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I am having some issues with our 9 month old chi and her toileting.

They are a breed that are notoriously hard to toilet train, we had our previous girl very well trained but Maisie will get up on furniture and poop/pee, she will do it on the carpets and even in the big dogs beds.


She is in a puppy pen at night so that’s not an issue but any other time it’s a big problem.
We have the bedroom gated so she can’t access the carpet, but the dog beds and couches are more problematic.


I had major surgery 8 weeks ago and spent a week in hospital, then I had a huge recovery, due to this I was put on multiple extremely strong pain meds so I haven’t been able to keep a good routine with her, I also find it hard with her being so small, she disappears and by the time you find where she is she’s peed/pooped somewhere she shouldn’t have.


Can someone please just give me a good daily routine to follow with her to correct the toileting.

This is something I should know but with everything that’s happened recently my brain isn’t functioning at its best and trying to put a schedule together in my head is just a bit too overwhelming at the moment.

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I would encourage you to begin tethering / tie outs with your chi.
This would mean, when not in her pen, she would either be tethered to you (on a 1.5m leash) or tethered within sight of you and close by.
Establishing a routine which fits your current situation will also be important.

To establish a bit more clarity, you could also begin teaching your pup to use a "bell" to signal to you when she needs to relieve herself.
There are a lot of videos on Youtube on how to do this.

Let me know if you'd like more information!


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Thank you for replying I’ve only just seen your response, can I ask what would be your advise when we aren’t home, I have three other dogs (soon to be four) as well to consider.

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