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  1. Desex him and keep the gate locked.
  2. We're all very excited!
  3. Rumoured. And yes it's been done.
  4. Rescue must be big business in the US.
  5. What we could do with all that money! Off to auction to pay $10k and call it rescuing from a puppy farm?! That's donor's money. Not play money.
  6. What is this??

    Very hard to tell and I don't let any lumps or bumps go unchecked even though on middle-aged to older dogs it's quite common to get harmless ones. A quick trip to the vet and you'll have your answer.
  7. Ned 2003-2018

    I'm so sorry Stellnme Rest in Peace Ned you gorgeous old gentleman.
  8. Lola is one of ours. She's ex-puppy farm, and understandably not a fan of crates/pens etc so unaccompanied transport isn't an option for her. We do interstate on the occasion that an adoptive home is willing to do the travelling (and we can organise a yard check). One lovely couple came from SA to adopt another from WA, but it's not always a reasonable distance for many. Lola is up near Port Macquarie. I'd definitely try RWL if distance is a factor.
  9. Looks like they read my post and have offered to delete the account for us.
  10. Oh that old chestnut. I make no absolutely apologies for rescuing old dogs, nor spending the money on them. Nor do I apologise for our adoption policies or adoption fees. If you don't like it, open your own doors to anything or anyone homeless and see if you can look them in the eye and say they aren't worth it.
  11. Then you don't have to adopt that dog.
  12. This is the rescue section of the forum for all breeds. Again, if you want to debate the ethics of rescuing this isn't the thread, you're taking it off topic. The vetwork, care, lifetime backup etc we put in on ALL dogs either from the pound or surrendered more than makes up for a relatively small adoption fee.
  13. Sigh. Yes, not the topic at all. Start a new thread if you want to debate where rescue gets their dogs from.
  14. That's from another thread on a completely different topic. I can't answer your question anyway because if someone wants a dog from a BYB there isn't much rescue can do except advocate for desexing.
  15. There's nothing much you can say to hagglers. On the flip side I've had people spend more in travel (after a yard check etc) than on the dog so it all evens out. I like your response though. $350 is a bargain compared to vetwork. Most just can't afford to take the hit if you're running a small group without the benefit of a high rate of donations. We've also got other dogs being vetworked who will never be rehomed (the Forever Care dogs). And no, not too strict. The dog is yours and if you were rehoming one of your own that wasn't a foster you would still do the same. I think people forget that the dogs live in our homes and become one of the family so sending them off to take a chance on being the right fit is just risky in my opinion. Others will disagree but such is rescue. People thank us in the end for taking care so again, it more than makes up for the very few complainers.