
  4. Where Do You Wash Your Dogs?

    When we only had the mini (poodle) it was the laundry tub. Now with a standard as well its usually the bath (sometimes the shower with either me or my mum). The standard isn't a fan of water and so you have to carry the lump usually from up stairs down to the bathroom but then she's a perfect little angel once she's in there. Usually wash the standard first - makes it seem like the mini takes no time. Oh and a hair dry afterwards if its not summer.