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Cavalier King Charles with Pneumocystis Canis


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Hi :) I'm posting this here in case Google brings someone who is struggling to find answers for repeat pneumonia/lung problems in their Cavalier or Mini Dachshund. 


The link is to Tiger Lily's diary and all about her journey and treatment. Her specialist team are under the guidance of a world renowned expert in this very rare condition. So there will be more and more diarised, we've only just begun.


I'll be editing the page to add more information to fill in the gaps, and using it as a journal for our dear little girl. 


Hoping it will help somebody one day. :flower:








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Thank you for reading :) :angel:

VSOS is Veterinary Specialists of Sydney in Miranda NSW. I'll clarify that on her page. 

It's so rare, a prognosis is uncertain regarding a cure, but she's being given every chance. Just about to put a video on FB. :)  

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Thank you Jemappelle :) I'll keep updating her page. If her story even helps just one little Cavvy with repeated lung problems then it will be worthwhile. :crossfingers:

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