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  1. Registration in Australia

    Welcome It really depends on what your aims and goals are for your litter. You can't take an MDBA dog to compete in ANKC shows and it will probably effect your breeding options if you want specific lines that aren't on the smaller registry. MDBA are also registering crosses and colours that can't be formally shown or papered except under them, so that's either a plus or minus for you. As I said, depends completely on what you want in the long run. Both are quite different. oops sorry rebanne, posted a bit slow. Agreed.
  2. Arthritis in small breed

    There could be two things going on. It won't hurt to get a second opinion.
  3. Tonka is having little turns

    Absolutely yes to the diary. And if you can film the pacing and weird little jumps it will help as well if you have to describe them to the vets.
  4. Tick or Seed or what?

    Yes I was thinking it looks like keratin, like the furry look of a warty thing or like when paw pads have hyperkeratosis (spelling?).
  5. I don't know the answer very interested to know what others think/feel about it. Maybe it would depend on if they were just topping up to help with overall costs ... or completely taking advantage?Like using the rescue's resources to allow them to afford their own dogs? Jumpers. I really enjoy giving the fosters first wear of new ones, like a special treat. They last so long though so yes they go through the wash, and are then used by everyone until they wear out. There's always pristine beautifully hand made ones set aside that go out in adoption packs. (Plus the harness, collar, lead, brush etc from my own pocket.) Food. Costs me a fortune. If somebody donated barf or chicken breast it would really help. LOL
  6. That's a really good question, never thought of that before. I've seen pop-up rescues, seemingly very inexperienced, get into trouble very fast. You have to work within your means. That being said, you can toddle along quite nicely with even the best management and some cash behind you but one massive unforeseen bill and you're done for. Rescue is unpredictable that way. IMHO if there's a constant & desperate begging for help, they should be encouraged or assisted to get their fundraising approval so they can put out donation tins, do bbq's, approach businesses, sell merchandise. Pro active stuff. The term enabling makes me think of hoarding though. Without naming names, is that what you're seeing?
  7. Dog owners urged to keep dogs on lead following attack

    I own little dogs and have seen some really poor behaviour on both sides. It's humans in the end.
  8. RSPCA had $2500 Frenchies and people were queued out the door. I expect the rescue has considered how much you'd pay for a breeder's dog + fully vetworked + whatever outstanding bills they may have. No idea if it's a fair price but I've seen $1800 for a pretty pup on petrescue. I hope it goes back into a registered org so it can help other dogs. I'd query if it was just a lone ranger selling pup after pup. Or someone not desexing early so they could get a litter of desirables.
  9. Can I lock a dog in a small room?

    If a dog is going to bite, you get plenty of warning signals beforehand if you're paying attention. Expecting a dog to bite eventually, is a bad sign. A sign that you aren't experienced enough and do not have the right home. I don't know where you're getting your dogs from but what you're doing to them is wrong.
  10. Trying to find a particular pug breeder

    This breeder may know. Looks like they have a new pug from her https://www.dogzonline.com.au/breeds/member.asp?name=PENSGEMS
  11. Can I lock a dog in a small room?

    A couple of cat trees and some catproofing of the yard would solve both concerns.
  12. I'd be more worried that it's ok for a council to not contact the microchipped owner. When you get a dog out of the pound you expect that everything has been done to find the owner and that it's fine to rehome. This council doesn't even have a website for people to see their dogs on. They go straight onto a rescue specific FB group and get dibs on them there.
  13. It's crossbreeding with a cute name. The mdba policies (on the website) state that dogs must be bred to be predictable in all the relevant aspects and I can't see how 1st gen crosses are going to fit that remit. They also have a whole section on breeding british bulldog to be healthier so if it was about making frenchies less wonky surely that could be done by breeding within existing lines for the preferred traits. Surely their purebred breeder members wouldn't be happy to have 'shortybulls' going out with mdba papers?
  14. Loose teeth

    Are you a bit scared of GA or has your boy got a health problem?