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  1. As above. I think you're going to have to be very careful for the time being and I assume by the sound of what you have said, that she has a decent prey drive. Something that is often hard-wired (not a learned behaviour) into a dog and they won't respond to treats or distractions or noises - it's complete focus. Sorry. I advise you to return her. It doesn't mean she will never be rehomed from the shelter, they will just have more information and be able to make a better match next time.
  2. Getting dog to play

    Like others have said, you'll have to persist and act like it's soooo exciting. If she's treat/food motivated try a couple of IQ puzzles too. Great for oldies to keep their brains active (could be good for Hamish too if he can't roughhouse anymore) There's also toys 'crackle toys'. A real hit here. "Crunchy Duck" especially, got chewed and carried around until he started to fall apart.
  3. An aged fox hound

    Happy 10th Birthday Brock! Our gorgeous Brock celebrated his 10th birthday today in the loving arms of his new foster family, who have been a blessing for Brock! We are so thankful that our big boy had the chance to celebrate his special day in a home, even though we all missed him at the shelter! ❤️ SHARE your birthday wishes for Brock below!
  4. An aged fox hound

    Animal Welfare League NSW · Our gorgeous Brock has been at our shelter for two years! That is way too long without a comfy lounge and Netflix! So, we decided that our special boy will now enjoy the luxuries of a Foster Care home until an adoptive family comes forward. Foster-Dad Russell came to pick up Brock yesterday and we've already received an update this morning that he was a very good boy (of course he was!). Brock will celebrate his 10th birthday this Monday and we are so happy that he will get the spoils of a foster home on his special day. Brock is still available to adopt, so please share Brock and help him find his new family! AWL NSW Rehoming Organisation Number: R251000222
  5. An aged fox hound

    T I put him up so people can share him or not. Their choice. I've also stated my opinion. I'm not the one calling the shots or having to rehome him. I don't like the little jabs at rehoming senior dogs. And unless you can find it there's nothing in the CA Acts or POCTAA or DPI Code to say they would have seized any of your shelter dogs if they met the standards.
  6. An aged fox hound

    Animal Welfare League NSW October 1 at 5:53 PM · AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION (still): Brock On the 30th of October 2017, a male Foxhound was surrendered to our Inspectorate after it was found that his previous owner was not able to care for him due to illness. Brock spent almost a year with our vets and behaviour teams - putting on weight, and learning how to be a very good boy. After passing his medical and behavioural assessments, Brock was made available to adopt from Kemps Creek shelter on 8th October 2018. Fast forward a year later, and Brock is still available to adopt. Day after day, Brock waits and waits and waits... 10-year-old Brock is very special and needs a very special home. He needs a home where he will be treasured, where he won't share the spotlight with any other pets, and a place where his hound-like barking won't upset the neighbours! If you would like more information on the longest-term pet we have at our shelter, please call us on 8777 4445 or email [email protected] AWL NSW Rehoming Organisation Number: R251000222
  7. An aged fox hound

    AWL staff & vollies are looking at a healthy senior. They are humans too, like us. They think of him every day, feed him, walk him, play with him, give him treats, cuddle him, rug him up and pray for him. Rhetorically; Exactly what day would people choose for him to die? How do you decide he is unhappy/mentally broken? Will you pay him a visit to see for yourselves? It's not an easy call and it has to be based on an individual dog's assessment. Dogs do become: institutionalised, some become fence fighters, self mutilators, antisocial, timid, aggressive, kennel crazy, any number of things. Others are really quite happy. I'm not into kennelling long term either if anyone has read this far, not to mention my dogs are small and older. But I also have the luxury of not having to take one of my rescues to be pts because it's taking up room that another, more adoptable dog could use. (Despite being told to by a few geniuses over the years) There's privately owned dogs legally living their years in runs which we aren't allowed to talk about.
  8. I can't get onto Daily Telegraph but Daily Mail has picked up the story. If you've heard of 'Jak's Rescue', that's her. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7251641/Jenna-Heaslip-25-scammed-animal-lovers-thousands-dollars-selling-wrong-breed-dogs.html Jenna Heaslip pleaded guilty to string of offences which saw her pocket $10,000 The court heard the 25-year-old scammed multiple animal lovers across states Victims outside court said Heaslip used cover of running dog rescue company They also said that she used different names when she was dealing with people
  9. RSPCA in the news

  10. RSPCA in the news

    I took the meaning to be that rescues piggyback seizures or raids undertaken by the big orgs and swoop in as immune 3rd parties simply because they are 'rescue' (as she put it). If she means rspca/aspca/peta then she should say so instead of sounding paranoid about anyone rescuing pets. I clearly get butt-hurt about being lumped in with anti-everything nutters and AR.
  11. RSPCA in the news

    Nup, sorry, that's where she lost me. And then she throws in the 'working together' line! Great way to get the team together. I'm yet to benefit financially and if it wasn't for donations and the unpaid hours we put in there wouldn't be a rescue to speak of. I also own a pedigree dog myself (and I'm not the only one) so where is the anti-breeder ethos here. And I don't know what it's like in the U.S. but some states like VIC have rescue under the same umbrella as breeders so rescue aren't magically immune from AR or Govt pressure.
  12. Did you know the greyhound muzzling requirement has changed? Pet greyhounds on the NSW Pet Registry no longer need to wear a muzzle A recap of the key changes As of 1 July 2019 the legal requirement for pet greyhounds to be muzzled in public is no longer applicable to those registered on the NSW Pet Registry. A greyhound still needs to be muzzled in an off-leash area if it has not undergone an approved retraining program. A greyhound that has completed such a program will continue to wear identifying green collars, or alternatively the person in charge of the animal can carry a 'proof of completion' card. Fines apply for an unmuzzled greyhound in an off-leash area if the dog has not undergone an approved retraining program, is not wearing an identifying green collar, or the person in charge of the animal is not carrying a 'proof of completion' card. How you can help Please find below a range of promotional materials for you to share, display and use as appropriate: A4 factsheet A5 factsheet Poster Social media tile 1 Social media tile 2 Videographic (below) Suggested content for websites and newsletters
  13. Re reporting; there's at least one registry that is set up for cross-breeders and unregistered dogs and they do claim to have a Code Of Conduct etc (so can kick out rogue breeders). Google her email and phone number, she may pop up in ads or elsewhere. Check the chip paperwork for a kennel name if there is one. Small claims is your only real option if you're after vet costs. My knowledge of consumer law is that to claim a straight refund you return the item. In this case, your puppy.
  14. I know it's standard in some parts but C7 vacc isn't common here in the inner city & inner west, lots of dogs are getting topped up now. https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2019/jul/10/rare-disease-spread-via-rat-urine-kills-seven-dogs-and-leaves-dozens-of-australians-ill edit
  15. Spot on Dogs eye

    Best snapshot I could get.