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  1. Thanks so much Asalei!....I didn't even think to look on one of the importers page
  2. Side question!?.....How long for quarantine now for a dog coming from the UK. I had a look on DAFF, but it says 10 days minimum??
  3. Do you have a phone number for the caretaker or know where I can find one? The caretakers number is 02 49208568
  4. Plenty of people use generators......just set back from the ring. Can't remember the exact distance! There will be a group of us poodle people also camping!
  5. You won't be able to sent up until Thursday midday. That's the norm for all the weekend shows at hillsborough.
  6. Aww very cute SM!!...pretty close!!...l
  7. Awwwww love the video and the pics! Thanks for the greyhound fix! I have loved them, just no room here.....always too many silly poodles!
  8. Thanks for all the advice. I decided to take the plunge and buy online!!! I bought Nikon d3200 with 2 lens and it was half the retail of a camera with only a single lens in a retail store!! It's great. I feel better with a camera again! Forgot to add....I bought it from kogan
  9. Looking a bit different!!...try walking a black standard male poodle in continental trim!!....lol Every time I go out I get comments. But it's the stupid sniggering comments or the laughing!! Not just kids either!! adults can be sooo rude. I don't know where people get off sometimes? I get that it is an unusual trim.....but.... When I have the whole crew together (5) I sometimes think I wish one of you idiots will walk into a telegraph pole or a tree, they are turning around so much!!!!....lol Maybe I'm just sensitive!
  10. Same with my girls....but its the after effects from the torsion that can be fatal. The part of the stomach that has been lacking in blood supply can break down days after surgery. The heart also needs monitoring post op. I would be worried about any kit that included an ice pick!! A needle or catheter could also be used. Education, prevention...as much as is possible, I know its impossible to prevent bloat....an know your individual animal. Also be prepared to get a speeding ticket and a very large vet bill! :)
  11. Try taking a black std poodle in continental trim to the dog park!!...lol...lol...that usually causes lots of attraction from other dogs!....like " what the hell is that dog doing"...lol
  12. I too have experienced bloat with 2 of my girls who thankfully both survived. I also have experience nursing dogs presented in various stages of bloat .....it is awful. I def travel with a big first aid kit for my dogs. I agree that a vet is the first port of call......but if you are away or for example camping you need to be prepared to do something.
  13. What a friendly group down south!.... Am looking forward to the weekend. Will also be our wedding anniversary on the saturday. 18yrs ago hubby proposed in bowral. So we thought we'd have a nice dinner somewhere! Mmmm Clyde.....grooming facilities....I will be traveling with a std poo!
  14. So angry & Commonwealth Bank insurance....... I rang today as typically I had heard nothing about the processing of my claim. I provided a quote. Was put on hold for 15mins whislt she rang her supplier. Tells me that my camera is no longer available.....yep, know that...idot! and that the equivalent to mine is on sale this week!!....for $499. she says laughing!!! Guess what my excess is......$500. So they will not proceed with my claim. I complained that they have had this for nearly a month.....but that got me no where!!! :mad Sorry...........needed to vent. Now I am back to square one...
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