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Recommended Trainer around Pennant Hills-SYD

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Can anyone recommend a good trainer around Pennant Hills area Sydney?

I have a GSD pup ~9months that wasn't dog socialized properly and need help as he has developed aggression towards other dogs when walking him and could use help with other training also.

I know K9Pro is highly recommended but is a little far to travel and mainly they seem full with long booking times and I need to get this underhand ASAP.


My second side question is what is the general ballpark price range for a trainer(per hour rates)? Just so I can plan out finances and not get taken advantage of.



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Hi @Vlkm, sorry I can't help with trainers or price but wanted to mention your dog may also be showing fear or frustration with his behaviour. I've linked an article you might want to read whilst looking around for a good positive based behaviorist? The series of magazines have great articles on reactivity so it's worth doing a few searches.


First thing you need to do to help make a change is stop putting him in situations where he feels he needs to react this way. He would have begun by showing subtle behaviour he wasn't happy with what was going on around him but the more this behaviour is missed or ignored the more it escalates. I'm glad you're seeking help and I wish you the best of luck. 



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