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  1. Accreditation. It's a completely unregulated industry full of people who make all sorts of claims about their talents, so having things like eg Delta Certification and membership to industry bodies goes a long way for both you and your potential clients.
  2. Help!!! What's this?

    I'm not a breeder and have never heard of awkward belly buttons. Looks like a tiny umbilical hernia to me and we have them fixed while under for desexing. Sooooo common, and not a sign of bad breeding. It's just nature.
  3. Is it just PTSD?

    Maybe smaller meals for a while? (Is it dry food?). Has he got and soft poos? I'm no help really, but it does sound like he's just far too excited and guzzling water on top of food is a good recipe for a spew. I understand the long term effects though. I'm hyperaware of anything that looks even close to a seizure. Like when our old girl Missy rolls around on her back in the kitchen.
  4. Anal Glands

    I don't remember how much either but I used to use Benefibre for an anal gland doggie. It's tasteless and odourless. She was quite fussy so it suited her best.
  5. Experiences with dog transport

    I'm so sorry there's been a lot of new road transporters popping up due to no flights for transport. I don't know who you used but again, I'm so sorry you must be devastated.
  6. New Guinea Singing Dogs found in the wild

    So interesting!
  7. Transfer of ownership issues

    Here you can mark the chip as missing. To mark as stolen you generally need a police report. And police tell you it's a civil matter so take it up with a lawyer as property that was willingly handed over not stolen. I've seen it work like this IRL and you need to look it up in your state: NSW has one microchip register; if I willingly hand a dog to an adopter (fee or not), it's not 'dibs' I own the dog forever. All it is, is my name on the chip, I can flag as missing all I like. And maybe the dog will be returned to me if it's escaped or scanned. But as the chipped owner my legal obligation was actually to sign that chip over asap in a chain of custody if you can call it that. If I want to fight it I go civil and lose my money because nobody actually stole the dog. I hope you can work it out without unnecessary conflict. It shouldn't be this messy. You bought the dog privately. You didn't sign an agreement with anyone. Just desex him, tag him and sort the rest out when the breeder calms down.
  8. Piece of tooth left after extraction?

    I did see once what I thought was a piece of tooth and rushed straight to the vet. Turned out to be a dissolving suture with food on it. Best to get the vet to take a look.
  9. Transfer of ownership issues

    I agree with Scratch. But as a rescue I'd also be devastated if one of my adopters rehomed a dog without telling me (despite the signed adoption contract of returning the dog if ever needed). I think it would be nice if the transfer is done without any animosity, that you send the breeder a little bit of info about you a nice update about how the dog is going.
  10. Oh my goodness I am so sorry. Are you in Qld? Consumer laws vary from state to state so hopefully someone can pop in and advise. But in NSW, it's basically like any other piece of property (sorry, to refer to him as that) and the seller only needs to offer you a refund for a return. If you want to get vet bills back it's small claims court as far as I know. Did you sign any paperwork like a contract?
  11. Dentals include pre-op blood panel, fluids, a clean and extractions of any broken or wiggly/rotten teeth. A good breed with kids is very subjective and all depends on how the pups are raised and what their parents are like. You have to factor in most importantly, what you expect and how dog savvy your children are. One of my favourite family dogs ... Have you looked at Australian Terriers? Solid, active, busy and if from a good breeder, great temperament. Not too small and not too big. But with puppies & breeders we're getting into an aspect that others are better versed in, most of our rescues are older with an unknown history who have to have vetwork, rehab & assessment before rehoming. Anyway https://www.dogzonline.com.au/breeds/list.asp
  12. LOTS of scams around now because there's no dogs around. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-08-19/police-arrest-man-over-dog-scam-targeting-coronavirus-lonely/12574638
  13. It's possible the dog isn't chipped at all and hasn't seen a vet because it's so easy for him to go to his vet and get the info. Literally just a phonecall. Is he/she desexed or vaccinated? Yes you can ask, and he's not supposed to rehome a dog without one but it sounds like he's getting twitchy about you asking questions so that's a BIG red flag. So is the ultimatum of you paying $50 or he'll sell elsewhere. Yes, absolutely, toy breeds require regular dentals. Most of our rescues are over 7 at least and every single one of those has needed a thorough dental. If the dog is 'placid' you should be able to look at it's teeth, if not I'd be careful. Mainly because a) sore mouth and b) you're planning on adding dog + kids with a completely untested animal. I'm so sorry, I understand the kids will be disappointed but this is sounding more and more like you're better off starting your search again.
  14. This is true but usually it's just random numbers. And gumtree can't check so they're happy with that.
  15. Oops, I assumed they already had the dog Yes, smells fishy.