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NZ Trademe bans brachy breed ads

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I saw this today. Talk about throwing the baby out with the bathwater LOL.

I can see what the TradeMe adminstration is trying to do, but banning all sales of the listed breeds, is either overkill or laziness.
Why not instead have a rule that both parents of any advertised puppies or for adult dogs being offered for sale in these breeds or crosses have to pass a basic activity test under vet supervision showing that they can be active without breathing difficulties. Name of the vet that supervised the test to be included in the ad.

Instead of slamming the entire breed, this should prevent puppies and dogs with severe BOAS from being sold on that site.

NZKC brachy breeders generally don't use Trademe (similar to Gumtree), so this won't affect 99% of responsibly bred brachys anyway. and the irresponsible ones will just popularise some other online site. But the general public is going to assume that every dog in these breeds has severe BOAS, which is NOT the case with responsibly bred ones.

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the evidence that those breeds are unhealthy breeds is overwhelming. And having a 350% higher chance of URT disorders than other breeds can't be explained with backyard breeding etc., but only with the unhealthy breeding standards - other breeds are also target of backyard breeding, and still they don't show such high numbers of URT disorders. Considering the high vet costs for caesarean, AI and associated health issues, it is actually unlikely that those breeds are the first target of breeders that only breed for money.


The selected breeding standards are just too far away from the standards mother nature / evolution specified and tested for canines.


The kennel clubs are part of the problem, as they limit the gene pool even further. E.g. the inbreeding coefficient for pugs according to UK Kennel Club is already 5.7% - i.e. they are more or less all first cousins! With such a high inbreeding coefficient and the undeniable severe health issues, and the breeding standards that address the expected show looks more than the fit-for-a-dog-life-requirements,  it is hard to see a way out. 

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