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Taking Bets


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  1. 1. Will Vinnie trash the blanket?

    • yes
    • no
    • no but it'll be covered in mud

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So Vinnie already has a stretcher bed and a pillow snuggle bed outside. He's never moved the pillow any further than next to the bed. When we had him in the garage with both beds and his puppy blankie, the blankie never left the bed. Inside he has his puppy blankie and he ignores it mostly.

Today I gave him a polar fleece blanket for outside. He hasn't got the hang of his kennel yet and we are slowly introducing it with lid off and feeding him in there, slowly slowly. But the blanket is on his stretcher down the side awning of the house because the weather is miserable.

Bets that he'll finally be a proper naughty pup and drag it into the yard and destroy it?

He hasn't destroyed a single fluffy toy yet despite having some for 5 months.

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Yay good Vinnie! Didi surprised me a couple of weeks ago, I had to leave her for the day and it was horrid weather outside so I decided to wing it and leave her inside.... came home to only a tissue pulled out of the bin!

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