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What should I pay, German Shepherd pup?


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My advice would be not to believe all that you see in photos on websites and actually go at meet some dogs of the breeders you’re interested in. Lots of photos can look extreme and concern people, but the dogs don’t look like that in everyday real life. 


If you were you were upfront about your need to have a fairly chilled out dog to the breeder I’m sure there would be a working line dog that would suit - but I also think you’ll find what you’re looking for in show lines too. Not everyone breeds for extremes. Working line dogs also suffer the same health issues and there are plenty of dodgy breeders breeding them too - it’s a big problem when they sell highly unsuitable dogs to anyone with the money. 


Go out to shows/trials/obedience clubs/the local dog walking places and find out where some of the GSDs you like come from 


Personally I have show lines which are sound, happy and healthy and we have lots of fun together so I am always saddened to hear people recommending against them 

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I have one show line, one working line and to be honest although he is younger, my WL is calmer and has less drive then my SL. So it really does come down to trusting the breeder in my opinion. I was planning to do IPO with my WL, but we moved states and never had the chance. But it would have been interesting to see how much he could have developed.

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God I'm loving this forum. Haha. It's been too long since I was surrounded by dog mad people :) 

I agree that you can get different energy levels in both lines, but I think I can find soundness within a show line. Thanks again everyone for the advice. :cheers:

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On 4/12/2018 at 12:19 PM, Dogsfevr said:

Rubbish ,it comes down to the manner asked & jumping through hoops is no different than you saying must fit your scrutiny .Dog world is not the horse world & yes i have knowledge of both & often POA is to sort the time wasters out & horses are often under valued considering the training many have gone through prior to sale,soundness & vet test to confirm soundness etc etc
We don't advertise price because people should be able to communicate in this day & age  & ask questions .
Price is one small factor in anything ,you want a pup for a purpose so selecting a breeder who can assist you in picking the right pup is very important ,prices will vary if you want working lines,showlines ,its not that cut and dry hence why talking with breeders is important .
I have never known a breeder to get weird over price except when the potential owner implies there after something cheap & don't really want to pay much ,we have had some who ask to barter the price and other strange requests those people not once asked any questions about health,raising of pups,successes etc etc .
Certainly those that send one liner emails are often the issues breeders have with price & they cant sent alot ,like i say comes down to the manner which asked .
We often get
Hey how much for pup.
Price for pup
Got pups how much
Looking for cheap pup have any .
These come with no header,no hello & no names ,Just those lines .Basic manners when asking a question goes along way

I'm in the process of looking for a couple of pups, and I always start by describing myself, my home and yard, what I want in a pup and breeder and at the end of the email is "and it's time to ask the awkward question, how much will the pup cost?". I'm old, I write emails and SMS's like I used to write a letter, young people these days grow up in a new world, with new language and sensibilities, and to be honest when I where a lad, pups cost 3 days salary for my paper route, not 2 weeks salary for a professional person.


I've never (as far as I know) offended the breeder, although I have had a couple of responses itemising the costs of breeding. I fully understand that stud fees, looking after a pregnant bitch and vet fees for the pups is expensive, I don't care about that, I just want to know the bottom line :)


Honestly, I'd rather hear about how the pups are socialised rather than the price, but in the end money is going to be exchanged so it has to be spoken about and agreed upon.



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