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Take care everyone through this Corona virus

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 posted on ANKC Pedigree Dog Community.
good advice.


Admin · 21 March at 23:11
Because we are an island nation, we are a lucky country. Even today, no matter what mistakes have been made by our Federal and State governments to date (and there have been mistakes), we (as individuals and as citizens) of this country can still make a difference. We can still change our fate if we act now. I am pleading to every Australian. Be responsible. It is up to us - each and every one of you to do the right thing.

If you love your country, if you care about your family, your friends and your community (and even if you don’t), unless you have to go out, stay home. Unless it is essential that you travel, for once, stay home.

Stop whinging about being bored or your freedom to move around. Watch movies, read a book, and most importantly, look up at our beautiful sky today and our Southern Cross this evening and think how incredibly lucky we are.

If you have been lucky enough to return to Australia, this is a privilege. Isolate yourselves. I am disgusted and horrified by those who have not respected this.

I am shocked by those of our population who are not taking this seriously. Those pictured dancing in the mall in our CBD or at Bondi Beach. What is wrong with you all?

Just look at what is happening elsewhere. Which part of – “we have to choose who to save do you not understand”? Italy lost over 700 people in one day!

Our country does not have the resources (medical and otherwise) to handle this. Do what you can to support our doctors and medical people who are putting their lives on the line and help buy time.

Australia can still be an outlier. Our borders are closing and we are naturally isolated. Most of us are big on personal space and actually pretty good at social distancing. Let us be different. Each day is critical. Do whatever is in your power to break the infection cycle and flatten the curve.

Stop hoarding toilet paper and whatever is next. Think about what really matters. Step up Australia and look after your mates. It is up to each and every one of you. We can actually change the course of fate. Our lives and our economy are dependent upon you. Even today, there is still time to change the course of fate. It is not too late. Each and every one of you consider – what can you do?

As a nation, we are not good at doing what we are told (myself included). However, just for once, all of you use the brain you were blessed with. We have been forewarned and have more than enough evidence. Help our government contain this. Stay home unless you have to and persuade your family, friends and neighbours to do likewise. Unless you do, with every passing day, the situation will get worse.

It is denial and complacency, that is the biggest problem. Stay home until we are forced to do so. And ... cuddle your dog instead.


Sandy ,    thanks Elisa, to my surprise the endurance forum admin shut down discussion.......all our pets will be loving the extra attention. well not necessarily some cats 

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