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  1. I'm so sorry Libby I haven't had any experience with that particular condition but I find writing your story helps and is of immense benefit to googlers who are searching for advice about their own dog. xxxx
  2. Why not just get a Husky or a Mal? They look wolfy enough to me. Is there a particular reason you'd like to gamble your money on a xbreed with a cool name?
  3. Silly question but are they symmetrical? Have you made sure they aren't nipples? They darken with age but just look like dots particularly if the dog is young. There's also spots from sunbaking on their back. And age spots that are normal. Don't use the sulphur mix on a tiny yorkie tummy! That's an old treatment (and can cause allergic reactions) for animals with scabby bacterial/fungal patches. You should be really going to the vet anyway and getting a diagnosis. Experimenting with stuff off the internet is a recipe for trouble. If there's no flaking, raised bumps or itchiness or redn
  4. We just had to say goodbye to our dear old persian tonight at 18, she was tired and ready to go. Rest in Peace Google Thank you for the poem Sandgrubber.
  5. Full of threats. Not brave enough to name themselves though.
  6. Not really. What flea treatment are you using? Some cover mites, but if it's a flare-up of demodex (not uncommon in puppies if we're talking about a pup) you may need something stronger. I can't really tell by the photos but are we looking at a blue dog?
  7. I'm sorry (knowing the dog vs human aggression stuff) but I'd say he's a risk to anyone that got between him and a dog he was intent on attacking. Sad that his story ends this way though.
  8. Sounds like he's getting good pain relief.
  9. What pain relief is he on? Metacam? Usually they give pain relief but not too much that the dog thinks it's ok to use that leg. Have they put an adhesive pain killer under the bandage?
  10. Orange man looks like someone took a sh!t in his cornflakes
  11. Because I'm a stickybeak and loathe scammers with a passion, I've found a few puppy scam sites that don't look all that legit either but the big red flag is that the photo on their home page is actually a 2016 pic from someone called TKs Rottweilers in Serbia. https://www.facebook.com/tksrottweilers/photos/a.1573338339636530/1587057771597920 https://petscams.com/puppy-scammer-list/oceanicgermanrottweilers-com/ I could do more fishing but it's honestly not worth it. The site will be full of stolen photos and text. Just find a reputable Australian breeder who is more interested in f
  12. Lots of Aussie ones to choose from. https://www.dogzonline.com.au/breeds/breeders/rottweiler.asp
  13. I understand it is the hardest decision to make. But it sounds like her time has come. Sending all my love to you both.
  14. I use it for the smell. Love it - the spot-ons I mean. I find if you use the mousse as well, the combo is nice for the skin.
  15. Charming. What do you expect from an open forum? Free vet advice? I suggest you're the one who needs to get over themselves if you can't clarify yourself without all caps and insults.
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