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  1. What to do when a puppy has an inverted vulva.

    I agree with the signed agreement but as well, put everything in email. Even if you tell them over the phone, follow up by clearly confirming what you have discussed (even send the vet report if you wish). Lawyer or not (sorry that you feel intimidated), just be clear in writing of what you know and what you're offering, and they can make their decision. It's probably not going to be a huge drama anyway, things happen. It's nature. They might just need your extra assistance to get through the bumpy bits.
  2. Wary like bumps

    They are most probably 'puppy warts'. The papilloma virus, but they tend to go away with age. They mostly get them around the mouth and muzzle. Puppies don't have a mature immune system so they do get things like that. There's also what feels like warts, two of them, one above each eye. They are eyebrows. Sorry I don't mean to infer you don't know what eyebrows are but had to say it. Obviously I'm not a vet so I'd still get them checked.
  3. Getting A New Maltalier Puppy.

    I'd have a google about third-hand smoke around (human) babies. As your pup will probably be about 8 weeks on arrival I would equate that with having a baby around the home.
  4. Kelpie Rescue or Breeder in Vic?

    Sorry about that I didn't realise you'd tried them. You could always go through https://www.savour-life.com.au/adopt-a-dog/ although you do have to register to see the dogs as far as I know? (they don't spam you though). Your other option is going to the pound or a shelter and meeting a doggy or two in person. However with Covid, most have shut their doors to the public so that's not a very helpful suggestion if time is a factor. There's got to be a rescue out there with a privacy policy who can give you more than a one sentence reply. Yes it does get busy that's for sure but we try to explain things when replying. Even though telling someone no is really hard and not my favourite task. I wish you all the best whether you rescue or go via a breeder. He or she will be a very lucky dog.
  5. Sounds like he's advising Chlorsig ointment, a mild antibiotic in a thick moisturising base. Does that name sound familiar? It's a behind the counter drug so they will ask you what it's for. Managing entropion/ectropion: If you get yellow discharge in his eye you'll need to go to the vet for prescription Tricin asap. And if he starts to squint or paw at his face, there's a possible ulcer from the eyelid rubbing the cornea - another asap trip to the vet.
  6. Kelpie Rescue or Breeder in Vic?

    Avoid Petrescue, go direct to the org itself. Have you tried Dogs4Jobs? They do working breeds but not just stock workers if that makes sense? Used to be called Herd2Homes. https://www.facebook.com/pg/dogs4jobs/about/?ref=page_internal
  7. Getting a pup to eat dry food

    Good advice above from Perse. If he really likes raw, and thrives on raw, feed it to him. You can create a balanced diet on your own or even buy BARF pre-made patties if you don't always have time that day. Kibble is sometimes encouraged by vets as a complete diet or even 'safer' than raw. Not my experience, just be careful of them crunching up large splintery bones. In the end, different dogs thrive on different foods so there's no set rules as such, whatever your dog does best on is the diet they need as long as it's nutritious.
  8. Tasty food

    Sticky tasty things like a fingernail size of liverwurst, cream cheese, nutrigel or (xylitol free) peanut butter. Problem I've found is you get a couple of keen days and then they won't eat it so you have to try the next thing. Have you tried to dissolve and syringe the meds in? I've found it quick and with less struggling when dealing with the dogs who spit everything out. Quick squirt and then a treat if they will take one. Sorry about Hamish being so unwell.
  9. If you say the breed you'll get an idea of what kind of health testing a breed needs and what to look out for. No matter what you choose, if you're looking for a companion then health and soundness is your priority IMHO. I'm staying out of the hotly debated registry issue but I always recommend people check the Dol list of registered ANKC breeders.
  10. Boxer eye

    Do you mean this? The vet must be giving you more options after 6 weeks. Ulcers are very painful.
  11. Can I bring my puppy home?

    16 weeks at least. Check with vet about a titre test and what they think is the best move. Realistically parvo is everywhere. It's you dog's immunity that keeps it safe. In the meantime be patient. Enjoy your new baby, it'll go in no time. I love that you've temporarily moved to protect her!
  12. Issues with our breeder

    Well I hope you stick around Dol we love puppy photos!
  13. Meanwhile NSW and Qld are building brand spanking new puppy farms. Like the one in Bathurst built specifically to supply a Sydney pet retailer with oodles.
  14. Issues with our breeder

    Is that your puppy in your profile photo?