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Yulin - If you can bear it...

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If you can bear it, here's the thing regarding Yulin/Dog meat trade that I was trying to find the other day. 

They are asking for volunteers to foster the tormented little souls which they managed to rescue from Yulin. I think it's in the USA though.

I'm not sure if I could....

I want to help, but I'm not sure if I'd want to/be able to bear it. But is that extremely selfish? I don't know. :cry:


Anyway, this man named Marc has sacrificed his life. He goes undercover to dog meat farms and secretly assesses the situation while pretending to be a rich buyer. He risks his life and tries to save at least as many dogs as he can get away with. This man has seen it all, I haven't been keeping up with it because it makes me so upset (is it awful to turn a blind eye?) but he has witnessed the torture, not able to do anything about it for fear of blowing his cover, he has rescued newborn dying puppies from drowning in mud, he has seen dogs that were tortured in awful awful ways. He is definitely not in a healthy way mentally, from what I've read he has extremely bad depression, can't sleep properly, and doesn't get to spend time with his family because he is sacrificing his life to shut down the dog meat trade. It's too late to turn back now, I'm not sure if he could... 

The group along with Chinese activists recenty intercepted a truck filled with cramped cages, there were approx 1300 dogs on that truck and they managed to save them. 

"Chinese activists intercepted a truck carrying over 1200-1300 dogs yesterday in Guangzhou. The truck was spotted on the highway and the intercept made. 

Hundreds of activists stormed the truck after the intercept with police arriving and taking custody of the dogs. 

After a ten hour stand off, the police allowed the truck to be taken in and off loaded at a shelter in Guangzhou. These dogs were headed to Yulin, where this year thousands have already been killed, with more on their way into the city for the "festival." We honour and thank the Chinese activists and people, who are standing up everyday to fight for these animals. They freed these dogs from bondage. And in the end, it is they that need to push for legislation in order to change things.

For people who want to support these dogs the donations should be made directly to the rescuers with local  shelters themselves - who are taking in the dogs. Not to international groups now claiming to be involved in the rescue but were not. 

Currently these dogs are at a shelter in Guangzhou, where they are being released from slaughter cages. Being given food and water, and will be divided amoungst local groups with shelters to make caring  for the liberated possible"



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