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    Dogs, Dog Obedience, reading, IT and spending time with my boys (dogs)
  1. Canine Personality Profile

    Bailey and Alex (scored the same) Your dog's drives: Prey = 25 Pack = 75 Defense - Fight = 30 Defense - Flight = 0
  2. What Is The Best Dry Food?

    i use ProPlan puppy lamb and rice is has no byproducts and is free from colours and all the stuff. but can be a bit exy
  3. Washing Your Dog/s

    I wash my boys every sunday so they are all nice and soft for obedience monday night, even though we take them to the dam nearby 3-4 times a week they still smell. I've been told that in goldies their is some kind gland on the head tat causes the smell. but anyways they love their bath
  4. My Vet

    you guys are luckly, my vet really nice he gives us disscounts all the time and is very helpful. :D
  5. Doggy Shampoo

    Squirt is really good but can be a little bit pricey. Check it out here squirt info
  6. Urine Killing Grass

    On reading up on this topic i found that bitches have a high level of nitrogen in there urine then dogs. it is the nitrogen thats kills the grass. A cheap way to stop to this from happening is to get your dog to drink more water or actually horse the area is which they unrinate