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  1. Kyojin got diagnosed with discoid lupus almost two years ago now. He used to be on tons of medication but now he doesn't take any tablets, we just wash him every so often with a special wash from the vets. Now that it's cooler here it isn't really a problem for him, it's normally worse in summer and all of his hair falls out again and he gets lots of sores etc, so if we have to, we just give him another course of the prednisone until it's under control again. We just try and keep him out of the sun as much as possible. He used to be indoors whenever he wanted, but once he get lupus that was no
  2. 1. How many dogs do you have, and what are their names, ages and breeds? 1 - Kyojin is an American Akita who will be 7 in July 2. Do you have plans for a new addition? No new dogs for us until Kyojin passes. He's suffered numerous health problems his whole life really and is now getting old and hard of hearing as well. So definitely wouldn't get another dog while he is around as that wouldn't be fair to him. We will be looking at getting something totally different next time around, probably something small like a Havanese. 3. Did you have dogs growing up?
  3. I love my Akitas, but next dog we want something totally different, possibly a Havanese. My husband and I have both only ever lived with big dogs before, so it would be a huge change for us!
  4. I was going to suggest Havanese for you, as we have started researching suitable breeds for our next pet and that is what we have as our main pick at the moment. (Similar requirements to you). I haven't met one yet, but have started doing research on them. I do also plan on asking about them on here when we get closer to actually looking at getting a dog. I did every breed selector quiz I could find and found some pretty mixed results, but that is where I did find the Havanese and Coton De Tulear, which seem to be the best suited dogs I have come across for us so far, but there is
  5. The Purina one came up empty for me, apparently no breed is suitable :laugh:
  6. This one was a lot more accurate for me!! Top two results were Shiba and Akita.
  7. First result was a British Bulldog. There wasn't a single dog on that list that I would consider :laugh:
  8. I second what Lhok said, particularly about the training stuff. They are incredibly intelligent but also very stubborn. If my boy doesn't want to do something, he'll plant his entire weight on the ground knowing I can't move him. :laugh: He also pretends not to hear me sometimes except I can see his ears spinning around in my direction, even though he'll have his back towards me. My Akita was on Proplan dry food at his breeders and he has done really well on it, so I have never changed brands and he's 6 now. I don't give wet food but he does get some food scraps from time to time (more s
  9. I have an Akita. The size of an apartment/courtyard probably wouldn't be an issue for them exercise wise. Akitas are fairly lazy low energy dogs. Kyojin has slept all day every day since he was a puppy. If you throw a ball for him, he'll fetch it twice and then go and have another snooze. He'll happily go for a walk, but also would be totally fine if he never went for another one in his life. However, I would say they'd most definitely be unsuitable for that sort of living arrangement because they are a protective breed, which means that even though they don't bark just for the sake of it, a
  10. Our Akita has had this surgery done on one knee. He ended up not needing the other knee done as it was strengthened from supporting the other leg as it recovered. We had Kyojin confined to our laundry with a baby gate when we weren't home rather than crating him as he was crated for sleeping at night and we didn't want him in it 24/7. It was so so worth it for our dog. We had the surgery performed by a specialist.
  11. Kyojin looks like a beautiful dog, and sounds like the insurance has helped you a lot. Could I ask, as it sounds like you are in a good position to answer some questions I had: * Have your premiums seen much of a change each year, especially in years after making large claims (how long has Kyojin's been insured for)? * With the two surgeries, how long was it before the claim was approved and you were able to recoup the funds? Cheers, Camo Thank you, he's a very sweet boy. Our premiums have gone up each year but it says it's based on his breed and age not based on us making claims. I
  12. With ACL surgery, patella surgery, lupus etc it's certainly been worth it for us. We spend about $100 a week just on meds for Kyojin's lupus and with only one income now, having pet insurance really helps. Cost a few grand just to diagnose him, as well as about $16k for his two surgeries.
  13. We use Medibank and they have been amazing. We've claimed ten's of thousands of dollars and they have always been brilliant. Generous coverage and quick to pay up. Never had anything questioned or had to chase anything up.
  14. My parents just had to put down their dog last week. They didn't stay. Neither of them can handle it. My dad has only ever stayed once and that was when my sister had to put her Rotty down. She wanted to stay and so my dad did too so that she didn't have to do it alone.
  15. Yup! Every birthday for both my dog and cat I get a photo of them wearing a party hat. The cat gets a tin of wet food as a treat and Kyojin will get a ginormous bone.
  16. We are with Medibank and they have been absolutely fantastic. Kyojin has needed a few different surgeries and other issues here and there. Refunds have always exceeded our expectations and the turnaround is very quick.
  17. I'm all for it, as long as they're on lead and under control. Though I don't like taking my own dog to them because it's harder to move around and I'd prefer not to have to worry about him and just enjoy myself.
  18. Neither of my two rotties jumped a day in their lives, but I'm positive they could if they had actually wanted to.
  19. Happy birthday Stan! Still so handsome
  20. Just ordered myself this for my Christmas present - hopefully it will do the job. https://www.catchoftheday.com.au/event/42913/product/philips-hard-floor-easystar-robot-vacuum-cleaner-303182/
  21. They didn't work for my dog at all
  22. Hey Malakita, I went through this surgery with my male Akita a couple of years ago. Recovery was longer than we expected, probably about 6 months in Kyojin's case before we were allowed to leave him out in the yard again. At one stage I thought the surgery hadn't worked at all, but then all of a sudden, I noticed just how strong his left leg was getting and his knee never popped out again. It even forced him to use his other leg so much that his right knee never popped out again either! We kept him confined to our laundry with a baby gate at first which proved to be difficult as he managed to
  23. Oh my gosh, that poor sweet dog
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