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  1. I 2nd the turmeric and pepper paste. My old giant loved it in dinner and home made biscuits. Love the oldies!
  2. Ice cold in Alex (old film)
  3. Congrats indigirl Sadly looks like we lost our litter at the w/e.
  4. There is a guy with a good rep but he is north of Preston, so prob a bit far for your needs
  5. Quiet month! Looks like I might be having litter of minis, due around 22nd.
  6. For drop on recall, I just say dogs name, never add 'come' so they know the different exercises. Also dog told what exercise they are about to do. Food is thrown behind dog so it doesn'tlearn to creep forwards. Food circuit does fast recalls, we throw food between our legs so dog used to running up fast
  7. Use a touch/target stick instead of bending down over the dog. We start by teaching stand with our right leg ahead (as if mid step) so dog isn't thinking you have stopped and want automatic sit. You can also get dog to walk backwards at heel for a few steps ( we are doing this for tight left turns, make the turn then immediately walk back) gets them thinking of backend not just being used for sitting!
  8. My friend has them. Brushed through once week and bathed/trimmed every 6 -8 weeks. Nice, friendly and intelligent breed.
  9. sounds like staining from the tomato plants
  10. my box has pvc pipe, gets pushed straight through holes in side of box - easy as!
  11. if you are in the habit of ignoring her until she settles, then she will stop the mad excitement and do as asked when you get in, if you are interacting with her as she acts mad, then this is reward enough to continue doing that!
  12. weetabix is an old fashioned way of feeding pups. When i bought in a dog from a person who has been breed for decades, she was on weetabix for one meal, tinned for another meal, dry for another meal and either another weetabix or scrambled egg for supper. I gave her a few days to settle into the home and then stopped all the weetabix, tins etc and after using the breeders buscuits we swopped to another and better brand of kibble too.
  13. Why on earth would they put a stop to males over 6 years mating? In some breeds certain health problems can take a few years to show themselves (and there is no dna test for).
  14. has anyone contacted the company to clarify what they mean about the protein percentage?
  15. i had a heated mat that was supposed to get warm only when the weight of pups were on it - worked ok for first litter but after that I never felt it get warm at all, so swopped for a microwave heat pad - the hard plastic one - which will stay warm all night if covered over.
  16. Yes the markings are dark when born and in most cases (though not always) will fade, often significantly. Most people won't notice the markings except for light shadings up close when the dogs are older. Only some pyrs are born all white. None in this litter though graces sire is all white. thanks. interesting how different breeds develop.
  17. just tell him NO in a loud voice and then give him something you want him to chew on - no need to grab his face and then say no as that is just confusing, he needs the NO when he is doing something you don't want him to do. No can be an important word to teach as it can stop your dog in its tracks from doing something from running out an open door or about to grab something you have dropped that is not suitable for him.
  18. pet peeve for me when judging is over use of product. I don't want to feel a sticky coat with to much laquer on it instead of having texture to the actual coat. I don't want to see a cloud of chalk each time the dog shakes itself. I don't like the exaggerated lines groomed on american style dogs either. By all means present a clean and tidy dog, just don't try to make it into something it is not (or a dog you would never recognise in its 'at home' state)
  19. i must be the mean one of the group! So long as she has had her meds, then I would just put her in another room, curtains closed etc to keep room quiet and darker and just let her get on with it, eventually she will have to lie down to sleep.
  20. save your money and get yourself a set of curved Mikki stripping knives. When pup is about 4 months old, pull out the long hair and this will start the harsh coat to grow in as a new coat, meanwhile use the stripping knives to comb through the undercoat to pull that out from the roots too (this is in effect taking the weeds out of the garden to allow the plants - aka harsh top coat - to grow in.) Not all mini coats are going to be good for stripping, if your pup is still looking more dobermann then pomeranian, then you should have a good coat to work with, the fluffier the pup at this age, the more work you will need to do on a more regular basis to get a mediocre coat. There is NO WAY I would put a coat king anywhere near any of my show dogs - mini or giant and both my breeds that I own have harsh coats (and the giants have harsh leg hair too which can be stripped)
  21. my first thought was a bit of vomit caught in the nasal cavity and has set up infection or problem there. Not being able to breathe normally would then explain other symptoms too.
  22. I was wondering that! Applaws has been available here in the UK for a few years (very expensive) but the tinned food does look like real food and not just mush. Got some kibble samples last year and the dogs enjoyed it (as they stole the 2 unopened sample bags! :laugh: )
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