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Renal problems


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Have a ten year old healer terrier cross here although not that old he went blind 3 years ago and he has gone from being super high energy to very low energy. His blindness hit suddenly and within a few days he could not see a thing. So he seems old now getting about ok until recently he went off his food.  Vet tells us he is experiencing pretty severe renal problems. We have been given aluminium hydroxide tabs to help bind phosphorus but we cant get him t take them. Mixed with tasty morsels like mince or steak and he wont eat it although he'll eat a bit of beef or ham.


Not quite sure where to go from here. Hopefully someone can help with some advice or personal experience with mediating recalcitrant canines.

thanks in advance


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I’m so sorry hear about your dog’s diagnosis.  Medicating some dogs can be such a difficult and worrying thing and something I’ve experienced and quite often failed at.  With some dogs, I’ve had to get the meds compounded at the chemist and given via syringe.  I’ve gone to the deli and bought bits of just about every cold cut available, but that can be dangerous for a dog with renal problems.  I’ve whipped up cheesy scrambled eggs and on and on and on.  

Remember that your dog will be feeling very unwell, so whatever you try to hide the meds in needs to be highly flavoured and deliciously smelly.  It will be a matter of trial and error.  One of the most successful foods for me has been liverwurst.  


There is a product you can buy at the vet called Nutrigel which is given to dogs and cats when they are having trouble eating.  It is very tasty and sticky like molasses (which it is based on).  I used to crush the tablet and mix it in Nutrigel and wipe it into the dog’s mouth.  Because it is sticky, it is hard for the dog to spit it out, just gently hold the dog’s mouth closed while they lick and swallow.  

Good luck and let us know how you and your dog progress.  





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