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I wonder if anyone will contact him ? UK Trainer

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Good for him!! 




..We - the owners and trainers at the Association of Responsible Dog Owners - know with absolute certainty, that the use of the best quality training collars, in conjunction with a holistic, balanced training system, does anything BUT cause fear and confusion in the dogs. Instead, the professional use of professional e-collars, as part of a complete, reward-heavy training style, develops the exact opposite of fear, anxiety and avoidance. Such use can strengthen confidence, increase understanding through clarity of instruction and requirement.

Our dogs (and yours) do and can develop full predictability and controllability of their environment.

They are taught to understand WHAT is required or permitted; WHEN it is required or permitted; and most importantly WHY it is required or permitted. Our dogs are permitted to experience what so many millions of dogs are now denied; that being the luxury of consequences for their own actions - good and bad - right or wrong - better or worse - independent of further rewards or corrections.

We believe in teaching our dogs how to learn, in exactly the same way that we, and every other animal within the animal kingdom has been granted the natural ability to learn; through the divine or natural right bestowed upon us all, through the experience of consequence.

The Association of Responsible Dog Owners is a collective gathering of real dog loving people, with a common compassionate commitment to striving to secure and promote the very best in terms of the true welfare of our dogs - and all other animals. We recognise the requirements of the dog, the limitations and restrictions of single minded ideologies, such as force-free dog training, and purely positive dog training.

We act always and only in the best interests of our dogs. We train and handle our dogs with full respect to laws and control.

Joinardo.com strive for true off-lead reliability, free restraints and restrictions. We understand that there is no ‘one size fits all’ in dog training and resolving behaviour issues. We support the right for compassionate, dog lovers to reserve the right to use whatever tool or approach is necessary, provided such use is proportionate, guided, effective, of the highest quality and serves to enhance the overall well being of the dogs and any other third party innocent animals... 



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