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    Help people get more out of being just a pet owner and assist them when they faulter. Encourage "the just a dog" owner to be aware of the benifits of owning and being the proud carer of a dog. Promote responsible ownership and understanding.
  1. Dog Grooming / Clipping

    [ Where abouts are you in SA ?? yes where abouts in sa are you near Mt. Gambier ?
  2. Groomers Please...

    If he is blowing coat it may pay to wear a face mask yourself when using a blower as it will remove loose hair with the greatest of ease.If you don't have a dog blower check your vaccum cleaner for a reverse blow feature and use the crevice tool to increase and intensify the airflow.
  3. Where The Heck Am I Going Wrong?

    One of the best bits of equip I have is micro fibre towels best stuff since sliced bread.I use them myself (not the dog ones)it really handy to get dry quick after a shower.it also cut back on washing normal towells etc.Cuts down the electricity usage too and it all counts.Thank heavens I don't get water bills here as we are on tank and bore so no price rise for customers which they will appreciate.
  4. Where The Heck Am I Going Wrong?

    Well I don't know what hourly rate would be required but I wouldn't work for less than $30 per hour. That would be using all their supplied equipment.I definetly wouldn't work for nutters.If you don't enjoy working in an enviroment you won't be performing at your best.Start doing something off your own bat if you have a garage/shed at home it doesn't have to be a shop straight away.Word of mouth is the best advertising you can get you cant buy it! Ok I'm in country vic all i have outside is a crappy sign on the road side (cost $10).I don't advertise at all I print my own cards.I limit customers to 200. Go for it !
  5. Don Burke Takes On The Pedigree Dog Industry

    Are we talking about the Gardener(very loosely).This is the same guy that insulted the old long standing and extremely well respected Gentleman (70+)that was incharge of the Mt.Macedon Gardens.He was instructed to leave I don't believe that show went to air in the format that it was supposed to.I think the producers were good gardeners too.Don't worry too much about him he will shoot himself up the butt so just wait for it and enjoy the moment.
  6. Bye Bye Boogie

    thankyou for your kind thoughts 1 week on caught heaps of fresh salmon and no boogie to enjoy them. He enjoyed them so much I fed him a barracoutta about two foot long one day then I thought maybe I should have killed it first. I mean they do have teeth but when I looked over the wall and saw him with about six inches poking out of his mouth I felt sorry for the coutta. but he did enjoy it so much even more than if he nicked my port or I gave him a stubbie of stout. He was a lot like me actually he loved all those things that you girls would hate like,liver, fish,port, stout,you know all those blokey things. God he was the best. And he was able to win over all the women mate he was soo smooth it was just a natural talent. it digs deep when an eighteen year old kid asks how he is because they were young when they first met him. to this day I am not sure if you were ours or we were yours. Me thinks we were yours "you owned us".We were your servants of our choosing. seven little shih`s miss you heaps. coco,buffy,monty,troy,pippy,jemma & Puddy. love chris and liz
  7. Bye Bye Boogie

    Bye Bye our old mate you left us sadly on Good Friday. You were the best mate that we could have ever had. You weren't just 95 kgs of awesome Saint Bernard. You were everyones friend. Thankyou for giving us your very special love only you could do that. You gave us so much joy, you showed us just how gentle and caring you were so many times. We never heard a bark in anger and you always shared. I remember a few glasses of port went missing whilst I had my back turned splitting wood. You absolutely loved your fresh fish and many will miss you whilst fishing out the back. Your seven little mates are missing you too. No big brother to harrass. Rest gently my friend I know you are watching those salmon swim by. Boogie 11-03-2000 to 22-04-2011 R.I.P.
  8. Reverse Sneezing Explained

    well I always thought the dog was hyperventilating or is this the same ?????
  9. Who Has The Oldest Dog Here?

    HeavyPaws that is double the normal for a Saint Remarkable effort My Boogie had his tenth birthday 11-03-2010. He is poor of sight and hearing as can be well imagined. but is looking real good and moving around heaps better because he's been getting fresh baby salmon whole for about a month and he just loves them. He's always at the back gate waitng for me to see what he has for tea!
  10. Rat Crisis! Emergency Or Not?

    There was an article in our local paper warning of a rat and mouse problem with the ideal conditions for them to breed in and now they are lookin for nice accomodation now that the weather is coolin off. We use baits inside in our secure areas then we use traps in other spots where the dogs still have no access to. In the areas where dogs could have contact we use 50/50 concrete powder and bread flour making sure there is a drink of water near by. The good thing about it is no smell when they die and its safe. Well I wouldn't let young kiddies near it they have been known to eat some very bizarre substances.
  11. Our Saint Turns Ten

    Very tired and Hardy's Cab/Sav 2009 not bad after big day lol
  12. Our Saint Turns Ten

    thanks for all the congrats and input simply fantastic. our oldest saint romisaints amber was 13.5 when we said enough is enough she told us and we knew and we obeyed HER WISH. I swore after Amber no more saints yhen Matt bought Boogie and he is a sheer delight to have as a mate. he is a mate in the true sense of it because he actually disagrees with me at times like a real person does. think I may have located where my pics from mobile are will get OH to put them up swoon
  13. Revolution

    carrie approx what area are you in?roughly i mean. they have also released a new callesi thing for rabbits again.
  14. Our Saint Turns Ten

    Masjana The One And Only. I won't mention who bred him as I've never been impressed ! My son actually bought him and well the rest is history but when Matt comes home he's just like a puppy again. I haven't posted pics for a long time and will have to work out how to do it again.
  15. Hi our Saint turned ten today. So he's had his once a year mud cake and half a stubby of stout with his birthday hat on. I'll have to try and get some pics on here. he still loves to sit at the back gate and see if I've caught any fresh salmon for his tea when I've been fishing.