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It just cost a tad over £200 to send an affen from UK over to Iceland and that was in a huge crate as the jobsworth working at the airport refused the first 2 crates and I ended up having to use a crate from an agent at the airport that had just flown in from some other country and use the bedding that was already in that crate!! (so much for hygience control there!!) and they insisted the dog had a deep water bowl with a funnel and tube going into the bowl so water could be given to the dog during the journey. (apparenetly no one at a UK airport has a jug or can fold a paper cup into a spout to pour water into a bowl!!)

If you intend to take the crate home with you - remember they screw the 2 halves of the plastic crate together, so you will have to keep something on you to unfasten this or make sure your pick up vehicle is large enough to carry to whole crate.

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The quaratine restrictions coming to Australia are very different for the UK. The UK does accept dogs from all countries, something Australia does not do, and we also have different requirements for different countries. For dogs that are going to be entering Australia, the authorised vet has to seal the crate shut with special stickers and the crates and stickers cannot be broken. As the dog is only approved to enter from that country. Going to the UK is different as they require the same from all countries, rabies vaccination and tick treatment. Hence one would assume they would be OK with dogs being released from crates on route in approved facilities. The UK does stipulate on what routes the dog can travel, and for that reason they would have approved the facilities at the airports, etc. I LOVE the idea that they may allow them out of the crate on route, would be much more comfortable for the dog. Coming to Australia with our quarantine requirements I do not think that is possible.

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Hi all, I'm hoping to be transporting our dog and cat over to London in the next year and half or so and am appreciate reading up on other people's experiences and quotes. It's also especially nice to read about other people doing similar trips, since I know many people think we're a bit loony.

So, quick question for others is if your quotes are from planned travelling on the same flight as your pets? I know not all transport works out that way, but I'm getting a bit frustrated by how expensive these prices are considering our dog would simply replace the place of one of our allowed bags more or less. Also, those who have come before, I've heard some recommended travel planners, but also wondering if you have any airlines specifically that you've had good experiences with? Are there any you know of that allow the public to organize animal transport and not have to pay for a private company to organize everything? Or ones that allow in cabin pets on international flights? Having talked with DEFRA, it sounds like the rules about in cabin pets are mainly in place because of the airline companies, not government restrictions. The paperwork for getting into the UK has become much easier in the past few years, and I don't see why a company is completely necessary or so costly.

Thanks for any insight you can depart! I want this to be stress free for everyone, but also cost efficient if possible (though it's look less and less likely haha)

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