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  1. RIP to both Harry and the dog
  2. Dammit, this just reminded me that I have a 4 month old kitten to worry about. I can't even stop him from attacking my ankles yet :laugh:
  3. Yes, I believe they do. When Kyojin plays with puppies he lies down and lets them jump all over his face and lets them do whatever they want to him. He's very gentle with them and loves having a puppy climb all over him.
  4. Rotties and Huskies would probably be my top two to watch after my own breed.
  5. Beautiful garden. Thank you for sharing :)
  6. Two and a half more weeks until my kitten comes home
  7. minxy

    Puppy Preschools

    We didn't get Kyojin til about 14 weeks old, and we started puppy school right away. It was with a trainer. All dogs were on lead and not actually allowed to interact as such, so it wasn't just a puppy free for all. I wouldn't go through a vets.
  8. We were originally looking at getting a husky before we discovered the akita. A sibe would have been more full on than we were after. I'll never be without an akita again.
  9. Wow, I wouldn't even think of reporting her. Sounds more like she was just making conversation rather than a harassing sales pitch. I wouldn't give it a second thought
  10. For food I love: https://www.pawsforlife.com.au/ For cheap toys etc I love: http://www.trixanpet.com.au/
  11. I was going to suggest Pawsforlife buuuut since you've already used them and weren't happy that wasn't much help. I used to use Pet Store To Your Door and they were always wonderful, but PFL are cheaper and I just set our food up to come every 4 weeks so that's nice and easy for me.
  12. Probably a bit sensitive. "Old" isn't a criticism, it's just a statement. 10 IS old for most dogs unfortunately. That's just how it is. If someone pointed that out to me, I'd probably say something about how awesome it was to have such a great friend for these last 10 years etc.
  13. What was the reason why you stopped training your dog? We stopped training when we found out that Kyojin had luxating patellas and then had to reduce his exercise and freedom greatly. We didn't think that continuing going to group training was going to be a good idea at that point. Do you feel your dog is well trained enough? Yes, enough that he is very easy to live with. Certainly not as well trained as many people's dogs on here who have done extensive training, but he knows everything we need him to know. His recall isn't always bang on, but I'd never let him off lead in an open area rega
  14. Fame looks like she's doing a zombie walk up to the bar.
  15. Oh Ollie is just so beautiful! Surely you can't part with him? :laugh: I love seeing photos of your boys.
  16. Wow, what a lucky girl!!!! Happy 1st Birthday Takoda
  17. Congrats! I'm so glad I'm away from that length of waiting...they tell you time will drag, but no one elaborates on how much it actually does ;) Well I reckon it should count :D How long do you have to go? :D yay! About 8-9 weeks, he's 4 weeks old now and will get desexed at about 12 weeks old before coming home. I was thinking I should do a bit of shopping tomorrow :D
  18. I'm waiting on a kitten, does that count? :laugh:
  19. Philip Moses from VSS is wonderful. He's the orthopedic surgeon who operated on Kyojin. http://www.vss.net.au/index.php?page=index
  20. Thats interesting Minxy - what sort of things did you claim for? Patella surgery, xrays, general consults, medication etc etc.
  21. I honestly can't fault my pet insurance. I used over $10k worth of value out of it in my first 12 months of having it.
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