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Border collie advice

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Your breeder should be able to answer these questions for you and they really enjoy being part of that .

But factors to consider would be is the yard safe ,how easily pup can source the right shelter / protection.

There is nothing wrong with pup being out whilst at work but setting up a safe puppy run is a better option until older 

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We have a 5 month old border collie puppy and we've just started leaving him outside when we go to work in the last week, but that's because we live on 2 acres with rural mesh fencing so we got an electric collar system installed to make sure he can't get out (some spots he could probably crawl under, but being a border collie, when he's bigger he'd definitely be able to clear them if he really wanted to). 


So as Dogsfevr said, it'd depend on the security of your yard in particular. Making sure there's nowhere he can escape, nothing he can hurt himself on/eat anything dangerous, have good access to shelter and water etc. 


Before that we had Dash living on our deck. We did try and build him a run in the yard underneath the deck but he kept getting out somehow so it was safest to leave him on our deck until we had the Hidden Fence installed. 

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