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In Home Dog Trainers in Adelaide

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I am looking recommendations on In Home Dog Trainers who focus on Force Free Positive Training that service in Adelaide North/North East? 

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I like Bodil S.




If she can't get to your area - she can recommend someone who uses the same methods that might be closer.   


australian pet dog trainers - has a search - put Adelaide and 50km in... and click the search button above.



i can tell I'm dog obsessed when I know about half of them, including Sharon Taylor who lives at Gawler and competes in agility, Alexis (scholars in collars) who lectures at WEA in dog skills.   And Petra Edwards and Debra Millikan who run dog body language seminars with Charles Sturt Council (Woodville and West Lakes etc), There's one of those on Sunday 2nd April.  Leave dog at home.  Learn heaps.



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