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  1. All fingers and toes crossed here we are due Bullmastiff babies from imported semen 15th September.
  2. They give great service Sway I have been very impressed
  3. There can be a huge variance between bitches but will measure mine tonight and post
  4. Hi does anyone know of any vets North side of brisbane that do prog tests inhouse? I have to have it done this Thursday and Saturday
  5. My friend has said to check out Linda Mills from Innovis have clinics all over but based in Edinburgh or Keith Shea at fit n fertile in Preston she has had no experience with the one you mention.
  6. Have a friend living here in Oz that moved over from UK a couple of years ago will find out who she used over there. Where about in UK is the breeder?
  7. Thanks danicbsc that is along the lines I was thinking.
  8. No not a problem as the bitch backs onto her breeding and request was made at breeders suggestion as she knew I wasn't taking a litter from her and debating desexing her
  9. Thanks for your replies as have never looked into this before and the request to use her wasn't expected but she is due in season soon so I need to make some decisions.
  10. So sorry for your loss Rebecca she was a special girl. RIP Cherry
  11. I have had an approach to lease a bitch of mine who I don't intend to breed with so that they can take a litter and hopefully get a couple of nice bitch puppies to keep, she is from there lines but not breed by them. They have suggested a couple of dogs they may use and if they did lease her I would be interested in taking a male puppy if they use one of the dogs they have suggested but not the other two. If they use one of the others what would you expect in return for letting them use your bitch, obviously they cover all costs associated. Would it be like using a stud dog and service fee is the value of a puppy? All advice much appreciated.
  12. SAS I used the 12 month implant on my 14 month old bullmastiff and he still developed to his full potential, he filled out in the chest as if he was entire and the only thing was he lost some of the cheek fill around his head and neck like a castrated dog would but his body filled out much better than |expected with implanting prior to maturity. this was my big bullmastiff boy Odin and we implanted the 12 month one and lasted over 2 years. Not the best example of the breed which is why I was happy to go with the 12 month one as never intended to breed with him he was my first show bullmastiff and had no trouble getting his title after implanting.
  13. You can also purchase it through fairdinks.com.au they have all the Costco products at Costco prices and deliver to your door and no membership
  14. Nope they do not come in grey definitely a cross
  15. Could this be cause by a diet high in phytoestrogens from dry food. They are know to cause infertility in bitches I can't find much on dogs yet
  16. Madcat this could also be an allergy to grass or something in the garden he is putting his face in. I would expect the ulcers all over him if it was food based allergy. Watch for things like wandering dew and it's relatives very narsty group of plants.
  17. Flashsmum you may find the pain meds are making him feel ill. When my saint had his heart op he didn't eat until I stopped his pain meds and then he started eating and was happy and we handle the pain with previcox instead of the heavy pain killers he was sent home with. Hope Harry feels better soon hugs to you both
  18. this is unbelievable, the poor family must be devastated Bella Killed A WELLINGTON Point family is in shock after returning home to find their dog had been killed in a horrific backyard attack. Bella – a Golden Labrador who would have turned nine this month – was discovered lying on her side with a “clean incision” under her bottom jaw, which had also been broken. The attack happened in the fully-fenced backyard of the Cherry St home sometime between last Friday and Monday, while her owners were away. Police investigating the dog’s suspicious death said it was possible somebody had broken into the yard, was “startled” by the dog, and lashed out. Police are unsure about the type of weapon used. “(Bella) must have been eating at the time because when she eats she cleans up, but there were crumbs around and you could see the claw marks on the concrete where they dragged her,” family member Sherrie Townsend said. “It was very gruesome.” She said Bella had been with the family since she was a puppy. “We have cats, my sister has a child, she’s just so placid and there was even a magpie that would land in the yard, she was not a mean dog at all,” she said. Anyone with information which could assist with this matter should contact Crime Stoppers anonymously via 1800 333 000 or Crimestoppers.com.au 24hrs a day.
  19. I don't know anymore than the flyer attached says but if you have seen Rumour please contact the numbers on the flyer.
  20. Thanks I was told the powered sights are 7 x 3 meters which seems small as that will only fit the gazebo and pods where will the dog trailer and car with the dogs be. We will have babies puppies so don't wont them far away.
  21. Hi just after peoples experiences of camping at Erskine Park. I have spoken to the groundsman who informs me the sights are 3m x 7m which is big enough for our gazebo and sleeping pods, but where do we park the cars with the dogs and the trailers. I'm used to country shows in NSW and in Qld at Durack we just pick a spot in the designated area, plenty of room to spread out. so questions at Erskine Park will I have someone either side of me and be crowded in? are there good amenities and water supply? Is the June long week-end usually busy? if we have 3 adults, 2 cars, 1 trailer and 7 bullmastiffs, will we all fit on one sight or should I get 2 sights thanks in advance for the replies.
  22. Been a while since I was there but I am doing the Saturday and Sunday shows only. There was plenty of room last time I was there and facilities are ok, hot showers and toilet blocks. Pay the caretaker on arrival I can't recall if it was $10 or $20 a night
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