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Camping At Bill Spilstead Complex

Caesars mum

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Hi just after peoples experiences of camping at Erskine Park. I have spoken to the groundsman who informs me the sights are 3m x 7m which is big enough for our gazebo and sleeping pods, but where do we park the cars with the dogs and the trailers.

I'm used to country shows in NSW and in Qld at Durack we just pick a spot in the designated area, plenty of room to spread out.

so questions

at Erskine Park will I have someone either side of me and be crowded in?

are there good amenities and water supply?

Is the June long week-end usually busy?

if we have 3 adults, 2 cars, 1 trailer and 7 bullmastiffs, will we all fit on one sight or should I get 2 sights

thanks in advance for the replies.

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I have camped there in my Gazebo at ring 12! It was set back from the ring! :laugh: & I have a tent that zipped onto the back of the 3x3 gazebo. Was great except...... out of the whole of EP there was one other group camping in their gazebo....... & they were beside us!!! :banghead:

They drank & laughed until late......then the woman spent half the damn night sobbing & crying about shite!! and the partner telling her to be quiet :banghead:

There are showers in the toilet blocks & they are great. Egg & bacon sangers for breakky.

There are also limited powered camp sights, others may be able to tell you about!

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Thanks I was told the powered sights are 7 x 3 meters which seems small as that will only fit the gazebo and pods where will the dog trailer and car with the dogs be. We will have babies puppies so don't wont them far away.

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Plenty of room when we camped there over Easter a couple of years ago - 3 x 6m gazebo, car & trailer and still plenty of room - parked the car & trailer behind the gazebo then moved it up beside when the neighbour left room.

Don't panic - there's a HUGE area for camping, plenty of room :D

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