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  1. 37 animals seized from storybook farm rescue

    RSPCA blog IMAGE WARNING https://www.rspcaqld.org.au/blog/fact-check/storybrook-farm-sacred-animal-garden-rescue-raid?fbclid=IwAR2MOQLgPoYLZvJWoJVzrlU1CU1i4oE7Ks_X_i8ujO-lQe1nxq0E7l3WsJQ
  2. 37 animals seized from storybook farm rescue

    Off topic @Little Gifts I just sent a request to join your FB group. What a great idea!
  3. 37 animals seized from storybook farm rescue

    I also find it hard to reconcile in my mind, the good and bad sides to rspca. But this raid, that's them doing the job they are supposed to do. Prevention Of Cruelty to Animals. If it means rescues like this are exposed I'm all for it. They are destructive to the lives of their animals and don't deserve to call their activities 'rescuing' when so many bust their guts to run ethically.
  4. 37 animals seized from storybook farm rescue

    Cached version of their now closed fundraiser with a lovely fluffy story to match.... https://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:5nL-alRkiTEJ:https://gogetfunding.com/fundraiser-in-support-of-storybook-farm-sacred-animal-garden/+&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=au
  5. 37 animals seized from storybook farm rescue

    Disgusting 'rescue' from last year .... https://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-03-14/disabled-animal-sanctuary-looks-for-new-home-storybook-farm/9542140
  6. RSPCA in the news


    Anne is right. The environment is always a factor and she just isn't the right fit, not your fault or the dog's. I'm surprised trainers haven't advised you you're pushing poo up a hill. I'd never send a senior toy breed off to a boot camp either!! Please don't even consider it. Drugs yes, crate training yes, but not sending her away. Happy to help if you need to find a rescue group who won't be rehoming her to an inappropriate home. Depends on your area/state, just message.
  8. Rescuer found guilty

    PR have deleted accounts for less than that. Apparently 'gross misconduct'' will get you removed so maybe animal welfare charges don't count if you change the contact name.
  9. Microchip issue for new puppy

    Are we talking about ANKC registered breeders and a papered pup? Or just a 'breeder'. There is a way that dodgeys/farmers launder their pups through another state because the chips are registered on different registries and numbers bred can't be tracked. Stat dec suggestion is the best way to go really. It's a nightmare trying to chase up a blank chip with no implanter recorded.
  10. Bleeding Barnacles

    They are called senile warts and common in oldies. But vets don't like to remove them unless the dog is under anaesthetic for something necessary. Does your oldie need a dental? That's the best time to do them. Recently mum Mum's dog had one removed because it was bleeding and she isn't young at all, maybe it depends on what the vet thinks as to whether they deem it cosmetic or appropriate? But if he's continually making it bleed, to me that's something I'd insist on as long as health problems don't prevent it. Being old doesn't immediately rule out a dog having such minor surgery IMHO.
  11. Awesome! Congratulations.
  12. Saturday Senior

  13. Interesting... https://www.petrescue.com.au/privacy
  14. I feel like a broken record and have posted this a few times before but our adoption rates have not changed at all since we left. Rescuers; if you're scared to leave, do a trial run. Advertise your dogs anywhere and everywhere and you will still keep getting adoptions. Try Rescue Network, Pound Paws, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, E-newsletters, Gumtree , build a cheap and cheerful website, blog about your animals, notice boards, go to council/community run adoption days, even trivia nights to get your name out there .... and there's more I'm sure. Oh and brand your material such as adoption forms etc so people know who you are, remember to do post adoption followup calls or emails too. You don't have to be big, just pro-active and thinking outside of the box. As for the new system. WTF? You'd have to be crazy.
  15. dogs paw cleaning cup?

    Good for the dreaded poo-toe! I recall a similar thing in the snowy areas of the US to get the mud and salt (salt they put down to melt the snow) off doggy paws.