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  1. The update site for the petition is here: The old one had too many issues. https://www.change.org/p/all-over-staffy-rescue-and-mid-coast-council-return-bubba-and-bo-to-renee-and-her-children?recruiter=700050254&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=share_facebook_responsive&utm_term=mob-xs-no_src-no_msg
  2. It will be going to Court in the coming weeks.
  3. This is a site worth reading: All Over Staffy Rescue - Return Renee's dogs Its here: https://www.facebook.com/All-Over-Staffy-Rescue-Return-Renees-dogs-1861340607464037/ .
  4. I think its worth noting here that I am told that the dogs were sold for either $700 or $900 each. I can't confirm but its seems high for a "rescue".
  5. I am hoping that this link works. https://www.olg.nsw.gov.au/sites/default/files/Guideline%20on%20the%20exercise%20of%20functions%20under%20the%20comapnions%20animals%20act%20-%20NOvember%202015.pdf This is the legal direction from the Office of Local Government directing Council on the protocol they MUST follow for the Companion Animal Act. The relevant section is 6.4.3 When a seized or lost animal is delivered to approved premises or a council pound, the person in charge must do their best to find out who the owner of the animal is and return the animal to that person. To help do this, they may access information on the Register or other private registers or check any identification on the animal. .
  6. Here is Renee's facebook page; https://www.facebook.com/groups/390542711327935/ Please share it. I have spoken with the Council and the dogs were not kept the 14 days as " the registrations were not in NSW so we only kept them for 7 days" . I am following this up as its is a clear breach of the law as intended. The dogs were correctly microchipped and the records were up to date. They were on the Qld register and the national one. Only NSW fails to check the National database.
  7. Just a heads up........ I am the lawyer helping Renee. Mick Collins is one of the "special" members of rescue....... one that is damaging what rescue is about. Her story is kosher. Most decent rescues would have returned her dogs.
  8. They have a sister who is willing to take the dog if its a total disaster so the dog will remain within the family no matter what. I believe that the dog will be inside but not allowed in the childs bedroom. I think its worth a shot.
  9. Thanks Willem. I am going to let them work it out. The mother has been told that hypo allergenic dogs are what she should be looking for by the family Dr. Although I could point her in the right direction regarding dogs and allergies, I am just happy that they are willing to buy a rescue rather than a dog from a pet shop. I am just wanting to point her to any reputable rescue in Melb that may have dogs that she will love. .
  10. The child has been diagnosed with mild allergies to dogs. They still want him to enjoy having a dog and both parents are dog mad. They finally are in a house where they can have a dog so they want to get a dog that will have the least impact on the child's allergies. They are a great family.
  11. I have a friend in Melbourne who is looking for a rescue that is a hypo allergenic dog. They are looking a medium to small dog. They have a 4 year old boy who has just started Kindy. They want a younger dog. Any suggestions folks??? .
  12. Companion Animal Act Vs. Council Bylaws

    Hi all. I am a Local Government Lawyer who also used to be an Elected Councillor. The rules in NSW that are being discussed are ONLY relevant if there has been a complaint about noise or hygiene on a particular property. The Companion Animal Act stands above all local Acts. The amount of animals you can keep will not change UNLESS you are found guilty of a noise or odour issue. Then the local restrictions will be applied. See Section 124 of the Local Government Act. .
  13. Channel 7 News Tonight

    Farmer Dave has now deleted the comments from the Channel 7 reporter. .
  14. Channel 7 News Tonight

    Thats Gold....!!!! I just read it. What a prat to blame the journo. Some one should screen shot it before its deleted. Ahhh snap its done....lol .
  15. Needing Iformation

    I had to google who they were....... Found them..... linky Never heard of them before. Are they having issues getting foster carers?? .