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Where do I find gundog judges? Advice needed about Registering an associate gundog for RATG.

Jo Osborne

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Where would I find three gundog group judges to look at my dog for the purpose of approving her as an associate gundog? She is a Labrador from Nsw guide dogs and comes from a long line of labs, but I didn’t get registration papers with her when I acquired her. I’m happy to travel with the dog. I’d like to enter my dog in RATG competitions. 
 Could anyone PLEASE  help with suggestions?



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Best thing to do is head to an All Breeds show and hang around the gundog ring. Most likely you’ll find 3 judges who can help you out. 

Two gundog judges that immediately come to mind are Guy Spagnolo (Labradors) and Shannon Lancaster (English Springers). You can also find a list of all judges on the ANKC website:




I’m assuming you know you need the form completed, be a member of DNSW and have your dog desexed and on the Associate Register. 

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Ive downloaded the appropriate form and yes I’m a Dogs Nsw member. My dog is desexed  and yes the dog is on associate register. 

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