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  1. Not sure about a referral there. Sydney Uni Vet, you just call to make a specialist appointment. And get the office to request a copy of your dog's record from your vet so they have a history to work with.
  2. Wow, no tests or anything? That just seems weird and pointless. I don't know if you're in Qld (your profile says you are) but I've seen Uni Of Qld Vet Hospital recommended here several times as being really good.
  3. Yes, I own an Apoquel dog who still scratches if she gets into long wet grass. I have to wash her legs/feet. Obv pred worked. We didn't skip any options. She tried Telfast and Phenergan. Exclusion diets. Liquid Cyclosporine. Cytopoint shots. Omega supplements. Everything. Oh, and no oatmeal based shampoo. She's the only dog I've had who was a genuine battle and despite the fact I don't like the idea of forever it's what's best for her. If the Apoquel hadn't worked she'd have been off to the Uni dermatologist. Kicking myself; I should have gone straight to them in the first place
  4. Are you planning on desexing the mother?
  5. I'm not sure if it's got to be specifically asked for or if it's standard. It probably varies. I ask though. They seem dreamy but conscious. Like human twilight sedation I imagine. They do know you're there and respond. They can't hold their weight but can move just not struggle. By moving their legs.. are you worried about a kick at the wrong moment? No they don't make jerky movements. One boy couldn't have it because of his heart/veins (I can't remember how it was explained) and it was still peaceful. He was so tired and ready to go. My pointer was the same. We had her done at h
  6. I have over 20 little teak boxes with brass plaques. Everyone is together the way they would be at the bridge. I agree, prepare first. Talk to your vet, unless it's an emergency (and even then in my experience) they will be able to arrange a nice quiet room for you to spend time together. Sedation is a very personal choice, most of ours have been sedated and I get time to snuggle and cry as they drift. Choose your urn or box or scatter-box. Choose what you would like on your plaque and make sure you specifically select individual cremation. Pay in advance so you can just walk
  7. Don't stress. He may have the most sanitary setup and vaccinations all done but there's no way that can protect babies from every virus, bacterial or parasitic nasty that you could have on your shoes or clothes or vehicle. They are such delicate little things. We've only had a limited number of litters and neonates, it's not like you have to cotton-wool them but I'd actually be very understanding and a bit pleased that the breeder is refusing visitors. Human handling on the other hand is vital in my opinion (I'm not a breeder btw so not an expert!), a lot of breeders bring their mu
  8. I've had epileptic dogs and yes some dogs react badly when they see it especially if the fitting dog vocalises as well. Some dogs don't care of course. Keep one of them in a puppy pen or separated when you can't be around or if there's a seizure and you need to split them up. Keep a diary for your vet of the seizures recording the pre, ictal and post ictal periods. Video is great, you can keep a visual record of whether the seizures are changing or getting worse. Does sound like you might need a meds review now though.
  9. You'll save money in the long run if you take him to a dermatologist now. And he probably won't have to be repeatedly on preds so young which is a worry Right now you're not finding answers just being given bandaid solutions in my opinion. It's frustrating and sad to watch, I understand your heartache.
  10. https://www.facebook.com/groups/183018378476607
  11. Have you shared to FB as well? Or taken little one for a microchip scan at the vet? You'll need to call your council rangers tomorrow. I don't know the VIC laws but here you have to go through the pounds if an owner doesn't step up asap.
  12. This is true amongst rescue. (like we're all living the high life anyway ) That the dogs should be worth less or you're just money grabbing despite everyone knowing you spend triple the asking adoption fee on vet bills, premium food, meds, wormer/flea/tick - with donations covering some if you're fortunate enough to have donors . We've got permanent/palliative/special needs care dogs to think of also. We should all be aware of re-sellers. If ANKC are selling cheaper than 'market value' (sorry I don't like that term) out of some sort of misguided principle, you really need
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