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  1. Thanks Corie, I don't mind waiting :) I can PM it to you bigger as well, sorry about me and the background etc. If it's too much of a pain to do, please let me know. Thanks Corie :)
  2. Hi Corie, Are you still taking names on the list at all?
  3. minxy


    When I saw this thread was in the RB section, I thought that there was no way that this could be real. Lhok I am so incredibly sorry. Losing a pet is such an awful thing under any circumstance, but I'm so sorry to hear that Raiden has been taken from you, far too soon. I know how excited you were about getting him and how much you research and planning you had done. You are an amazing owner and I'm sure he loved every minute with your family. Run free Raiden. Huge hugs Lhok.
  4. I definitely wouldn't do both at once. Kyojin had luxating patella's in both legs, but his left was definitely worse than the other. So we operated on that one first. We had to confine him for 6 months afterwards, much longer than expected. His leg is great now though and since having the surgery, his other one has never popped out once. We think that having the surgery on one leg meant that he had to rely on his other one more and that this probably strengthened it, because both of his knees would pop out several times a day, but then since the day of the surgery, his right leg has been perfe
  5. Squeee!!! How cute is he!! I think I need another Akita puppy. :laugh: I want to give him a huge belly scratch.
  6. 1 dog, fed just on dry (ProPlan) about $25 a week. He gets yoghurt sometimes too which is $10 a tub and lasts him a few weeks. Oh and egg and rice thrown in sometimes too, but that's usually just when I have eggs I need to get rid of or if I've cooked too much rice etc so it's not a specific purchase for him.
  7. I've been using Paws for Life for maybe.. 6 months or so now? They've been great every time. I have it set up so that every 4 weeks I automatically get sent out a bag of dog food for Kyojin and two bags of kitty litter. My order was charged on Monday and arrived today. Three days is the longest it's ever taken.
  8. I'm so sorry to hear this. I've always loved seeing his photos.
  9. Arctic Breed Rescue http://www.abrinc.org.au +0403 833 204 Anna or +0403 960 893 Marnie
  10. I just got a letter from Medibank yesterday as well. I was paying $220 a year for Kyojin on the Silver cover, with a $500 excess. They said that I will now get up to 80% back on bills, $200 excess (So no option to pay a higher excess to reduce premium) and my yearly fee has gone from $220 to $490 - to cover the rising cost of veterinary care. So it's more than doubled, and I now get less for it. I have been stoked with Medibank so far, but to double the cost of my fees AND reduce what I get back from them is ridiculous. I'm going to call PetPlan and see whether they'll cover Kyojin since he's
  11. I don't even have words Caz. I am so incredibly sorry that you've had to go through something so traumatic and unexpected.
  12. Didn't make an ounce of difference for us.
  13. I didn't think there was anything wrong with the quality of the photos or the angles etc. Perfect photos showing various angles and weights of the dogs etc would have defeated the whole purpose of the survey.
  14. Ohh pick me. I want to smooch Nova's little face! If you wanted to smooch the cute little face in my signature, then we would have to travel back in time raz :D However, if you wanted to smooch her "not-so-little-anymore" face, then c'mon down! :laugh: I want to smooch her big face!! Rotties will always be my other favourite breed. The two bitches I owned were the sweetest dogs and I've had loads of wonderful experiences with other Rotties that I've met.
  15. Couldn't even watch it all. I had tears in my eyes. Just mortifying watching the kid abuse the dog under his parents instructions.
  16. I paid $250 yearly premium with Medibank, and then 4 months later Kyojin started having issues with his patellas. Paid the $500 excess and we've received almost $10k worth of treatment for that. They were incredibly easy to deal with. We just posted off the forms and every single time we had the money within two weeks. I know some people say they put $15 or so aside each week as a "just in case" rather than paying for pet insurance, but if we'd done that then we would only have $240.00 towards his vet bills which obviously wouldn't have gotten us very far!
  17. http://www.k9pro.com.au/products/3%7B47%7D4-inch-wide-Flat-Premium-Leather-Collar-by-K9-Pro.html
  18. Okay dammit, that just linked the photo. Let me try again.
  19. Okay, so no option for blue, but what about this? http://www.k9pro.com.au/productimage.php?product_id=351&current_image=1 A lot of people on here (myself included) have one of their leather collars. They're great quality and you can get a matching leash as well. The small size should fit, yea?
  20. I would like to buy them ridiculous Christmas costumes, but I think that may be more of a present for me. :laugh: I haven't bought them anything yet though, will need to do some shopping!
  21. ABR currently have 7 dogs in VIC needing new homes
  22. Yup, I would definitely try Arctic Breed Rescue. These guys are amazing with what they do. This is their website: http://www.abrinc.org.au/ And their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Arctic.Breed.Rescue They always have plenty of dogs needing new homes.
  23. That one claim you made has more than been worth your while!
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