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  1. You've had her all 9 yrs and this is the 1st attack?
  2. I'm so sorry. This is a head vs heart decision. And I think you know the right thing to do.
  3. Ok, think on whether the pup will have changed behaviour enough for you to feel confident with him. You rehomed for a reason, and the reason was vet advice about aggression. Rightly or wrongly, you took that advice, a transaction was made and no contract was drawn up. States are still catching up on animal laws as far as I know, if there's no specific exemption in your state/region, animals are still regarded as property. Regardless of a chip. You sold the property. Court is your option and I can't see you getting the pup aka 'property' back. Honestly, you should have just gone back to the breeder. May I ask why you didn't?
  4. I'd happily help (Sydney NSW). But there is often a chi rescue nearby to wherever you are. If you are ok to advise the region you are in, there's sure to be help available from an understanding rescue. Feel free to message if you're not comfy posting online.
  5. Trolls or otherwise, what the offending posters are saying about this poor little dog is very ugly and upsetting.
  6. Wow, worse and worse. We've got all 3 n00bs in here giving each other giddyups. Catman77 your 1st thread is gone because what you wrote was upsetting and totally offensive to anyone who cares about dogs. It was reported multiple times by distressed members and this one will be too. You're just coming off as a cruel, nasty, dog-hating, chauvinist blaming his wife for his own failings. You aren't funny either by the way. Get it through your head. Be a decent human. Tell your family you've got the wrong dog. And send the dog to rescue. Drugs don't change an unsuitable environment and are not the magic bullet they sounds like. Obviously you'll get another. Do your homework next time.
  7. I don't know anything about ANKC rego though so hopefully someone can explain.
  8. This alternative registry - the website explains it well but; - send an email - get a vet reference - promise to adhere to COE - pay Then they approve you. That's it from what I can see. No judgement on anyone who has gotten a dog from one of their members. I just wouldn't do it ever.
  9. #1860 is RPBA probationary only. So a new member. It's easy to look them up on the site. I'd give it a miss anyway. Sounds like you're looking for ANKC. Or at least with testing records.
  10. Member 5506 is registered with the RPBA as a Cavoodle breeder. (Referring to 1st gumtree ad)
  11. 8 weeks old isn't like a human child, it's like a human infant. Add to that what I think was a bout of coronavirus, that puppy needs to go back to the vet.
  12. Do you mean parvovirus? Or coronavirus? Did he stay in hospital?
  13. Scientists have long been using 'anthropomorphise' IMHO to negate the fact that yes, animals do have feelings and yes, the more they live with humans the more they pick up behaviour-wise and methods of communication. Left to themselves, of course animals aren't exposed to the same input. So of course they are going to be less relatable to humans but it pisses me off no end that our experiences with any animal is belittled as just a pathological need to relate.
  14. No problem. I might have made it sound like you need to try yoghurt and yakult, that's not what I meant. Sorry. LMO is right with having RC gastro care in the cupboard. We keep RC emergency care. It's good to know you have a little stock in case she goes off her food.
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