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Burr problems w Springer ears

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Little Yoli sees a need to spring into every clump of vegetation that 1) has a rabbit in it, 2) has had a rabbit in it, or 3)might possibly have a rabbit in it some time in the future.  This time of year, the result is an ongoing stream of sticker burrs in her gorgeous ears.  I don't want dreadlocks but am tired of grooming out the mess, and I don't think Yoli much likes all the fuss either.  

I've never had a dog with long haired ears before.  Do people ever put clippers to this situation?

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Just about every pet spaniel & setter I groom ends up with clipped off ears! 
If there is no reason such as showing, and it is an impediment to fun, and annoying to fix, just clip it off.

Actually Around the world the Irish & English setter are often shown without pendulous ear furnishings, especially the UK I believe? 

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