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Dew claws


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I have searched this subject and there are quite a few posts regarding the removal of dew claws.


I noticed a couple of members of the forum have mentioned that it is now illegal to remove Dew claws in Australia.


Would anybody have any links to confirm that this is actually the law?


Thank you



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I don’t think it is illegal.  But it depends if you mean removal by breeders or removal by vets. 
Such things are regulated at state level, so you would have to refer to the welfare act of the relevant state for what is applicable to that jurisdiction.  
I think in some states only vets can legally remove them. But as I recall where I live it is legal for breeders to remove them up to 4 days old and after that it has to be done by a vet (I long ago decided to leave them on which is why I am a bit vague).  The AVA policy is against routine removal, but that only applies to vets who are members of that association. AVA is not a regulatory or law making body and many vets are not members. 

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