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  1. Kyojin loves it from me and Mr M. Haven't really thought about it before, but I don't think he really does it with anyone else. I know he doesn't really look at strangers that we meet.
  2. Okay so I just found my old spreadsheet that I used to keep for our pets, just to give you a bit of an idea though unfortunately I only recorded his weight a couple of times. At 6 months Kyojin weighed 29.4kg At 11 months he was 47kg but his growth obviously started to really slow down from here on as the next weight I recorded for him was 47.3kg at 17 months. This was him at 11 months. At 3.5 years old now he's finished filling out and now sits at around 55kg.
  3. I think it took us 11 months before we got our papers for Kyojin. The only reason we got them in the end was because we got Dogs ACT to step in. I'd already asked the breeder about 6 times so had enough.
  4. Giant breeds grow quite slowly and Akitas keep growing/filling out until they are a few years old. 45kgs at 9 months is quite large. I can't remember when Kyojin hit 50kg, but I don't think he was very young. I know it then took a long time before he cracked 55kg.
  5. My in-laws Golden Retriever understood commands in both English and Hungarian no worries at all.
  6. Couldn't vote either due to having one dog, who is not afraid.
  7. Kyojin is great if the cat accidentally gets outside. He races over, rounds them up, holds them down (gently) and then alerts us to the fact that the cat has escaped. He used to watch us run after our old cat who used to get out at our old house(Dodgy screen door) and so he picked up on the fact that cats weren't allowed to go outside. So he started helping us collect them. Even years later at our new house and with a different cat, Physics got out once and straight away Kyojin called us over and went and grabbed the cat for us. Clever boy :D Also useful of course at alerting us to anyone who
  8. *Waiting patiently for all the Santa Frenchie photos*
  9. Glad to hear his appetite has improved Lhok.
  10. Oh he is stunning! Hope a good home snaps him up quickly. Will share him on my Akita groups on facebook.
  11. Kyojin loves body slamming and bitey face etc, so he's so excited when he gets to play with other similar breeds. He's great at adjusting for puppies or really little dogs, but he doesn't really understand it when he meets another large dog who doesn't want to play rough.
  12. The two Rotties I have had were absolutely beautiful and I would gladly have another one, in conjunction with an Akita. Mr Minxy would probably consider having another type, but would still have to have an Akita as well also. I don't think we'll ever be without one, though we were having the conversation last night about how devastated we both will be when Kyojin is no longer with us.
  13. Thanks TB. That was directly from their facebook at the time of posting.
  14. I use this brush and absolutely love it https://www.worldforpets.com.au/products/16255?cat_slug=/Dog-Merchandise/Dog-Grooming And then just a retractable slicker brush and comb. But yea, the force dryer does wonders for getting rid of Kyojin's dead hair. Ours is just a $80 one from Ebay that I bought 3 years ago. Always done a great job.
  15. I haven't had that with Kyojin, but I've found that in order to get the hair out quicker, a really good bath and blow dry helps loosen up all the dead hair. Maybe try that? Do you have a force dryer or even just a hair dryer that you can use on him? Using the dryer on Kyojin gets out stacks of hair.
  16. So gorgeous. I love a happy Akita face.
  17. He is beautiful, what a lovely big boy!
  18. I didn't really like the dog one at all. The cat one is great though!
  19. I don't remember the details on my one, but I got it on eBay for under $100. Have had it for 3 years now and I love it. Edit: I think from memory mine was about $80
  20. Awww, so cute the three of them together in their pjs.
  21. I have two auto deliveries set up. One that comes every 4 weeks, and the other one I have set to every 12 weeks. You get a reminder email the week before to say it's coming, so it gives you a heads up in case you need to push your order back or cancel etc. I've been using them for maybe a year now and always been really happy with them.
  22. Wow, one Akita on a Queen sized bed is too much for me :laugh:
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