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13 day old puppy’s crying/yelping when defecating

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I have 13 day old French bulldog puppies that have had diarrhoea for a few days I took them to the vets and was given antibiotics but now they are yelping and crying when defecating and sometimes have a little blood.. I have been putting paw paw on but it is not helping at all. 
They also have very red and swollen rectums. 
Please help I have another vet appointment but any advise would be great.

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The blood (if bright red) is most likely from small tears in the rectum that occur from straining to defecate. Usually the blood aspect is not a huge issue, but the diarrhoea aspect is - especially in such young pups.


Hopefully you have had your next vet appointment by now, and he has done a faecal examination to ascertain the cause of the diarrhoea, and given you something to help clear it up.



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If you see signs of dehydration (google if you don't know what they are), go to an emergency vet.  Not something that can reliabily be diagnosed by misc people over the internet.  At 13 days dehydration can be fatal.

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