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  1. Thank you to everyone for all your kind thoughts and wishes. I have since received his ashes and they are on my bedside table next to my head. They bring me great comfort. During the height of my obsession with Bubby I commissioned these giant printed photos of him. MrB has hung two around the house for me. One in the study where I write/watch TV at night and one in the kitchen entrance where he used to sit. This is my way of coping. After lamenting to MrB about why Bubby was not visiting me, the old boy finally visited me in my dreams. He was still old just like when he passed away but his eyes were clear again and he was completely healthy. He didn't speak in human language but we could communicate perfectly. We went for a walk together and he tried to assure me he was good now and had solid off leash recall. I was like "Nice try Bubby, I still don't trust you!". He looked sheepish, squinty and cheeky just like he always did. I asked him why he didn't visit me. He told me it was typical of me to pine over him while he's off somewhere living his life and being happy but he knows I miss him so he made an effort to indulge my sentimentality and decided to come see me. I asked him to come see me again as often as he can. He said maybe he'll humour me and that I'm still such a sap. Haha even in death my relationship with that dog has not changed one bit. I've been taking Bitty for long walks and brushing up on her training again. She is so awesome. Seriously one of the most well behaved and easy to teach dogs. I'm very thankful to have her in my life.
  2. We said goodbye to Bubby forever today. His old body was failing him. He had a lovely last day yesterday. Daddy got him take away sushi (he greeted Mr B at the front door and was beyond delighted) and I reheated a cottage pie for lunch. Dinner was truffle fried rice with roast chicken which he buried his nose in and devoured. He always had a taste for the finer things in life and I always gave them to him. I don't regret a single moment. All the take away yum cha, take away sushi. I raised him exactly the way I wanted, fed him anything I wanted and he had 11 glorious years with me (I got him when he was 1). He went into his eternal sleep with his head on my lap and his daddy next to him. It was just like the way it used to be 11 years ago when we were young and there was only the three of us. They were some of the best years of my life. It started with the three of us and in the end there was just the three of us which is what I know he would have wanted. Goodbye my darling. Mummy loves you so much. Mummy was always a sentimental sap whereas you were stoic and aloof. I remember how wary of Mummy you were when I first got you. I was a nutter with a world of good intentions and you preferred Daddy who was calm and reliable. Then as the years went by you realised I wasn't so bad and fairly competent. You put up with my shenanigans and I rose in the ranks to become top mummy dog in your heart. You even sat by the door and moped when I went on holidays! What a shock that was for me since you were never a sappy sentimental dog. Mummy could be a bit of a grizzler but never grizzled at you and you knew that. You would squint your eyes, wiggle your bum and nuzzle me whenever I told Daddy and your human brother off because you knew that in my eyes, you could do no wrong. You were absolutely PERFECT with Puppas and I will miss how you lined up for crackers and cheese every morning or how I had to always serve him a massive dinner because it was tradition that you got his leftovers. Oh the days when Puppas was greedy and would eat your portion as well! You got so offended and Mummy had to plate you more food. You weren't the most obedient and you were never that snuggly but I love you so much and you were perfect for me in every way. Try to find me again Bubby Dawg. Daddy and I would love to have you again. I have always said this and I stand by it. You were one of the great loves of my life. I don't know how a girl like me ended up with a boy like you. Goodbye Darling. See you again one day.
  3. Haha yes! And I remember MrB and I didn't want to have kids because it might upset Bubby! Poor Bubby really bore the brunt of my crazy in those early years :laugh: Thank you everyone for your advice. I have had a chat to MrB and we shall continue as we always have and not go overboard. Part of me thinks MrB is preparing himself for the inevitable, hence the freaking out about whether Bubby will last the winter (absolutely NO indication that he will not last through the winter! The dog still tries to climb trees!). Bubby has always had human treats here and there and I don't think anything on this earth is going to change that (unless he had some condition that required a strict diet to keep him alive) but I think we will wait until he's 15 to go all out!
  4. I haven't committed to supplements either! We have him sleep in the study with ducted aircon so no worries about the chills! I actually think its probably a good sign since he likes to do really festy things like go lie in the rain, dig a mud puddle and sit in it in the rain. He doesn't seem "frail" if you know what I mean. Most of the time I see MrB making him go inside, keep warm etc
  5. Thanks Snook! That's a great post! Gives me a lot to think about! We go for a few walks a day (the excitement of starting a walk is a BIG DEAL for Bubby). With arthritis is there anything to look out for? We only go to the vet once a year and nothing about this has ever been brought up. He doesn't seem sore but does walk home slower than he starts out.
  6. Hi Folks Just been discussing with MrB how to handle Bubby in his old age. The old man is a golden and is 11. Bubby is still rather fun loving, loves walks and food and seems fairly robust despite his age. He's been trim his whole life so always been able to eat a fair bit. I'm just wondering at this age would you do your best to preserve their health or go all out and give them whatever they want (within reason). Bubby has always had an iron tummy and can eat anything. MrB thinks we should just spoil him (which means take away yum cha and sushi and lots of human food, Bubby ADORES yum cha). I want him to have the best retirement years but I'm thinking maybe he could go to 15. MrB is pessimistic and keeps worrying Bubby won't wake up one day so he likes to treat him. Just wondering what you guys would do?
  7. Bedtime for doggies is around 10.30pm at our house. They get toileted and put to bed. SuperBladder (Bubby, turning 10) can hold on forever!!!!!! He sleeps next to a giant bowl of water and is fine. Bitty (6) holds until 7 am most nights but once in a while she'll wake up anywhere from 3am to 6am ask to go to the toilet!
  8. Oooh Happy Birthday gorgeous Mac! Westiemum I have followed his story and you really are one of the best Mumma's out there!!!!!!
  9. Congratulations!!!!!!!! Two things I found SUPER helpful with my dogs were that: They were exceedingly well toilet trained They were not random barkers I reckon these things saved my life when I had a baby! I was pretty much mentally gone and thank goodness the dogs did not contribute to unhinging me! My dogs were really good with kids despite not really have any interaction with kids. Bubby was a tad over excited about the baby and loved to be near him but he settled and they were fine with him. They had the ideal attitude of generally doing their own thing while keeping an eye on him and running to tell me whenever he cried. In your situation I reckon it would be helpful to have a new sleeping arrangement for the dogs so that they get used to it! Our dogs used to sleep on their beds in the loungeroom. When baby arrived, we wanted the baby in his own room. For the first few months the sleeping arrangements were fine but my girl Bitty felt she was losing her Daddy and started having an epic meltdowns at 1 am in the morning! By 8 months we had a baby that slept through beautifully but a tantrumming dog that needed to be pacified several times a night! So we moved her into our room, where she slept next to MrB and she's been fine ever since!
  10. What a horrible woman! That is all I have to say about her! Horrible, callous, cold hearted, incompetent cow! I had PND when I had my son! I cried every day and for the first 6 months I probably went through the motions with both child and dogs while stuck in a little hell of my own. Never once did I resent my dogs though! Then life got better and I felt better but the dogs did get up to some naughty stuff because I will admit they were probably a bit neglected during the first 6 months! Yes I started noticing a few naughty things about them. Bubby barked when the postman came and this always coincided with Puppas's nap. So I always made sure Bubby was ALWAYS next to me wherever I went during nap time (yes I would even make him squeeze into the ensuite when I needed to go potty!), that way if we hear the postman I would whisper at him "Bubbby!!!!!! Don't you dare bark!!!!" Problem solved! Bitty would cried and stomp in the middle of the night in the loungeroom. We were worried she'd wake the baby so we moved her into our bedroom. Problem solved! These days my dogs get 3 walks a day (due to me owning a Fitbit!). Some days they refuse the third walk :laugh: My Bubby is 9 and lives inside most of the day as he does not like the heat or humidity outside. I cuddle him every night after our last walk. I actually said to MrB the other day: I love Puppas more than anything but I can't understand it when people say you don't really understand what love is until you have kids. Of course humans trump over the dogs but even after having a child I still feel like I have already known great love anyway, even if I had never had a human kid because in all honesty I feel it with Bubby. I always suspected I have and having a human child actually confirmed how special Bubby is to me.(Probably going to get flamed for this!) I feel like my time with Bubby is ticking. I wanted to get him x rayed to see if there was anything amiss with him. He's in great condition according to his vet but he's old and I worry. I know it won't last forever but I don't think I have ever truly felt that I could lose him one day. How can I, he's my Bubby, how can there be no Bubby in my world. In case anyone is wondering I love Bitty very much but I think Bubby is old now and it hurts me to see him grow old so I am very focused on him.
  11. Nothing useful to add but my sympathies! They are as bad as human newborns!!!!!! Sometimes I think pups are even harder! At least with a human newborn you don't have to go for a slooooow 5 am winter walk in the morning!
  12. Oh thank you so much for your responses! I think I will got with the general vitamin and the rose hip! Ari.g I had a good giggle at your post! :laugh: Thanks guys! You are all tops!
  13. My first born is turning 9! I am wondering what to give him as a supplement for joints etc He hasn't changed much since the day he came home with me (just a bit batty these days) but I am looking for something that will be a good boost supplement for his joints in case he gets creaky soon!
  14. I would love a Rotty! Or a lab! I just don't think I can handle anything other than a golden! In my perfect world I'd have a big lovable well trained Rottie! I will probably end up with a golden though! I am a creature of habit! ETA: A Golden called Barney!
  15. Oh kavik I'm so sorry for your loss. One of the things I remember really well was how you still took time to train your dogs after your first bub arrived. She must have led an awesome life!
  16. You gave her a wonderful life Grumpette. She's beautiful! Thank you for posting all those amazing photos.
  17. Don't freak out Jules. There a some excellent Kennels out there. I have kennelled the kids often and it is as much of a holiday for them as it is for us! Sometimes they don't want to leave and we spend a bit of time getting them back into the car! Nothing sinister or dreadful at all! They also get very excited when they see the kennel lady!
  18. Bubby once every 2-3 months, Bitty's nails are insane! Once a week almost!
  19. Cuddler for my lot! They love it! We used to only have one and they'd squeeze into the same bed. Neither would use the other bed so we had to buy another!
  20. PD I am curious as to how you got the strata permission for this? We are thinking of buying closer to the CBD one day and would like to live there if it is possible to drag the kids with us. I think they'd love it since they are house potatoes but strata is tricky!
  21. I'd do a standard vet check and then definitely a few smaller meals and snacks My Bubby is very throw-uppy! Always has been! But he rarely does it now cuz we give him a few meals and snacks a day. He also has to eat a bi before a car ride or else he'll throw up too!
  22. oh you poor thing. Is your little boy ok????? It seems like you have done everything in your power to make it work and it hasn't. As a mother of a 9 month old and two goldens I really feel for you. Many many hugs
  23. Its worse after having children! If I had $1 for every person who asked me have I got rid of my kids yet or if the kids bite the baby! Most hilarious are the people who said to me "Wait until you have a REAL child! You'll love him or her so much the dogs will mean nothing!" They are now most confused and annoyed because they can't work out why I still love the kids so much! And why the kids still live indoors underfoot! Oh the horrors! :laugh:
  24. I cried so much reading your tribute to your baby girl. My heart aches for you. Many hugs Wendy. My thoughts are with you.
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