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  1. C3 cost $35 at my vet adn he will take whatever time is needed for check up of dog and answering any questions Finding vets that titre test is quite difficult I have yet to ask my vet but rang him this morning and left a message so he will most likely get back to me this evening I certainly think titre testing is the better way to go
  2. Thanks guys will do an order with them next week and see how it goes :-)
  3. Has anyone used these people at http://www.justfood4dogs.com.au/index.html if so what was it like - food /delivery etc
  4. Good Luck Georgie in whatever you decide :rolleyes: I would vote for a cavalier :rolleyes: another breed you may like to consider is a Japanese Spitz gorgeous dogs
  5. hi Panda thanks for the address I will check them out
  6. I too would be interested in trying Eagle Pack out do you know of any distributors in the Canberra area ?
  7. I decided to order from Bucket O Beef they are excellent very friendly and rang just before delivery to check I would be home I found the price to be better then buying the same amount of chicken necks in the stores I bought 16 kg chicken necks and it cost me the same as what I pay at the stores for 12 kg I will definitely order from them again
  8. does the one in QBN have a website ?
  9. I have cavaliers and I have no problems with having the yearly heartworm injection though if I had a dog that had a reaction to a vaccine as a puppy I probably wouldnt give it the yearly as it got older when doing the yearly I dont have it given at the same time as the vaccination I usually have 2-3 months between them
  10. found this Natural Balance $72.00 for 15kg bag Super Premium, Regular Energy, Human Grade Quality Lamb & Rice Available to all customers in Queensland, New South Wales and metro Melbourne. For all other customers could you please contact us to discuss freight arrangements. We have made this food available on our website because we no know better food. We know of three other super premium foods which are of similar quality but they are over $100 a bag and the bags are a smaller weight for example only 13kg compared to 15kg. Has your dog got funny skin? (itchy, scratching all the time
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