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  1. Puppy with flatulance

    Hi everyone Had vet appointment this afternoon. She said she couldn’t see any sign of allergy, but if I’m concerned by the itching to wean her onto a fish based kibble. I have decided to try ivory coat ocean fish as she doesn’t have the flatulence on this brand. She also suggested using prime 100 in a kangaroo or salmon for training treat as they are a one protein dog roll and this would also give her a change from kibble all the time.
  2. Puppy with flatulance

    Teddybeans, her coat is fine and her skin is a nice healthy pink. It’’s just the scratching at her ears and nibbling her back and legs. I am seeing the vet on Friday and will ask her to check her over. I am just trying to pre empt any allergies before they become chronic as my poor previous Sheltie boy was. Interestingly, the flatulence is back tonight....she went to puppy care this morning and maybe they gave her the 4 legs meatballs they use for treats, she also does puppy school there and they give us those meatballs to use.
  3. Puppy with flatulance

    Teddy beans, do you know if the MFM Puppy Turkey Salmon Sardine is free of chicken fat/meal? Can only seem to find info that says the adult salmon sardine is made with fish meal.
  4. Puppy with flatulance

    Persephone, I will try stroking her mouth tonight. Teddy Beans, I have just checked the Ivory Coat ingrediants of the lamb grain free and it contains chicken fat, could this be the problem?
  5. Puppy with flatulance

    Not sure if she has lost any teeth yet ash she is so wiggly when hold her. She is 15 weeks and chewing everything is sight though.
  6. Puppy with flatulance

    Puppy is on Ivory Coat grain Free Puppy lamb (large breed, because larger kibble makes her slow down and chew more). This is day 2 of feeding the kibble just mentioned and nothing else. Flatulence is much better on this. There is no skin rash, but puppy is scratching more and nibbling her back and legs., which she wasn't doing on the Black hawk. I'm hoping its just a teething thing. I'm seeing vet on Friday, this vet treated my previous sheltie who did have allergies. What length of time should you give a brand of food before you know whether it suits your puppy or not?
  7. Puppy with flatulance

    UPDATE: After switching to Ivory Coat a few days ago, flatulence seems to have resolved, but now she seems itchy and is scratching and biting herself. I am going to cut out the meatball dog treats from the supermarket I was using for training and just solely feed the Ivory Coat for a week. Seeing the vet for vaccination on Friday, so will ask her advise.
  8. Puppy with flatulance

    Breeder replied and suggested puppy optimum. At the moment the ivory coat she had this morning and tonight don’t seem to be giving her much flatuence....might keep her on that for a week and see how she goes.
  9. Puppy with flatulance

    I’m seeing my vet in a few days, will ask her advice then.
  10. Puppy with flatulance

    Sheena, my puppy just has the kibble, treats for training I use meatball type treats from the supermarket, but the flatulence was there before I started the treats, so I am sure it is the kibble. She also has a bully stick she chews on sometimes at night. When I cuddle her at night I can feel that her tummy grumbles and she looks uncomfortable sometimes.
  11. Puppy with flatulance

    Just an update, just got home from work and puppy is just as smelly as ever after having ivory coat grain free this morning. Dogsfevr I wondered too whether it is the coconut oil in the ivory coat and the emu oil in the Blackhawk that’s causing it. I am just about to email the breeder now, may just be a case of trying different brands till I find one that suits her, which could be an expensive exercise
  12. Puppy with flatulance

    Sandgrubber, the reason I decided to stick with what the breeder suggested, is because my previous sheltie suffered all his life with allergies and was constantly on steroid injections. I had him on a raw food diet from day one - against what the breeder suggested. So this time round I am going with dry kibble, my puppies skin and coat are amazing, its just the flatulence that is a concern. I can only go by what I have seen in other dogs coats the breeder has and they are wonderful.
  13. Puppy with flatulance

    Sorry to cause confusion. When my puppy arrived from the breeder she sent a bag of BH grain free ocean fish. She also sent instructions to feed BH grain free chicken & rice and Lamb & Vegies as well as the ocean fish, but the only grain free puppy kibble BH make is the ocean fish, which is why I have bought and feed the original kibble in chicken & Rice and Lamb & Vegies.
  14. Puppy with flatulance

    My Breeder is an ambassador for BH, so doubt she would suggest something else. She did say to get the grain free but BH only have ocean fish in the puppy grain free, which my pup doesn't like anymore, so have been giving her the BH puppy original in chicken and rice and lamb and vegies. I thought they needed to stay on the puppy kibble for the first year? My pet store gave me a sample of the Ivory Coat puppy Chicken, so I tried her with that this morning. I find it strange that my puppy doesn't tolerate BH when her Mother & Father and their Mother & Father were all raised on it?
  15. My Sheltie puppy is now 14 weeks. We got her from the breeder a month ago and she was being fed Blackhawk kibble. We have continued with the Blackhawk as all the dogs at the breeders coats looked so healthy. However, our little pup has really bad flatulance all the time. Has anyone else had this issue with feeding the BH. Any other kibble recommendations would be appreciated. The kibble given to us from the breeder was the BH puppy ocean fish grain free, but my puppy turned off that weeks ago and the only other puppy flavours in BH are not the grain free, could this be the problem.