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  1. From the Second Chance Animal Rescue site (also includes link to the 7News broadcast on the topic): BREAKING NEWS- 16 extremely lucky dogs have just been rescued from a horrendous situation with more to come in the next 24 hours.... As this cruelty case is currently under investigation with the authorities we are not able to communicate the details or conditions these dogs were rescued from, however if you knew the details it would be enough to make even the strongest person cringe. These dogs have never known kindness or what it is to be cared for and loved by a human... but that is all about to change for these lucky munchkins. The main thing is that these innocent souls are now safe with us and each and every one of them will be treated with kindness and respect from now on. Out of the 16 dogs collected so far there are at least 4 pregnant females confirmed, one dog with severe eye problems, 3 are severely matted, some have lumps and bumps that need investigating and most will require training and behavioural work. Not to mention all the standard veterinary care they will all require (desexing, vaccinations, microchips and worm/flea prevention). And there are 15+ more dogs still to come shortly! https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=1253541141360107&id=257916730922558 Heartbreaking that this is just so common and people still support puppy farmers.
  2. As others have alluded to, you want to make sure you get the right ingredients - supermarket Turmeric is no good as 99% of supermarket turmeric has had all the goodness taken out of it already. Important to get the 3% - 5% curcumin content. Same goes for the cinnamon - I had to order Ceylon cinnamon online as couldn't find it locally. My little one can't stand it, I bought one of those silicone cooling mats from K Mart that looks like it's a sheet of blisterpacks, and I put my paste in there and freeze it into little pellets - easier for me to take too as I don't like the taste! Careful of the mess and yellow stains! Don't leave ingredients out - they're not there for flavour, but each in the recipe has a purpose. I've definitely had success with a tumour on my boy (although this was not turmeric ingested, I bought the topical paste from Augustine Approved a number of years ago and swear it was a big part of the tumor disappearing), and the research is pretty powerful. And the way I see it - what do you have to lose??
  3. Agree with many suggestions and advice given above, and this is not a "try this instead", but could complement whatever advice you choose to take - do a bit of research on Bach's Flower Rescue Remedy for Pets (there is a human version too, but the human version has an alcohol based preservative so not fit for dog consumption) - it's concoction of flower extracts and all natural, which helps with anxiety. I'm only just starting it now with my pup who has mild separation anxiety so can't comment on my own experience just yet, but from the research I've done and what I've seen from others, there seems to be something in it, so worth a try. My Pet Warehouse stocks it. Anyone else on here tried it?
  4. Rule number 1 with an entire dog - don't be an idiot owner. One of the parks we frequent often has a number of entire males at the same time. Mostly they are all fine, and you wouldn't know the difference, however there is one, a lovely natured dog with an idiot owner, who gets obsessed with humping our desexed male dog, and I've seen him do it to others as well. He becomes persistent, and he's a ridgeback going after a mini schnauzer. It gets horribly annoying to the point that my dog starts reacting. The owner does nothing. He sees that his dog is annoying and getting a little obsessed, and does nothing. When someone mentions it to him, he tries to recall the dog to no avail and does nothing. I've seen it nearly come to a physical interaction with another owner. The fact that this dog is entire is not necessarily part of the equation. Our male dog has received the same attention from another desexed male. However the owner of that one responds. The fact that this dog is entire and behaviour goes unchecked by the idiot owner just really taints it for all owners of entire males, as the idiot owners lack of action gets turned into prejudice against entire males. So all the normal rules apply - socialize, don't leave unwanted behaviour go unchecked, and just don't be an idiot owner and feed the ignorance! I too am all very supportive of letting your dog fully mature before desexing, did so with my male, and doing the same with the female - so much easier with the boys though, don't think you'll have any issue (apart from continuously having people telling you that it MUST be done at 6 months)!
  5. I'd buy a couple of bags, depends on how much to ship (to Melbourne), feel free to PM me. Why aren't you taking it with? Most countries would allow you to - coming into Australia would be an issue, but if you're taking a container for shipment, you should take it with!
  6. My local monthly farmers market allows dogs, and as it's where we set out from our Saturday run close to the dog beach, I always drop in to pick things up, with my dogs, and thoroughly enjoy it, although they can be a handful if I end up buying too much! I also have to constantly remind the boy to not mark the stall holders signs - which I see other dog owners not even blinking an eye at, which I just think is very rude. I also take them to introduce them to the farm animals that are brought in for the children - I always ask the man who runs the yard if I can take my dogs up to the fence. Every month he responds in the same way "you know, you are the only dog owner who ever bothers to ask me, thank you. I have others who have dogs snarling and barking at my animals, and they pretend I'm not here". It doesn't take a lot to have seasoned stall holders start to think that it's not a good idea. I would be sad if I couldn't take my dogs purely because a few others just can't be bothered to have simple respect. I do go to a much bigger and busier market (Red Hill) too that doesn't allow dogs, and I fully support them in that, it is just SO busy with people, that it is not a place for dogs getting trampled. So I do think some, absolutely, but not all.
  7. I cut them in half (pumpkins, butternuts too), cover the half in clingfoil and microwave each half for 10 - 12 minutes and let them cool a bit if I want to peel them. This tends to not only sweeten them, but make them just soft enough to easily cut the peel off. In this way you could still prep your pumpkin the way you wanted and keep peels oil/salt/spice free for your dogs. Just wrap them in foil and into the oven whilst you're roasting yours works a treat. Makes life so much easier than trying to peel them when hard.
  8. Hoping some of you can suggest some variations on technique for a silly struggle I'm having. I've got a 5 month old, super smart, super sparkly and smart little mini schnauzer, Maya, she is an absolute delight. I also have a very well trained (by me attending obedience and agility and at home training) 2.5 year old mini schnauzer. My parents used to be professional dog trainers. I don't pretend to know it all, I love to learn, and I love to have fun with my dogs, but I do believe that I'm pretty level headed, well informed, do my research and know a little more than average Joe on the street. So here's my silly struggle - Maya just won't drop. I've tried the leading of nose down chest along floor, with/without guidance over bum, tried under bent knee (she's happy to crawl around), but just can't get her to drop properly. She gets ridiculously excited if I have treats of any kind, I've tried with/without treats. She's smart as a button with all other things, sits super quickly and eagerly, dances, prances, stands, does tricks, waits (and drools) for her food until given a command, and will quite happily lounge on us on the sofa. Just no dropping on command or with guidance. Would love some other techniques to try. The dog trainers at obedience school always confidently take her from me thinking that they'll get her right, and none of their techniques have worked either. They just give her up and tell me to keep trying and practicing. I haven't tried clicker training - clicker on order, so that's one avenue not yet explored. Would love to hear some ideas, tips and tricks! By the way, this is 8 weeks of attempts. Everything else she picks up immediately.
  9. + 1 for the Lazor Rx (I've got the older flick switch one) - well within your budget, not fidley, nice and light and easy to move around. And my mini schnauzers love it - they rush in and sit next to it if they come in wet.
  10. Thank you both for your posts. @Yonguro, yes to all the red meat suggestions - what I didn't post is that the rest of the raw mixture I do alternate between roo meat, beef, venison, and sometimes some turkey - I do tend to stay away from pork and lamb for various reasopns. Will try and get some sardine's in - hope that it doesn't make their schnauzer beards too stinky :-), occupational hazzard with a beard! But freezing it should do the trick! Thanks again.
  11. I moved my mini Schnauzer onto Raw when he was about 8 months old, and initially it was bought from a local company in Bayside, Melbourne who sold raw food following BARF guidelines. Since then, I have moved onto making my own and tend to include 10% organ meet, 10% veg, also throw in a bit of turmeric, greek yoghurt, whole eggs, and some added vitamins. He gets either fish or coconut oil with his morning meal daily, and evenings he gets frozen chicken necks with a frozen wing (he's super active and very slim, so throw that in to add some fat - just enough, and not too much as they are a breed prone to pancreatitis)in the evenings which are varied with meaty bones a couple of times a week. He is in superb condition, gorgeous coat, healthy in every way, so is doing well on it. We are getting another mini schnauzer puppy in a couple of weeks when she is 8 weeks old, and I just wanted advice as to whether there is anything specific to add for a growing puppy? To the raw mixture more than a discussion on the dangers of puppies and chicken necks please, I know about those, and it will be managed to ensure that she can be trusted to chew and break them down rather than try swallow them whole. I am specifically just interested in guidance on raw feeding for puppies. Thanks in advance for your discusssion!
  12. Thanks, will try with his food as you suggest. I managed to get a thin t-shirt type on him this morning and he was less stoopid about it, so clearly need to work up to the coat. He's definitely feeling the cold, so need to get something on him.
  13. We've been very lucky with our pup - he's a happy go lucky puppy who's been very unfazed by most things to date, been very easy to train, he's toilet trained, loves his crate, and quite happy with his collar and a lead. He's a 3 month old Mini Schnauzer. But, he's not liking his coat. Well, when I say not liking, he just stands there looking woeful. It's like he forgets how to walk. It's a lightweight coat, with a belly band which is loosly fitted. It's the only time he's not been interested in treats. It's like he's just gone into another state (he doesn't look scared or fearful). Any tips on how to get him used to it? He has had his first clip, and with the cold mornings, he does get cold so needs something when we go out walking. Going to get a jersey type one this weekend to see if that's better, but would be interested to hear your thoughts and ideas. (on a very funny note and for a giggle, go onto youtube and look for "miniature schnauzer life jacket" of a little puppy who reacts similarily to a life jacket, although she keeps falling over, very funny!) Thanks in advance!
  14. I bought the 30" Bengo crate from Ozgrooming world (through eBay) for my mini schnauzer puppy. It's a great quality in my view, and having looked around, a really good price. I had a problem with the courier (countless missed deliveries with them trying to deliver at different days to what they'd agreed), when they eventually did deliver it, it was mangled. I got in touch with Ozgrooming and they had a replacement sent out asap, so I can vouch for their customer service as well. Very easy to assemble and collapse as needed. My pup loves it.
  15. Hi All, Have read a lot of good reviews about the Mars Coat King, and equally had excellent reviews from the Breeder I got my puppy from. I've read on one site by someone who is a professional groomer, specifically stripping mini schnauzers, that for dogs not being shown, the 6 blade and the 10 blade have been excellent, but not the recommended ones on the Mars site. Just wanting to check what the experience from all of you has been. Also, at what age would I start? We have a 10 week old puppy, and he's getting brushed daily for him to get used to it (still trying to eat the brush though!). Is it ok to start now? Would love to hear from experience - do's, don'ts, success stories and whoopsie stories of any who have used one.
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