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  1. Thank you all for your input. I have since calmed down and will be methodically going through all your suggestions. Its so hard when some say its diet related and some say its not diet related! Will start with the food, then yard on the weekend and a nice vet shampoo bath on Saturday. Im also sus that maybe Im not bathing him enough (I bath him once every 4 weeks). Dog raising is hard!!!!! I raised my human lil sister and it was MUCH easier than this!!!!!!!
  2. Hi Haven, We have no carpet (ripped it out and had floorboards when we decided to adopt Bub). He likes carpet though so we have bought a few rugs which we leave around for him to lie on. I will examine him tonight and see if those areas are “hotter”. Hmm I cant see any freckles and there are definitely no moisture droplets. I have really been trying to keep him off the grass but he is a dog and he does like to mosey around and explore. Despite his allergies does Loki manage alright? Bub is so darn happy you would never have thought there was anything wrong with him.
  3. Thanks for the help so far! When he was at the breeders they fed him a chicken/duck carcass every second day and a mush meal made of ground duck carcass and veggies & some fruit every other day. He also sometimes ate lamb flaps. When I took him home they said I could make up the mush meal with beef since I dont have access to ground duck. I have suspected the beef as I remember reading about it somewhere in the forum. For what its worth I think the areas I described in my first post have become pinker since I have increased his Royal Canine so I am thinking of abolishing that altogether. From what I have described of his behaviour do you think he is suffering badly? Should a normal allergy free dog not lick/scratch? Do I judge improvements on his "pinkness" being reduced? Weird thing is (touch wood) he has never gotten a hot spot here yet. I am a bit suspicious because the first time we went to the vet (he had the runs) nothing was said about allergies and his looked the same as he did now, this time after we went again for a check up and shot suddenly the allergy was a major issue. He really made it seem like Bub was struck down and doomed. There were comments about how we would have to take steps to help him "cope for the rest of his days". He's such a jolly little dog its distressing to think that this is going to be a major life issue for him. Showdog, where can I get roo meat? I have read that it is too rich? If I buy chicken breast and puree it in my food processor would that be ok?
  4. Hi, I need some input and advice before I go off to consult a second opinion. Yesterday I took Bub to the vet for a C5. Vet examined Bub and said that he suffers from chronic allegries. Bub's hair near his but and penis and underarms is a redish/mauvish colour which the vet says is a sign of a dog with severe allergies. Now Bub does not scratch in the house. He scratches when we let him out into the yard to pee. He will also lick himself every once in a while. He'll lick for a little while (say approx 3-5 mins) and then stop and move on to other things. I have always thought the licking was a grooming thing. Vet said that it was not normal for a dog to lick and that Bub is severely itchy. He sold us some antibiotic shampoo which I am to use to bath Bub. I am fine with this but vet said that Bub looks like he has severe allergies and will need ongoing management of these allergies. He mentioned antibiotics for the skin. I am really upset about this. I have noticed today that the fur on Bub's cheek's look sort of pink. Is this another sign that he is suffering from horrible allergies? He is on a variety of foods, chicken frames, necks, a bit of royal canine, beef and vegetable stew (With a tiny bit of rice to thicken the stew). Prior to coming to us Bub seemed allergy free at his breeders. I am in the process of contacting his breeders for advice. Should I drag the boy to another vet or should we return to this vet again next week to discuss allergy management? Bub honestly seems perfectly happy. We did notice the pinky underarms etc and that was another reason for the vet trip but he did not look like he was uncomfortable to me. Please offer me some advice/suggestions. I am freaking out right now at the thought of my baby being pumped with antibiotics. Could the beef stew be the cause? He wont eat raw mince mush meal but enjoys his stew greatly. I also feed him 2 linseed oil tablets a day. His fur is quite soft and he does not shed much. Thank you so much for listening to my rant!
  5. But he looks like such an angelic boy!!! Surely an adorable face like that couldn't be so fussy!!!
  6. shekhina, How in the world do you manage to get him to eat 7 cups? What do you have to do to persuade him to eat it??????? Mine is a little rat, he will spit out anything he doesn't like and give me a "look"!
  7. Hehehe I feel for you! Some days the devil just seems to get into them! Maybe it is a once off thing and the "evil voices" were telling her to just go for it? There was one morning when it poured and we couldn't walk Bub. We were worried that he might be restless but he was as good as gold. There was another morning when we took him for an extra long, new route super walk and came home to find that he had dug a hole to China all round one of our trees (roots were sticking up). He had washed his paws (they were bright white) but his face was soot black. You can never quite tell what will get into them on a given day! Even the saintliest ones!
  8. Would love more ideas guys as I am in this boat as well. We have tried travel calm and it has not worked at all. Our kid is 17 months old, we got him when he was 13 months old. We think it has a lot to do with anxiety in our case so we have been taking him down to the park in a car (1 min drive) so he can associate it (the car) with good things. I find that mine tends to look out the windows a bit and then starts drooling and finally throwing up. Its very distressing when a trip out to somewhere fun always ends up with us cleaning up a pool of vomit when we get home :rolleyes: Am going to try Rescue Remedy next. Has this worked successfully for anyone else? Our breeder sprinkled lavender and peppermint essential oils in the car once and he did not throw up on that trip (also had windows covered up so he couldnt see outside) so maybe that might help. Would love any more ideas!
  9. Hi Tashnsw, I also own a Goldie. One thing that I am certain is that they cannot be an outside dog. We work 8-6 and he is outside when we are away but the moment we are home he is inside straight away. It prevents him from feeling left out and trying to seek attention. When we are not there we have kongs, other treat toys, bones, buried pigs ears, sand pit. We also hide his kong and treat toys around the yard so he needs to work at actually finding them before he can try and get food out of them. He is also walked for approx 1 hr in the morning and another hr when we get home from work. On rare occasions when I get home early I always find him asleep in the laundry. Like Nekhbet says the two walks a day is pretty vital. You should also do some training with her once a day and also have some "cuddle time" at night. I havent had too much trouble from mine (probably jinxing myself as I type) but I have never dared to keep him just in the yard. The goldie next door is a yard dog and is a complete nightmare! I honestly think that they cause more trouble outside than inside. We keep ours inside when we go out to dinner at night and we come home to a much cleaner dog than if we leave him in the yard where there is dirt and plants involved. Please try and see if you can allow your dog some "inside" time. I find that once he gets too much attention he will actually just find somewhere away from us and go to sleep. Its when they are craving attention that they cause trouble.
  10. Just putting in my 2 cents worth as well. I've had a few general conversations with people regarding feeding my dog, bones etc and what surprises me is that almost all of them have said to me "Oh when he eats do you have to stay away from him, cuz mine get really tense when they eat and they might bite me if I touched their food." On a conversation regarding bones one person said to me "Oh I bet you throw the bones quickly at him and run, mine get all vicious when I have bones to give them, I need to throw it at them quickly or they might bite." I was absolutely astonished at what I heard! I think it is quite a large problem if my dog were to growl at me over food. The Baby Bub simply doesnt care what I do while he's eating, plenty of times I poked and prodded around his food, adding things, moving the food around the bowl so he can eat it easily, he just doesnt care, when I take bones away he goves me a pleading look and starts to go through all the tricks hes been taught in the hopes of getting his bone back. I have even stopped him midway through chomping on a chicken wing and removed the wing from his mouth in order to get him to chew better, he always opens his mouth, looks very sheepish at me like "Fine mum, I'll chew it, can I have it back." General question: DO you think food aggression is just individual to each dog? I mean to say do you think that some dogs just dont care very much whereas its a big issue to others? Or do you think its the way they have been raised and what they have been allowed to get away with? Arrgh hope I'm making sense.
  11. He's a goldie! Those darn ears!!! I'd sell my house for those ears!!! They have me smitten! Trying to find out how to attach pics, they seem to be too big to post! Oh could someone verify if the herbs I'm using are ok and the linseed/sunflower seeds. Thanks!
  12. [quote name='MyMontage' date='1st Jan 2007 - 11:42 AM' post='1445537' You definitely put in alot of effort for your dog, he must love you to BITS! Hehehehe two months ago I was sick with a bad cough and he went absolutely insane, sat at my feet and cried, had his head on my lap, walk circles around me and tried to guard while crying, in short he was nuts, I had to hide from him when I coughed because he'd stalk me and start crying. hehehe we joked that he was probably afraid if I died there would be no more yummy meals!!! MyMontage I am sooooooooooooo jealous of your oes!!!!! I have never seen a real one before but have read so much on them! I think I would be starstuck if I ever met one!!!! You lucky thing!!!!!
  13. hehehehe I get what you mean! Apparently anything can kill him in this world!!! I'm starting to think they are more frail than human babies! Gretel you should live near me!!!! I bake so much I often have to give it to all my friends, relos, neighbours! Thats why I've decided on doggies bickies next! showdog: I only feed him that meal once a week, he gets the barf mix, chicken frames, chicken wings, lamb flaps on the other days (with the occasional gourmet doggy snack).
  14. Hi All, Another dilemma! I have recently prepared Baby Bub's barf mix with some peas added, I think it makes the mixture smell quite nice and he does enjoy it but I have just been to a site which has said do not use peas in food for dogs as it causes bloat. I also added some cooked potatoes and this is apparently a no no as well. I know potatoes are starchy but he is very much on the thin side and seems to enjoy this latest combo (peas, carrots, potato, spinach, bok choi). Whilst I am at it I was going to bake him a batch of dog bikkies (he does not like packet stuff and I am an avid baker and have run out of human things to bake so am starting on dog biscuits). Can I use linseed and sunflower seeds in his bickies? can some low fat cheese also be used? Can I also add some herbs to his food (rosemary, thyme, oregano, majoram). I made him a lean lamb meal with these lamb herbs once a week (I make this especially for him, not a leftover, I roast the lean lamb, sprinkled with herbs, no oil and serve with cooked veggies, its his special meal, he LOVES itl. Or am I killing him by doing this?) I also feed him a small amount of lychees, logans, cherries (all stones have been taken out) as treats sometimes, is this ok? Overall hes a happy healthy chap, shiny coat, seems a little thin to me but everyone says he's in great shape, he seems to be able to eat anything except for dog food and various dog treats (gives him the runs). It seems every 2 days I will read about something that can kill him! So stressed out!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. My dog is on BARF but I sometimes worry he's not getting everything he needs, so I have tried to add some Eukanuba (very small amount) it resulted in him having very lose stools whenever he had Eukanuba and he threw up and had the runs once when he had a small serve of eukanuba only for breakky. A lady at work swears by Royal Canine, I am tempted to try this. Should I try to incorporate another dog food into his diet and try until i find a brand that he wont react badly to or should I just give up? Weird thing is apart from his BARF regime he can eat absolutely ANYTHING (well except the "banned for dog foods") else without any bad side effects at all, just not dog food and some processed dog treats.
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