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  1. cat grass tips

    If that doesn't work, I get wheat from the health food store and sprout it. It comes up fast and gets eaten while it's still soft.
  2. I picked up a ten week old from a direct flight of about 4 hours travel all up, I think the trip was pretty much forgotten with the excitement of all that attention on arrival. Think it also depends as I know some breeders won't send toy breeds before 12 weeks but that would be an answer for more experienced puppy people.
  3. Training a greyhound not to chase

    @Maddy xxx
  4. Selecting a Dog Breed

    Rescue Network - VIC dogs
  5. What breed is my pup!

    Seconding the obedience class. He's going to be a gorgeous big teenager
  6. Have you asked the vet about possible dementia?
  7. HELP! Menacing / Dangerous Dog

    Do you mind me asking....What exactly is the problem with building an enclosure to keep your dog alive and visiting children safe?
  8. What do you mean polished turds on dog refuge pages?
  9. A Death in the Family

    That's very sad But so lovely they had somewhere to go. It's hard to guess what animals are thinking but I'd worry they would get all excited. Instead of taking them home, could you bring a few things back to your home? Blankets (maybe some of Anne's), beds, bowls, leads, all their stuff if you haven't already? Now I'm going to sound like a space cadet but talk to them about Anne and her passing.
  10. HELP! Menacing / Dangerous Dog

    Declaration or not, if you want to keep him alive get a large secure run anyway. Your dog has bitten a child, it is dangerous.
  11. Old owners want to take or dog

    Unless she's got council rangers or police willing to get involved on her behalf - which is rare because it is a civil matter, then ownership disputes can end up in local court or with lawyers and frankly I don't think the old owners will bother. Get a detailed stat dec from the original minder, you might need it. (templates are online)
  12. What do I do now

    You might have to contact @JRT RESCUE for advice on rehoming one. I think that might work better for you all.
  13. Where to advertise

    No it was just an example. I'm not a member but there is over 3k people in that one so might be worth joining just for a look before you decide to post.
  14. Where to advertise

    There's facebook, if you find the right group you should be able to take your pick of people. https://www.facebook.com/groups/561479277343695/