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Testing for Cushings disease


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People's experiences on testing for suspected Cushings disease , how is this done ?  9 yr old boxer . 

She is happy in herself , recently developed lots of dark patches then started loosing hair , she has had an excessive thirst for a long time . 

At the vet appointment we eventually got a course of prednisolone , as they don't know what it is . 
That has helped mildly , looking for advice with a course of action. 

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You could always ask for a referral to an internal medicine specialist, if there is one within travel distance. Alternatively your vet could call one for advice (a vet-to-vet consult).


A few things could be going besides Cushings. For example Addison’s Disease, which is basically the reverse. It’s more difficult to spot, to the degree that it has earned the nickname “The Great Pretender”. Your dog would need to be off steroids for a period to have accurate results on an ACTH test.

My dog lucked out when diagnosed - the only external symptom he had was polyuria/polydipsia. For most dogs it’s a story of odd waxing and waning symptoms that could be any number of things, some temporary improvement with a course of steroids if given, but no diagnosis until they have a life-threatening crisis.

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