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  1. Bravo Cesar, I am sooo over the trouble makers like the people who put all the footage together. He is a wonderful trainer and has a wonderful pack leader mentality which most people lack hence their dogs fight, bite people, are out of control etc etc etc
  2. I have to agree with this quote. I have shown at most grounds around Australia, but still find the best grounds at home in WA by far the best. PS I loved Tassie when I visited early this year
  3. IMO the actual weight is not as important as that fact that she has; a defined waist line you can feel her ribs without feeling a layer of fat that no bones are visible This should be what a Labrador is correct weight should be.
  4. Can I ask if the puppy that died was black? If not what colour?
  5. Not saying anything about the dogs who were non awarded as I wasn't there, but IMO there should be more non awarding going on. There are too many dogs in the ring which are really pet quality and they should not be awarded first places. And massive congrats to the judges who also refuse challenges to these dogs aswell.
  6. My role as moderator is identified in the forum index. However I take your point and have amended my profile accordingly. My role as to what is said is to ensure that it remains within forum rules. My actions were prompted by a report from another member. Stick to the forum rules and I won't be editing or removing anything. I have looked thru quite a few of the Dog Breeds 101 and plenty of the posts are not "educating people about the particular breed". No I don't think I will be bothering adding anything to "Controlled Threads" and in my years on here I don't remember Troy removing such threads, but you can choose what you do.
  7. Such a shame, it was the first time I had found something interesting enough to write about on DOL in many many months maybe a year!!!! IMO you shouldn't have removed them at least people were writing, maybe it wasn't the correct place but I don't agree with you removing everything and it was just flow on from other threads. But your choice, just a shame that you have lost so many people who use to regularly contribute.
  8. Unfortunately we don't have enough shows to stay competitive with a National Competition. I gave up putting in my scores when we had no shows for 5 weeks
  9. We in Australia breed by the UK Standard so there should not be any difference. I have quite a few dogs from UK parents etc and there is no difference to my Australian and New Zealand bred dogs. It is absolutely not true that Australian Labradors are in anyway are more refined, have smaller heads nor more slender bodies - except that too many people have their Labradors way too fat. In all countries there are some difference with showing and working stock which is very disappointing. I think we are one breed and should all try to breed to the breed standard.
  10. The breed standard has not changed so the heights are still as above.
  11. 1. What is my relationship with the breed? (ie breeder, first time owner etc) I was born into a family who had Labradors as pets. Now am a breeder and exhibitor of mutiple award winning dogs. I believe I am amongst the most travelled Labrador exhibitors in Australia at the moment so get to see dogs in many states every year 2. Where and why was the breed first developed? Already answered 3. How common is it in Australia? one of the most popular dogs in the Australia and the world 4. What is the average lifespan? average is 12 years 5. What is the general temperament/personality? wonderful dogs if the correct ground work is undertaken 6. How much daily exercise is needed for the average adult? I think a good 30 minute run, but is very dependent on the individual dog. 7. Is it a breed that a first time dog owner could easily cope with? Probably not, they can be an extremely destructive puppy 8. Can solo dogs of this breed easily occupy themselves for long periods? If they have lots of toys but they are much better with company 9. How much grooming is required? minimal 10. Is it too boisterous for very small children or for infirm people (unless the dog is well trained)? Yes as a puppy but are a wonderful pet once older 11. Are there any common hereditary problems a puppy buyer should be aware of? HD, ODC, PRA and cataracts (oh and now EIC) 12. When buying a puppy, what are the things you should ask of the breeder? (eg what health tests have been done (if applicable) and what is an acceptable result to those tests so the buyer has an idea of what the result should be) Already answered by MM, but I will add purchase puppies from parents who actually look like Labradors - there are so many people out there breeding from sub standard Labradors
  12. Excellent idea - I did search some prefixes. Mine is Ferranti - Labrador Retrievers
  13. Hi Sorry for both of you.... Can I ask Cosmolo have you had more than one opinion? Have your rays been read by someone like Bob Wyburn?
  14. At one stage I had some dogs vaccinated and some not and almost all of them got Kennel Cough and all were the same. I don't think vaccinating did anything. We gave ours Benadryl on vets advice and over the next two weeks all were well again.
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