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  1. I LOVE (English) Pointers. No idea of the comparison between them and setters but if I was ever to get a big dog again it would be another Pointer. Soft and sweet and clever, active but also happy to take up the whole lounge. I don't know why more people don't have them.
  2. Is my dog a dingo

    Youtube some dingo videos. She doesn't look dingo or cross to me. Must be the colour throwing people off. I used to get told all the time that my black & white pointer was in fact definitely a dalmatian Scratch is right though. Be very careful if you're in SA.
  3. Breathing Issue Advice

    Honestly I've seen all those before and would have said heart/lungs/trachea but if they couldn't find anything I'm stuck! Try a full blood panel? Or a cardiologist ultrasound. It's got to be coming from somewhere. Hugs for little Jax. edit; awesome post Perse!
  4. dachshund puppy barking

    Please don't waste your time or money or put your dog through citronella collars. There are better, more positive ways of training and I'm sure you'll get some great advice here.
  5. An aged fox hound

    Animal Welfare League NSW · BROCK HAS BEEN ADOPTED! BROCK HAS BEEN ADOPTED! BROCK HAS BEEN ADOPTED! After spending 820 days with us, and after a short stay in foster care, our beautiful Brock has (finally) been adopted! His foster-dads fell in love with Brock and made the amazing decision to make him part of their family. And we couldn't be happier! ...See More
  6. Advice on breeds

    If you are planning on taking doggy with you, we don't have system like Pet Passports so every time you come back into the country you'd have to quarantine.
  7. Your rights as a buyer (of anything) mean you can return the pup for a refund of the purchase price. If you want to keep the puppy but go for expenses it's small claims court and there's no guarantee you'll get your money back, I've no experience with this. Did you sign a contract? If you want to keep him you'll need to properly confirm what it is. I've seen one dog with the same symptoms go to 3 vets before being diagnosed with simple tick. And we've just had one who was initially diagnosed as a 'white shakers' by the vet and put on corticosteroids, but it took going to a neurologist and having an MRI to work out it is a (possibly degenerative) brain disease. He also had to be tested for the nasty neospora caninum which can have the same symptoms. I know it's expensive to investigate, but you can't always go by initial diagnosis.
  8. Separation anxiety

    Thanks PK! Got the link now https://www.facebook.com/groups/598327280179105/
  9. Separation anxiety

    How long have you had him? Still settling in? Are you away fulll time? Is he alone? Was he fostered with other dogs or in a shelter? Anxiety is a complex thing and you may need medication which may or may not work but what you're doing is a great start. Long walks too. And chewing a meaty bone will release endorphins. IQ puzzles are distracting also. Basic training like what you're doing also tires a stressy brain. We generally go by rule of 3. 3 days to get a handle on change of environment. 3 weeks to settle and 3 months to properly bond and become 'your dog'. I'd recommend a veterinary behaviourist if it becomes too much for simple things (and you can access one). Meds usually begin with Lovan or Clomicalm if you'd like to have a google. If you can't find a vet behaviourist work in conjunction with your regular vet and a positive reinforcement Delta &/or NDTF certified trainer. I'm no trainer at all, just have a history with seniors. There's a FB group but I can't remember the name.
  10. The breeder must know transport options. You can't be their first long distance pup. Via road I think dogmovers is booked out already. There's others around. e.g Angryface, Coastal Critters. Just check with any transport that they aren't transporting pound dogs with your tiny baby. In this heat I'd only choose one (if you can find one not booked out) where pup could ride in the air-con van not the trailer.
  11. Syringes -- I’m desperate

    Irrigation syringes might be the way to go. I love the curve and that you can cut the tip to size. You can buy them in a larger quantity if needed but they clean really well too. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/10pcs-Disposable-Elbow-Syringe-Irrigation-Syringe-Curved-Tip-Dental-T2P3/303323565547?hash=item469f7e4deb:g:MGYAAOSwZGBdpqM7&frcectupt=true
  12. 13 year old Labrador not wanting to be inside

    Did they suggest a series of cartrophen shots as well? It's one a week for four weeks. Love it for the oldies. I add Joint Performance to their food as well. Covers all bases when added to meloxicam. If he's coming to the end of proper walkies just take him out for a shuffle and sniff a few doors from home. And have a look at simple enrichment items like snuffle mats for him to use.
  13. Where to buy slippery elm

    Have you looked at Country Park? Horsey site.

    I am seriously no expert in training, just basic training for my foster dogs. But I use lamb puffs because they are puffy, dry (so easy to carry), break up small and don't give them the trots. It's lamb lung.
  15. Ideally invest in a cage muzzle like a Baskerville. One slip-up by accident and you will have a mauled cat. Well done finding a rescue but please still be careful of the cat and work on the anxiety while she's with you.