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  1. My sister had a bitch who wouldn’t stand for a mating, so she ended up doing surgical AI with frozen semen. She did pay an extra fee for the frozen, so yes, stud fee + vet costs + frozen semen fee. Can’t remember how much extra it was, can find out if it’s of interest. ETA The frozen semen fee she paid was $250 on top of the stud fee ($1400) so not like in the OP where it was equivalent to the stud fee
  2. how do you wash your dog face

    I make up a very weak solution of no tears baby shampoo and wash their face in the bath - a weak solution doesn’t need much rinsing so although they don’t like it, it’s not too much of an ordeal. I do it last thing before they get out
  3. German Shepherd Dog Owners!

    Thinking of you Flaves, such a sad time Hope Daire gets to meet up with lots of our special dogs at the bridge and eat all of his favourite treats It's never long enough
  4. German Shepherd Dog Owners!

    Good luck with your search for a puppy Foxland. Can't help with recommendations sorry, and my advice is that pedigree puppies from health tested parents and reputable breeders are worth the expense.
  5. 9 month old golden retriever and food...

    Was his breeder concerned about his weight? I have German Shepherds which are similarly sized and to me that's either a very big pup or he's a bit heavy. If he is heavy, he may be refusing his meals because he doesn't need it. This article is very useful - the growth chart is German Shepherd specific but still might be helpful - average for a 9 month old male GSD is 31kg http://www.gsdcv.org.au/sites/default/files/file/Nutrition in Dogs.pdf
  6. 9 month old golden retriever and food...

    I'm going to disagree with those saying that the diet is boring - my dogs and puppies have eaten only Royal Canin dry food for the bulk of their meals for their entire lives without ever being bored of it. I do mix it up on occasion but would never chose a time that a pup was being fussy to do so, creates a bigger problem of a dog who knows if he refuses food he gets something else. Good luck
  7. This will be the JPS procedure that is pushed by some vets to GSD puppy owners, without proper diagnosis- just because it's a GSD puppy. Owners ceel pressured because of the age cut off for the surgery and have this unnecessary surgery done. There's no evidence this proceedure is beneficial in the long run to dogs other than those showing very bad displaysia at that very young age. If you pup is lame or showing actual signs of HD, you need to see a vet experienced in such matters and have X-rays done - and even then surgery is not usually recommended until a later age
  8. I lost respect and interest when she bred from the dog
  9. My silly puppy!!

    You're right, my input isn't valuable - I guess found it distasteful that you blamed the puppy for being a guts, instead of yourself for not ensuring the puppy didn't have access to the coolant. I definitely don't believe in wrapping pups in cotton wool but I definitely believe in harm minimisation - especially if the pup has a predisposition to get in to trouble. For example, I see lots of people allowing dogs to follow ride on mowers around their backyards and paddocks without a care in the world. My high drive dogs would be very much at risk of biting at the mower after chasing it so they're contained elsewhere when the mowing is happening. I have and do make heaps of mistakes with my dogs, but they're rarely the dogs fault
  10. My silly puppy!!

    I think silly owner! Fancy working with something known to be toxic to dogs and not keeping a curious pup safely away! Lucky for you both it didn't end badly
  11. German Shepherd Dog Owners!

    A puppy will be fun KOE!
  12. I've been using the PAW brand fish oil for my old girl, recommended by my vet too. I give her 12 pumps per day, she's probably not quite 30kg. Found the cheapest place to by is budget pet products (free shipping over $50) Can't help with the dosage of the tablets sorry but thought I'd mention the PAW product seems to be highly recommended
  13. In Victoria there is Puppy Bars, Comfort Pens and Surefind kennels that make such set ups
  14. How much is that doggy?

    I don't have a problem at all with polite inquiries asking about price, there's no need to be worried about asking. It's the 'how much do you want?' one line emails and calls that get breeders backs up - and they come in thick and fast when you advertise.
  15. How much is that doggy?

    I am a breeder of German Shepherds and the current average price for a pedigree puppy is $2500, give or take a fee hundred dollars