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Puppy Essentials & Training


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Hi All,

First time poster / New member. We are bringing home a Groodle in the next two weeks and we wanted to make sure we have done all the required homework.
I have been going thru a lot of posts on this forums and lots of information to digest. We have bought a large crate for crate training, and just in the process of procuring a pet Pen for both indoor and outdoor. Apart from these things may I get some inputs regarding the following things:
1. What do everyone use to carry their puppies to the vet / car ? Soft crate ?
2. Puppy school training or private training (only until fully vaccinated)?
3. any other puppy essentials

This is our second puppy after two years. we went thru a very traumatic experience the first time where the pup ended up with meningitis at a very young age and it did not end well so we are trying to be as educated and prepared this time.

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so sorry your first pup got meningitis but try not to let that influence you too much. It will be hard but you were very unlucky.


while little enough I carried a pup to the car etc. Once too heavy they were on lead. Though as my car was parked in a fully fenced front yard I just let them loose there. I think a good puppy school would be great. They do get to see other dogs and you get to hear other owners. If the private has other age appropriate pups then that would be great as well. My view is, all doggy schools, are there to help you train your dog and it is not a free for all. Ideally I have always wanted my dogs to ignore other dogs when we are out and about and not to see them as a play toy and start ignoring you.


Can we get a photo of your new family member?

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