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As pointed out, Interesting Graphic

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I thought there was a huge problem considering all the press releases?

none of the comments below are mine. deleted the names and links to the posters.








This is an interesting graphic.
If you compare this with the number of cruelty cases reported, the number of those that are actually investigated, and the number of convictions .. it shows that animal cruelty is actually a very tiny problem!
 Big money when everyone has pets ,
 6.7 million pets and how many successful prosecutions in Victoria?
 10,642 cruelty reports .. resulting in 113 successful prosecutions. For 6.7 million animals. 
Showing that animal cruelty is actually a tiny TINY problem.
 Incidents were reported for 1.06% of the pet population.

Only 0.15% of complaints resulted in a conviction.
 Which indicates that Animal Welfare in Victoria is actually in a very HEALTHY state, so no new laws, legislation or indeed any changes at all were needed. Now ain't that a very different picture to the one painted by the rspca?




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