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  1. My two love them. Nah they're not hard like antlers, they can chew on them and easily scrape teeth marks into them. I think they're great.
  2. I've been using Pet Circle for about 11 years now. I get all my dog, cat and chicken supplies from there with the exception of cat litter, only because I like a particular brand that they don't sell. They're great. We've had the occasional hiccup but it's always resolved very quickly and easily. You can just order as you need, or set up automatic deliveries of items at whatever frequency you want, and they'll remind you a week beforehand to give you the opportunity to change it if needed. Edited to add: Budget Pet Products is who I get my cat litter from. I prefer Pet Circle overa
  3. I'm also late to the thread, sorry. I hope everything worked out okay @Bexrose. What did you decide on in the end?
  4. Oh daaaamn they are all so beautiful! I'd LOVE to own bunnies and pigs! I can't have either here
  5. Oh damn, I remember reading about them on here about 9 years ago when we got Kyojin! They would have been sooo handy when we got Dash, he was a terror of a puppy.
  6. I heard about it on the radio this morning. So horrible. The poor husband must be devastated.
  7. I get Dash's Leading Raw at Petstock (they sell Big Dog too). That's in Brisbane, but hopefully your closest one will have them too. You'll want some decent freezer space!
  8. I started Dash on Black Hawk (as per his breeder) but then 6 months later transitioned him onto Leading Raw BARF patties for dinner (He still has kibble for breakfast, which I don't mind continuing because I can scatter it for him to find or stuff into things etc).
  9. I can't say for sure, but there was a dog at the dog park I ran into a few weeks ago and the owner said he was a Catahoula. Definitely didn't look like either of those two links, but moreso like the actual one from the AKC. It was a crossbred rescue for sure and about 11 years old.
  10. I only have a 7 month BC, so I'm not the most experienced, but yes, I would say that all sounds pretty great. Right now Dash still gets tired very easily (but recharges just as quickly). He loves to fetch, swim (he's a natural swimmer and LOVES it!), play tug, solve treat puzzles, run around the yard with me and go for walks. And also sit in my lap and cuddle for as long as I'm there. If I'm sitting on the ground, he'll want to be in my lap. He's an amazing dog and I love him to pieces, but right now (and I'm hoping he grows out of it once he stops teething and matures past puppy stage) bu
  11. We have a 5 month old border collie puppy and we've just started leaving him outside when we go to work in the last week, but that's because we live on 2 acres with rural mesh fencing so we got an electric collar system installed to make sure he can't get out (some spots he could probably crawl under, but being a border collie, when he's bigger he'd definitely be able to clear them if he really wanted to). So as Dogsfevr said, it'd depend on the security of your yard in particular. Making sure there's nowhere he can escape, nothing he can hurt himself on/eat anything dangerous, ha
  12. Thanks everyone! I've passed your feedback onto my sister to do some research now with her husband. I don't think that would really work for them to be honest. It would definitely be possible to add a doggy door to their laundry but with the two young kids they always have clothes overflowing in the laundry or toys around the house etc that I don't think it'd work having a dog inside when they're not around to supervise unfortunately.
  13. Thanks so much guys, a few breed suggestions we'd never thought of so I'll get her to have a look at them. Funnily enough, she got a reply from another Cav breeder later that said they sounded perfect and that while Cavs would love to have someone home with them they cope better with being alone than some other breeds. Okay yep, I can definitely understand your reasoning here! That wasn't said by the breeder at all unfortunately, she seemed to think working part time was absolutely absurd and literally said she would never consider selling her a dog. I definitely agr
  14. Hey guys Just after some breed suggestions for my sister and her family please. - My sister, her husband and their two kids aged 4 and 7 - My sister's Rottie passed away before the kids and my brother-in-law has only had family dogs when he was a child - Brother in law works full time, and my sister is currently home full time, looking to return part time in about 6 months. - After a small to medium sized dog that must be good with kids - Independent but happy to have cuddles - Not yappy - The kids are outside a lot when home and the pup w
  15. It's so hard knowing when the right time is. You want them with you as long as possible but then you don't want to keep them here selfishly when you know it's not in their best interest anymore. 14 is wonderful, so many lovely memories you'd have together.
  16. Thank you so much everyone. It was hard even posting it here as it brought so much emotion back up but I really appreciate your kind words. He was a beautiful boy and will be loved and remembered forever.
  17. It's with a very heavy heart that I update you all to say that Kyojin was put to sleep a couple of weeks ago. I spoke to both of the vets that have looked after him throughout his life (same clinic) and both felt that he was deteriorating cognitively. We found a few lumps on his body including one inside his nose. His eyesight was starting to go as well (already been deaf for a few years now), particularly struggling to see when it started to get dark and was getting even jumpier than normal. He had started to appear quite sad really, sleeping even more than normal and withdrawing contact from
  18. Kyojin started to bark last night so I went straight down and when I got there, DH neighbour was talking to my other neighbour at the fenceline. They both turned around and said hi, it's all good, don't worry about him. The other neighbour said "So I've just heard about the vicious dog attack" (in a completely joking voice). I can't remember who said what next but then he said "Don't worry about it, he was the one stupid enough to put his hand through the fence of a barking dog". DH neighbour said "I wasn't trying to spread rumours or anything, just thought I'd let him know" I said that was al
  19. Wow Juice, that's insane! Thanks everyone for your kind words and advice. We are thinking we'll add some bamboo screening along the fence on that side of our property so that he can't put his hands in again and will get Kyojin vet checked to see whether there's anything else going on with him. We patted him down all over after it happened and he didn't flinch at anything, but obviously that doesn't mean there isn't something else wrong.
  20. I know. That's what really bothers me. We moved out here to acreage for space and privacy. We've already spent a lot of time and money constructing more fencing to secure the property and section it off. (Not because we were worried about Kyojin as I wasn't until today, but to give him and my daughter separate yards and just keep him away from the yard and driveway etc). So his fenceline is about 80m back from the road and the neighbour lives below us on a hill, so he has to come up the hill in order to be able to even reach Kyojin. Which he did deliberately today as he intentionally stuck his
  21. Thank you for your replies, I appreciate it. I don't think I would want to do a run given that our property should be secure and private enough as is, his age and the fact that he sleeps underneath our house almost the entire day anyway and doesn't bother anyone. He only bit my neighbour because he was idiotic enough to walk up the entire length of his driveway and come onto our property and stick his hand over "just to see what he'd do". He's already admitted that it was "90% his fault, 10% Kyojin's". He's never had a problem with anyone else coming to our property or had a go at
  22. Pretty upset right now so please bear with me. Kyojin has just bitten my neighbour through the fence. My neighbour had come up to apologise to me for the disturbance the other night - a few nights ago I heard dogs snarling and barking and it sounded like someone was being mauled and I came out and their dog had gotten loose(usually chained up as he's dog aggressive and they have two other dogs that live in the backyard) and roamed up to our yard (we're on acreage so rural chain fencing and long driveways etc) and gone up to the fence line. I've just been told today that Kyojin bit
  23. She's gorgeous!! Yep, they are incredibly stubborn dogs. If my boy doesn't want to do something he'll plant his whole weight as firmly into the ground as possible knowing I can't do a damn thing about it
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