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Blind Dog Needs A Lift

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I saw this and thought I'd pop it here rather that the transport section (I'll move it if there are any objections) :)

maybe someone can help.


Blind dog tries to hitch a ride to Brisbane

2nd Dec 2015 3:59 PM


HE'S not the usual type you might car pool with.

Meet Kingston, a 'distinguished gentleman' who was rescued from the Mackay pound a few weeks ago in 'shocking condition'.

"He had a tumour removed from his eye lid and also his testicle," said Jess Saunders from Animal Rescue Queensland in Mackay.

"We guess he's a poodle cross about 12 years old."

Despite his hardships, Kingston has a chance to restore his sight but needs to travel from Mackay to Brisbane to see a specialist.

The animal rescue are reluctant to book Kingston in with a transport company because he gets anxious, instead they are calling out for anyone making the 10 hour car trip soon to come forward if they have a spare seat and a big heart.


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"It would be great if he could possibly have someone to sit with on the back seat.

"If we could get him down in the next couple of weeks so he can be assessed before Christmas, that would be amazing.

"He has already had a big transformation since being rescued and to give him back some sight would be really special."

**Transport Request**Our handsome older gentleman Kingston might have an opportunity of sight, but he needs to see a...

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