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Dog Coats for long dogs

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this post was on the Camping with dogs FB page so I thought I'd pop it up for those of you who needed long coats, the company is in North Richmond NSW  and have a FB page as well as a web page Here


Just wanted to share some jackets I recently purchased for my doggo that I thought others might like too, especially for winter adventures.
I have heaps of trouble finding a jacket to fit my standard poodle. Long body, but narrow chested. If I find something to fit his length, it's too baggy around the neck and chest. If it's the right fit for his chest, it's too short.
I need jackets that will fit over his hips as he has hip dysplasia (was a rescue pup).

Anyway, found a place on a fb ad called Newmarket Saddlery (yep, a horse place) and they were advertising a flannel style jacket and an oilskin jacket for $19.95 each.
Thought for that price they were worth a crack.

They are wonderful. Excellent quality, little extra details like pintucks over the hips to stop the jackets sliding about.
Finally found jackets that fit him properly!!!

Not associated with Newmarket Saddlery, just thought they'd be of interest to some.



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