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  1. RSPCA in the news

    Troy has to delete any 'name and shame' posts. It's in the guidelines. You'll get your thread deleted or be banned.
  2. Unplanned litter

    No thank you. Plenty of byb to go around.
  3. Unplanned litter

    Honestly I don't care what you charge, you're going to have to avoid 're-sellers' and the only way is to advertise a decent price tag whether or not you choose to actually charge it for the right families once you approve them. ;-) My big concern apart from rehoming carefully is desexing to stop the cycle. We've (rescue) have had small breed pups and I prefer 12wk desex, 2 vacc & then rehome. Still young but not tiny tiny. And you can organise your chosen people to be ready in advance for pickup. Most spend that time preparing, booking puppy classes and shopping If it helps, feel free to cut & paste our application form in part or whole.
  4. Itchy dog

    Personally I'd finish the course of preds, get a head start on any inflammation. Then begin the exclusion diet. If it's not food that's the problem there's always antihistamines or apoquel to try. Seeing them scratch a lot is quite distressing isn't it. But you'll get to the bottom of it sooner or later. X
  5. Itchy dog

    I really don't know. I'm only going by the rescues we get in that are mostly pretty full-on itchy/smelly/scabby or hairless by the time we get them. I'm not good with early warning stages at all and we always have good vets to hold our hands also. We have had --- Demodectic and Pyoderma. No sarcoptic or ringworm so far fingers crossed. Contact allergy: Common. shows up on the belly and feet if it's grass or plants - or even flowering lawn grass after some good rain, you can hardly see the flowering but it makes a very strong pollen that sends people running for the telfast. Does she roll on her back on the grass? Flea allergy: Common. just one little flea can cause a full body reaction as it crawls and bites. Itchies all over. Have you had a strange cat visit your yard? They are a handy vector for spreading fleas. And food allergy: Common. It won't hurt to do an exclusion diet anyway. Removing the chicken sounds like a good plan. Traditional diet often starts with just two low allergy ingredients for 6 - 8 wks, if it's food you'll see improvement by then. From that point you can add an extra ingredient at a time and watch for a flare-up. Saying all that, Dogsfevr sounds like she knows a lot about schnauzers and could be in a better position to advise you. There are specialists too if you want to go that route.
  6. Itchy dog

    Juice I made this a while ago, it was on our website re a dog with food allergy. I just wish I had taken 'after' photos! There was also rashing around her groin and corners of her mouth. She was quite advanced though so yours won't look like this but you can see where it starts.
  7. Itchy dog

    Pred is a steroid, so great short term, almost instant relief. Long term it can have side effects like weakened immune system, muscle wastage and thinning hair. So getting to the root of the itchies is normally best. For many itchy dogs, if the other potential causes can be eliminated we use a 6 - 8 wk exclusion diet and no treats. Do you have access to Prime 100? We eliminate all poultry, this includes the poultry in dry food. Easiest way is using the Prime 100 single protein roo. Advanced food allergies can cause yeasty skin, hot or slimy or infected ears, chewing of the feet, scratching around the mouth. Sometimes gummy eyes. At the beginning it can look like a contact or flea allergy. Apoquel has a few bad reviews but is the best medical alternative to preds and is great for seasonal/environmental allergies because you can't exactly stop them from coming into contact with things like grass or pollen. Then as dogsfevr says, could be one of many things. Go back over what might have changed.
  8. Unplanned litter

    More BYB frenchies then asal. More to be bred from, more to go through the pound/rescue system or into the hands of your favourite orgs like the rspca. How do you think the mother ended up the way she is? She once had a breeder too. I bet she was originally born to someone who never ever predicted she'd end up where she is and 'trusted' someone. Stop the cycle.
  9. Unplanned litter

    Yes, once you part with them you have no say over desexing. 'Desexing agreements' aren't worth the paper they are written on.
  10. Dogs are sentient beings

    For enforcement and prosecution, how does a state/territory law stand up against federal? Meaning POCTAA.
  11. Open Pyometra in Golden Retrievers

    There's no home remedies. A trip to the vet for antibiotics now is going to cost you a lot less than a septic dog later.
  12. Unplanned litter

    Add the price of desexing and have them done. You've got a breed that backyard breeders are loving because of the price tag and they will break their necks to get hold of cheap undesexed frenchies.
  13. I see red flags and you've had a warning. I believe your small dog, your original, has a right to live without fear in their own home. Sorry but I wouldn't keep the rescue dog on that basis alone. Please please keep them apart. Please contact the rescue as soon as possible so they can take the dog back and get him/her to a place with access to temperament assessment or behaviourist etc. A good rescue will take their dog back and do what needs to be done for the dog. Mismatching can happen even with the best of planning on both sides, listen to your head. edit
  14. Nature's Gift

    I check ebay for everything Hepatic dry and tinned went down like a lead fart with my dear departed boy. He would rather have eaten nothing at all so I totally get why you're stressing.
  15. Nature's Gift

    Coles are selling semi-moist roo on ebay. Is that the type you're looking for? Nothing worse than not being able to find a much needed food.