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  1. It's no replacement for vet care, but supportive therapies can assist. I recommend McDowell's Herbal. Send them a message here https://shop.mcdowellsherbal.com/forms/consultation you don't want to have two conflicting treatments working against each other. I also recommend you seek out a specialist. She may have an antibiotic resistant bug. Have they ever done testing or an ultrasound?
  2. There may be owners who have been in your situation who are reluctant to post because it's a medical expert topic. Most recommendations are to go back to the vet. Sensibly, nobody wants to be responsible if something goes wrong. I've had several cardiac dogs, but am not going to give out veterinary advice because I'm not a vet - hearts & their associated conditions are very serious stuff. Stay calm, some dogs are a bumpy ride at first. You'll both get there.
  3. Back to the vet. You're dealing with serious stuff here. There are medications or combinations, and things vets can add if you feel Sonny is having an adverse reaction to plain Vetmedin. Vets just like to start with the basics so they can gauge progress and work from there, so as a rule all cardiac dogs really should be going in for regular checks even if they seem stable. Best wishes for Sonny. xxxx
  4. Australian Veterinary Association 11m · A cluster of cases of acute hepatopathy (liver failure) in Victorian dogs fed pet meat has recently been identified by the PetFAST system. This is being investigated as a potential pet food-associated adverse event, but we have not yet identified a definitive causal link. Any dogs that have eaten pet meat (especially if sourced from Victoria) and have sudden onset of vomiting, loss of appetite, excessive thirst, or
  5. @persephone @Papillon KissesThat makes sense! Post edited.
  6. I sooooo feel your pain. My old boy has always been difficult but now he'll only behave for the vet although he doesn't need sedating, he just won't let me do it anymore. He kicks and twists and it feels like he's rather me break his foot!!! Because of his diabetes we can't do that peanut butter trick (edited - don't do this!! ) or bribe him with threats. You could always ask it be done under a quick whiff of gas. One of my fosters had to be done that way and he woke up fast afterwards.
  7. Basic testing of liver values is often more of an indicator than a diagnosis unless you're talking about complete failure, even then, further testing is needed. Elevated results can be as simple as a treatable infection. Ultrasound is great. And further, more elaborate testing is always recommended. Best I can say is don't panic, most of us have been there but outcome could be any number of things. Please let us know @Lisa anastas
  8. It's all covered in the 'definitions' sections re Council, Police, AWL, RSPCA and Cat Protection. I've not been in a real life scenario so I can't help you with what to do if they want to enter your property.
  9. DPI is kind of the state boss. They set the laws and standards the RSPCA and AWL can inspect. There's also CAA and POCTAA
  10. Thank you so much Perse. I hadn't thought of it like that.
  11. This thread is so painful to read. I am so sorry for all who have lost someone and offer my respect of your individual decisions. Last week. My eldest dog Missy passed away with me on the way to the emergency vet hospital. Mum was driving, traffic was crap, we were back seat. I never realised before how much I appreciated being able to be in a quiet consult room with my vet and my hubby. It was so sudden, I was so frightened and had no idea what to do without a planned euthanasia. All I could do was comfort her. If people can't attend their pet's goodbye, they
  12. You seriously need to visit a dog show or two Talk to breeders, they aren't trying to sell their breed, just advising suitability. Books are good, real life is better. I also guarantee you'll meet breeds not on your list. Many breeds have hobbyist clubs also, great to join once you choose your dog. Training IMHO doesn't purely come from a book either. Best training is where you are with your dog and have chosen the right trainer who is interested in worthing with both of you. It does sound like you might be getting influenced by others, try to follow your own path.
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