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Brisbane council 3 dog permit

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Iv done a few searches but can’t find anything after 2006. 


My mum recently moved in with me for a few months and will be there until at least March and she has 2 dogs (1 is a 12 week old puppy). We already have 1 dog, and the yard is fully fenced and in my name. So no issues of them getting out, they have plenty of space and have access to indoors and outdoors and sleep inside at night. Her older dog and my 10month old dog are both desexed, microchipped and all have pet insurance.


i applied a few weeks ago for the extra dog permit  but still haven’t heard anything. She hasn’t registered the pup at the new address yet because we were waiting for them to make sure it was all ok. Do they still do inspections of the yard? We have made a small temporary fence for the little one so she doesn’t go near one of the neighbours side of the fence cause she’s absolutely

nuts! Will we have any issues? I couldn’t imagine having to lose one, or mum losing one either. 


Hoping somebody can shed some light on this.



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I don’t have experience with Brisbane council but in Toowoomba it was a fairly laborious process with us having to state that one dog was old and therefore it wasn’t a long term thing to kind of smooth it a bit. You can always help by providing references on the dogs behaviour, state they are clean and quiet that sort of thing so council knows they aren’t likely to cause a problem. 

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