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  1. Kobi

    I haven't visited this site for many a year, but I felt it only necessary to post my sad news here. I don't know how many of the old DOL crew lurk around here, some may remember my boy. Yesterday, I made the hardest decision of my life and while I knew it was inevitable, didn't make what I had to do any easier. Yesterday, the sun set on Kobi's life, my friend and constant companion for the past 14 years. The hole that has been left in my heart cannot be described with words and it will take me a long time to come to the realisation he is not here anymore. He greeted every one he met with a wagging tail and pure happiness, something he did until the very end. Kobi, I hope I did the best I could do for you in the time you were here, I know the love I expressed to you, paled in comparison to the love you gave to everyone else. I will always love you and I will never forget you, we will see each other soon. Until then, make sure you have fun with Jake and Elvis. Run free my boy.
  2. Also the OP asked if it was illegal to have a dingo in SA and the answer is yes. Regardless of what breed you could pretend it is. So there is always inherent risks of bringing one in.
  3. Elbow And Hip Dysplasia In 5mth Old Gsd Male Puppy

    Thought there is a school of thought that premature desexing of large breed dogs can be very detrimental to their correct growth? There is. But there is also the school of thought to do it very early on in puppyhood. People are not always as informed about dogs and puppies as we are.
  4. Elbow And Hip Dysplasia In 5mth Old Gsd Male Puppy

    Nothing to add re HD and ED but if it ends up being these things, contact the breeder to let them know. If they are a reputable breeder, they would be deeply concerned to see it crop up in their lines.
  5. Weaning Puppies

    Regardless of the history, I would still adivse to keep her for a couple of weeks longer. Unless there is a really good reason to be taking them away, it shouldn't be done period. Steep learning curve is right, but now that you have them you need to do it right, which is keeping them until 8 weeks.
  6. Your First Show Dog?

    I think time is a huge factor in showing you are a prospect for a show dog. Getting to know people around the breed of your choice and just giving your time to go to shows, just to watch them, shows you are enthusiastic about the whole thing. This also gives you time to develop a little bit of an eye of what you like to see in your breed, especially if you are looking at dog profiles/different types already. Be prepared to wait!! You don't get a pup overnight. Besides, this gives you more time to understand your breed and the confusing sport that is dog shows :laugh: As myself as an example, I don't show anymore (haven't the time or money for it at the moment) and haven't been to a show in quite a while, but I have made great friends with most of the lab people in my state ( and some interstate as well). I know that when I eventually go back to it, I won't have trouble with purchasing a prospect. Its the time I took to show I was enthusiastic about the breed that allowed me to in the first place.
  7. Act Police Officer Cap Sprays Tethered Dog

    This makes me think this will just be swept under the carpet and a 'don't do that again' slap on the wrist. I wouldn't be surprised if we don't hear anything from it again, in the hopes people forget about it.
  8. Pup With Bad Hips

    At 4 months of age with the symptoms you describe I wouldn't be too concerned, unless he shows lameness or pain. He still has a lot of growing to do, but if you are worried, take him to the vet for a checkup.
  9. Breeders Should...

    There is no way I would not take a dog back of my own breeding, would do it without a second thought and i would assume ( and know) ethical breeders would do exactly the same. Thinking breeders can take on rescue dogs that are their breed or 'look like their breed' is unrealistic. They shouldn't be 'expected' to, their own personal circumstances might not warrant it. To the OP, it sounds like you've had a rough time with it all lately, which in rescue i can understand, but maybe take a step back and realise what is trying to be said. Edited to add, I think you need to realise that quite a few posts in here are not from breeders and many are of the same opinion. I have not bred a litter, but i can understand where breeders are coming from.
  10. Canada - Woman Stops To Help Ducklings

    I understand her concern about the ducks, but wow, just stopping in the lane on a highway??
  11. It is illegal to keep Dingoes south of the Dingo fence i believe. I would assume this includes crosses and hybrids as well. http://www.dogandcatboard.com.au/can-i-own-a-dingo-in-south-australia
  12. Those Crazy Labradors

    Kobi's new toy :D
  13. Those Crazy Labradors

    He has a slight bit of grey hair under his chin, but that's about it!!
  14. Worrying Trend In The Show Ring

    . There is but one breed standard if you judge by 'conformation'. Some people judge their dogs by something other than conformation, eg, performance, temperament, health, movement. Technically, the breed standard covers temperament and movement, but the ring doesn't provide an great forum for evaluation and these things sometimes get put in the 'too hard basket'. Not to judge the judges. I couldn't evaluate 10+ dogs in 5 minutes, as often happens in the ring. And if I were a blind person relying on a Labrador, I would not care if it has strong retrieving instinct or was a good water dog. I might hope it has a 'poor' coat by breed standards so the dog would have better tolerance of heat ... and shed a little less. With respect to Labradors, I'm happy there's a great variety. I think it's healthy for the breed. The original purpose of the dog -- landed gentry's fetch dog, or before that 'dog that catches fish that have slipped off an unbarbed hook and is also good for some game hunting, pulling carts, etc.' -- is long gone. I love the breed and am happy to see it move into Guide Dog and drug sniffing work. I can see that some of the traits in the original purpose become irrelevant in the new purposes. It's the carping that bothers me. I get p.o.'d when someone tries to slander a dog as fat when they have no evidence of fat . . . may just be a well boned, heavyset dog with a thick coat. But this is the thing, regardless of how judges in the ring judge, the breed standard reverts back the original function of the breed. The breed standard may not specifically point out performance, but the way the dog is conformed and thus, the way the breed standard is set out, does. Unfortunately many judges and breeders decide to disregard the standard and go for 'fads'. It is the responsibility of not just the breeder, but the potential owner as well to understand that. To hope that your Labrador ' has a poor coat by breed standards because I don't want it to shed as much' is silly. Surely you would just go for another breed? It it's true that a blind person wouldn't care, but where the dog comes from ( the breeder) would and that is what keeps the Labrador being a Labrador. The fact that they are great at drug work and seeing eye and all of those things is because of the gundog traits, again going back the original function of the dog and group itself. They are and were bred to work with the handler.
  15. Those Crazy Labradors

    Hey guys!! I haven't been here for a very long time, but it's great to see this thread still going on strong :) Just thought i'd post a few recent piccies of my boy, he is 10 now ( seems like yesterday he was a young spring chicken :laugh: )