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2 or 3 problems :(

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We have a 3 year old setter and he is constantly licking my other setters bottom :scold:. It has become a really bad habit and not sure how to break it. We have tried distraction but he still cant help himself. I was half thinking of the citronella mating spray they did years ago but not sure if they still do it and not fair on my other boy :(  He also has a terrible habit of coprophagia and we have tried all sorts, lifting the temptation before he devours it and adding pineapple to the other dogs food etc but no joy. He is the type of dog that would eat anything which is unusual enough for the breed but his habit has become learned now so it is hard to break.  


Another problem(s) he has is during wet weather he toilets outside the back alfresco area and refuses to go down the garden :( and last but not least if you let him out he jumps up on the wndows and sliding door to get back in to the house again and our flyscreens are in ribbons. He is in the house 99 %  of the time but if he is let out he is banging to get in . Likewise if we have been out and come home he is throwing himself against the windows with excitement to get in. 


Any thoughts or advice would be welcome :)

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:welcome: to the forum! 

The licking together with the poo eating at his age I suspect are most likely symptoms of OCD (dogs can suffer from it for much the same reasons as humans). I really think that your best action would be to see a vet behaviourist who as well as advising you how you should act to minimise or decrease this behavior will be able to prescribe some temporary medication to help your dog reduce his OCD. If you state the area of WA that you live in, some people here might be able to suggest a good vet behaviourist in your area.

The toileting under cover in the wet weather is probably because he doesn't want to get wet. I have had in my life several divas convinced that they would dissolve in the rain :laugh: but  it is a bit unusual for most of the setters in my experience   Which of the setter breeds is he?

Can you think of a time when perhaps he was shouted at or something for tracking mud all over the furniture? I'm not saying that was the cause but if it happened a fear period in his life he may have been sort of over sensitised to it? Or maybe he hates being towelled dry if he gets wet? There are heaps of reasons why he mightn't want to get wet, with effort and consistency in training him that toileting in the rain will bring him kudos and great rewards you can reverse that behavior.
Of course it could be something else altogether - maybe he does like to get wet but doesn't want his faeces to get wet in which case I am sounding like a proper dill!:laugh:

The jumping through screens and banging on windows might be anxiety rather than excitement in which case the vet behaviourist again is your best bet.
If it is just excitement/being demanding then you might need to go back to basics with your training so that he understands he is not going to be let back inside until he is calm and waiting patiently. This needs to be done gently but firmly a little at a time - do some research on NILIF ( Nothing In Life Is Free) there are some great resources right here if you search .With effort and consistency on your part using NILIF he will behave as you wish to be let back inside. But please do check first that it is not anxiety causing this.

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