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  1. If it's a healthy tooth (eg that snapped or has a cavity) still well rooted into the jaw it takes a lot more time and work to get it out without it breaking off deep in the bone. Serious work. Get a couple of quotes but it won't be as cheap as a normal dental. If it's a wiggly old one, I do think $2k is incredible!
  2. Golden Retriever Breeder

    As above, the breeder offered you a return. She's under no obligation to pay your bills or refund you your purchase price. Sorry. I just lost my dear little rescue dog to a similar thing at nearly 4yrs. You just have to be at peace with nature. Give her the best life possible. And next time, research your breeder.
  3. Trying to find more info about my dog

    She's very pretty
  4. The Cost of Puppies

    It's a seller's market at the moment.
  5. Looking for a puppy

    Very difficult to get dogs/puppies ASAP at the moment. Having people home due to covid, everyone decided to go get a dog. You might just have to be patient.
  6. Belly Bands - Pros and Cons?

    I really do have faith in you. In all the years Justice has been a Dol Dog you've never ever given up until you worked out what's best for him. Totally understand about him being your first senior. And they all have their ways to challenge you. How is he today?
  7. Belly Bands - Pros and Cons?

    On the topic of pee. I nearly just peed myself. I've got nothing else to add really. You're so on the ball with everything. Justice is a very lucky boy
  8. Belly Bands - Pros and Cons?

    If they are keen on treats, IQ puzzles and snuffle mats are great for seniors' brains. I don't think a belly band would hold a full bladder worth of pee, it's just a maxi-pad insert. I've only used them short term on new arrival boys who aren't house trained yet and like to cock their leg on things!
  9. I’m being deluged with Ads about dog beds

    Totally gorgeous isn't she
  10. You quoted me by accident Perse I'd never ever say that.
  11. People manage to survive without fb lol Fully understand about welling up with tears when you can feel every bone in their body. I think you're right about food being the way to his heart to start with. And lots of time, and some breed specific guidance.
  12. Oh dear. They won't be of any help at all by the sound of it. Have a Google for Companions For Life which is Andrea at Maremma Rescue. She's awesome with the breed. And there's a couple of FB groups that are Maremma specific too. The idea of contacting a breeder is a good one, they may be able to help also.
  13. When you say adopted - via rescue/shelter? If so you need to contact them asap. They need to know you are struggling.
  14. Bye, BRUCE the sheep :(

    What a wonderful life for a gorgeous big sheepie. Run free handsome Bruce
  15. Oh dear Snook they do worry us as they get older. I've had several kidney dogs but none have exhibited pain or distress, they have all begun drinking a lot, eating fussier and losing weight. I guess I've never had any with bladder/kidney stones which would be painful and effect their ability to pass urine when they need to. Dementia; well they do do odd things as they age. But if they are actually doing distressing things like getting stuck outside or behind furniture, barking/wandering at night or forgetting to eat, you have a problem. ....Likely it's a placebo for me but I supplement my oldies with McDowells Maritime Pine Bark (antioxidant). Another idea I was thinking is simple constipation. Their bodies change as they age. Benefibre is safe and tasteless, and works really well.