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Breeder Advice?

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Hello, I am wanting all the advice and tips I can get from breeders. I am 15, and in the future, I would like to raise dogs. I have read into OFA, PennHIP, and the proper 'tests' certain breeds (That I would consider, and have liked.) should have.I have helped with whelping. I have read up on breed standards. I understand there are many back yard breeders, and I do not wish to breed for money profit or for color. I want to create my own lines of bettering the breed I go in. 

How did you start off? Advice, tips, anything is appreciated.  How did you find the dog(s) that started your career? What was your set up? I am going into college after I finish HS, so I still have time before I decide,  but I want to learn beforehand. Thank you for your time. 

Edit: For you, what do you consider as a Back Yard Breeder, and what are cons you take into consideration when trying to find a breeder? Also, do you register as a breeder? How does that work? 

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Breeding dogs is not a career .

Breeding dogs is a life long commitment and the last part of the dog owning journey .You won’t be creating your own lines ,you will be using established lines that will best suit the dogs you own  .You will be researching those already established lines and finding the potential right fit for going forward .You won’t always do better because not all lines gel so with the better you have to take the worse .

What does Bettering the breed mean too you ,what will you do better that others haven’t ?

Everyone is a BYB  in the scheme of things what defines a breeder is there choices, decisions and reasons..


So what you need to do is a tick list of why  should I be a breeder .

You should also do a list of why I shouldn’t be a breeder .

A list of what kind of breeder I want to be ..
Learn about fair trading laws for selling animals 

To be a breeder depends on whether you want to be registered, who with, state laws, local council laws ..


What activities are you planning to do with your chosen breed .

Will those activities define you as bettering the breed.


As your young ,go to dog shows, find people in the breed to talk too .

Whilst your dreams are great in the world breeding it’s humbling to start at the bottom and the basics and Learn.

Learn what the breed standard actually means ,see dogs in real life ,the breed standard alone can mean making tough choices when adding health results ,learning why you shouldn’t part with a dog just because .

Not all dogs should be breed from,there is often more heartache in making the tough choices in moving on a dog that hasn’t passed testing .

Obviously you don’t have too do any off the above and just buy a male and female and just breed .






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