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  1. Continuation of “The Universe has Spoken"

    Oh you got him! Nice. He'll be very happy. I was there too today picking up the BC x but Shmoo was busy.
  2. Corgi puppies so hard to find. Qld.

    There's a 6month old Pembroke in Qld https://www.dogzonline.com.au/breeds/puppies/welsh-corgi-pembroke.asp
  3. And where is the long awaited Desexmas tally? LOL
  4. Half are unpaid volunteers . Makes it sound better to say 15 though when you look at the wages.
  5. Dog Food Suggestions

    Some like one, some like the other. Nobody liked the Ivory Coat! My guys have spat out a variety of the posher foods although they like ziwipeak which is a bit rich for them so it's just a sprinkle on top. Very hit and miss for me and the premium. Meals for Mutts, everyone loves. It's only a tiny fraction of their diet but I like to offer a bit of variety. Royal Canin is a hit but I don't like the way it smells like salty stock cubes.
  6. Yep, tagging @melzawelza in case she can pop in.
  7. True, you can't even rehome a nuisance order dog. Fortunately those orders only last 6 months. I think with planning and determination they can make it work if the order is upheld. Like Dogmad says, enrichment and walks. There's a lot of dogs including working breeds in my area (inner west of the city) who manage quite well with that lifestyle. Even as cafe dogs. Some use the off leash but not all, probably because Sydney Park has areas dogs can just disappear into and wildlife that can be upset.
  8. 15 staff. Is that like their claim of 950 rescue groups?
  9. You are seeing right. It goes to PR who then sprinkle out some things like 'free' dog food or some frontline. Which they don't pay for anyway. The cat subsidy program even has strings attached. If you can afford to participate with $50 cats, you get a $25 corporately sponsored subsidy in exchange for your adopter's details so PR can apparently do follow-ups. For us that would be a massive breach of privacy. And we do follow-ups on pets, not some third party. Yes it really is distressing. Especially that they have pretty much cornered a market and are milking the money out that should be going where people believe it is. Straight to the animals.
  10. There's a couple of threads about PetRescue and the latest being that they have upped the push for snaking out donations that would normally go to rescue, at the same time claiming to provide a lot of services that nobody actually needs or even uses. To my knowledge they already hit up every single PR inquiry we get with a solicitation email before rescue even get the chance to respond. All we (and I'm speaking for ourselves not everyone) need is a website to list pets on, not for them to raise $50 - $100k in a massive Christmas advertising campaign for 'website updates while claiming it helps us directly. There's a nebulous idea of building a button, which will appear on all our pets, as a way for people to donate for desexing. However it's clear by each profile that the pets are already desexed so the day we get one single donation for that I'll let people know. They also already have paid full time CEO/IT and the resources ($) to build donation platforms. https://acnc.gov.au/AIS2017?ID=798C5A5D-12CB-4F78-96BA-08B6AC609AAB&noleft=1 "While the numbers of pets being adopted is leveling out, PetRescue is exponentially increasing its revenue. Nearly entirely by increasing the number of donors it's recruiting and donations it's securing." @shel will hopefully have time to pop in.
  11. Preparing for NYE fireworks

    We stay home, (close the doors so they are in the loungeroom & kitchen (the walls are thick), put on a loud movie lol and the air con because it makes background noise. And get out the roo tendons. Being pretty close to the city, it's a well rehearsed little routine.
  12. Maremma problem, please advise.

    You sound very angry. It might be for the best that you plan on moving because this dog will bark, same as your own terriers did. It's just life with dogs. Of course Maremma can be family pets! What do you mean by this?
  13. The Annual Xmas Dog Dress-up thread

    hehe I see we have a softie here. We often have SWF, and always have older dogs (as well as youngsters sometimes) so watching the site is a good idea. Only some go up on PetRescue, most adoptions are people regularly reading the site or finding us through google or other links. There's also an e-news where newbies are featured first. xxx
  14. Dog walkers walking multiple dogs

    I think in NSW max number with one walker is 6. I'm not a fan of those photos, they worry me. :-/