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  1. Thanks everyone. Off to the shops when hubby gets home to buy some onesies.
  2. I was thinking maybe a sleeveless and leg less baby onesie and I could cut a whole out for her tail lol or maybe the bitch in season pants, not sure if my local pet store would sell those.
  3. My 6 mth old female Sheltie was de-sexed yesterday. We we got her home she was drowsy so didn’t mind the Elizabethan collar, but later last night she looked miserable so we put a pair of underwear on her lol while she lay in the living room with us. Over night we put the collar back on but this morning when I went into her room she was sitting up and looking miserable. Any other suggestions to the collar as I don’t think she will last a day let alone 10 days.
  4. Okay finally find a kibble that doesn’t give my Sheltie flatulence Ivory coat fish and salmon and this grain free report comes out and Shetland sheoopdogs are on the list arrrrg
  5. Hi Teddybeans I gave fish oil vitamins to my previous elderly sheltie for arthritis in back legs. Can't say whether they helped or not, but they certainly didn't do any harm.
  6. My 4 month old puppy still vomits every time she travels in the car. Even on short drives and with the windows open and hours after she has eaten anything. I realise it is mostly related to their inner ear not being fully developed. But am wondering if there is anything I can do to make travelling in the car a more positive experience as I don't want her to get a phobia of travelling in cars.
  7. Hi everyone Had vet appointment this afternoon. She said she couldn’t see any sign of allergy, but if I’m concerned by the itching to wean her onto a fish based kibble. I have decided to try ivory coat ocean fish as she doesn’t have the flatulence on this brand. She also suggested using prime 100 in a kangaroo or salmon for training treat as they are a one protein dog roll and this would also give her a change from kibble all the time.
  8. Teddybeans, her coat is fine and her skin is a nice healthy pink. It’’s just the scratching at her ears and nibbling her back and legs. I am seeing the vet on Friday and will ask her to check her over. I am just trying to pre empt any allergies before they become chronic as my poor previous Sheltie boy was. Interestingly, the flatulence is back tonight....she went to puppy care this morning and maybe they gave her the 4 legs meatballs they use for treats, she also does puppy school there and they give us those meatballs to use.
  9. Teddy beans, do you know if the MFM Puppy Turkey Salmon Sardine is free of chicken fat/meal? Can only seem to find info that says the adult salmon sardine is made with fish meal.
  10. Persephone, I will try stroking her mouth tonight. Teddy Beans, I have just checked the Ivory Coat ingrediants of the lamb grain free and it contains chicken fat, could this be the problem?
  11. Not sure if she has lost any teeth yet ash she is so wiggly when hold her. She is 15 weeks and chewing everything is sight though.
  12. Puppy is on Ivory Coat grain Free Puppy lamb (large breed, because larger kibble makes her slow down and chew more). This is day 2 of feeding the kibble just mentioned and nothing else. Flatulence is much better on this. There is no skin rash, but puppy is scratching more and nibbling her back and legs., which she wasn't doing on the Black hawk. I'm hoping its just a teething thing. I'm seeing vet on Friday, this vet treated my previous sheltie who did have allergies. What length of time should you give a brand of food before you know whether it suits your puppy or not?
  13. UPDATE: After switching to Ivory Coat a few days ago, flatulence seems to have resolved, but now she seems itchy and is scratching and biting herself. I am going to cut out the meatball dog treats from the supermarket I was using for training and just solely feed the Ivory Coat for a week. Seeing the vet for vaccination on Friday, so will ask her advise.
  14. Breeder replied and suggested puppy optimum. At the moment the ivory coat she had this morning and tonight don’t seem to be giving her much flatuence....might keep her on that for a week and see how she goes.
  15. I’m seeing my vet in a few days, will ask her advice then.
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