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  1. Bitty has decided that since crying gets Puppas instant attention she too will cry when he cries. When he hit his crying peak at six Weeks I had a crying baby and a howling dog while Bubby gave me the "do something you incompetent woman" look!
  2. We snuck in a walk this morning. Kids have been inside under the aircon vent all day! :laugh:
  3. I am so so sorry for your loss! I don't know what else to say........... Many many hugs to you..............
  4. Same :) I know some beautitful rottweilers. People should see these guys herd sheep - most people have no idea how capable and versatile they are. I'm the same. Never met a nasty one, ever. Such a brilliant breed. If short coats didn't make me sneeze they'd but very high on my one day list. Same here! Only ever met gorgeous ones. Never met one I haven't liked! We are seriously considering them as our next breed one day!
  5. I have sealed off HALF the lounge room so my human baby can learn to crawl! That's all! HALF a lounge room! They have the run of the rest of the house! But they are moping and feeling extremely hard done by! :laugh:
  6. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG I'm so jealous!!!! And a Tapua pup too!!! I've always coveted her puppies!!!!!!! WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
  7. So glad she's back with you and its great the other Lady was kind and contacted you to ensure best outcome for Daisy!!!!!
  8. I'd go with another golden retriever but a bitch! Mine adore each other! Sometimes I think they operate as one unit to get ahead in life!
  9. oh he's just gorgeous!!!!!! What a smile!!!!!
  10. Congratulations!!!!!! He is just gorgeous!!!!!!!
  11. I am another who loves your Charlie stories CW EW! Nice to see you back with some!!!!
  12. I walk mine outside and they are not let inside until they go to toilet. They have learnt by now they that will stay outside unless they go toilet so the faster they go, the less time they spend in the cold and wet!
  13. I'm sure bitty misses us, especially her dada. Bubby just puts on game face and tries to woo the boarding kennel lady!
  14. 4 years apart. I wish the age gap was smaller. I'm not sure how Bitty will adjust without Bubby. She was raised to be independent of him and she is but any time they are allowed together they are exceedingly fond of each other which worries me a bit if Bubby does go first.
  15. If you have time to watch him and he's not licking then just don't use it. Our girl was never given a collar when she was desexed and anytime she licked I just said "No Bitty". She barely licked at all and healed up very quickly.
  16. This is my poor, abused and neglected little puppy! As you can tell she thinks she has a very hard life!
  17. Thats so cute! I always smile when I see very large or tall men with tiny dogs! I think its sweet! :D I look like I should own a Bitty! I'm small, girly and own a blond, girly, very pretty looking dog who wears girly collars! MrB says one day he is going to buy me a yellow Beetle so I can cruise around with the Bitty riding shotgun! First wife and second wife in a cute car he says! :laugh:
  18. He is a handsome fellow Hortfurball!!!!!
  19. Here are some pictures of her durian birthday cake (Bitty LOVES any sort of fruit and especially durian!)
  20. How time flies! My baby girl turned three yesterday! Bitty was a dog that my breeder picked out for me. At the time I had just requested a female puppy with a nice face and ended up being told this was my puppy! The truth was she was a rather ordinary puppy (cute but rather underwhelming on my visits to see her) and I actually lamented to quite a few friends about how I wasn't sure if I was given a good puppy as the other puppies seemed so much more exciting and this one was ever so average! She came to me at a time where Bubby had spent three years being my only child and I worshipped the ground he walked on. No one could be more perfect than my Bubby and quite a few of my dog savvy friends were worried how I was going to manage with this puppy I didn't seem too keen on. Boy was I wrong! And they certainly did not need to worry! The moment she came home with us we all fell in love with her! We introduce Bubby and Bitty at my in laws house. Bubby ran over, puffed up and shoved himself in the poor puppy's face, looking extremely big and threatening! Bitty, looked at him, let out one blood curdling scream and ran to hide behind MrB! We were rather taken back! So was Bubby who instantly rolled over on his back and wriggled over to the tiny puppy (still on his back the entire time), looking extremely ashamed and sorry! And that was the story of their relationship! For the next three years he would roll on his back while the Bitty bounced all over him! Whatever Bitty wanted Bitty got! Bitty never tried to growl or have a cross word at big brother! Her preferred method of getting anything she wanted from him was to sit close to him and cry until he gave in! She ruled him with her wee baby paw and continues to do so to this day! It makes me think if I were ever a dog, I am going to employ Bitty tactics :laugh: She was a gorgeous puppy to raise! Barely any accidents toilet training and her record of destruction was 6 tissues! Yes! That is ALL she has ever wrecked and stolen that did not belong to her! An incident I remember fondly was when I decided to be frugal and launder a precious party dress at home instead of at the dry cleaners! Unfortunately I went to work and forgot to take it inside in the morning so it was dangling right above the porch, where Bitty spent her days. Everyone I spoke to was sure the dress would be in tatters by the end of the day. I came home to find my gorgeous baby girl sitting on the porch, directly under the dress, minding her own business. There was not a single mark on the dress! Bitty is so different to what I expected and I love her so much! I always thought I loved quiet, sedate lazy dogs! Bitty is cheeky, nutty, bouncy, a complete bull in a china shop! She LOVES to play and play and play and always seems to have boundless energy. Yet there is something so obedient and controlled about her! She loves to learn, has great problem solving skills and can get into any room or reach any object she desires but yet she has never used those powers to cause me any grief! When Bitty turned one, she discovered her great love.....................MY HUSBAND! She is the love of MrB's life no doubt but she and I have such a bond. With all my clumsiness and bad training skills I have still managed to teach her some wonderful things and we just make a great team! She tries SOOOO hard to understand her stupid, inconsistent mummy and really delivers on things that she shouldn't be able to deliver under my crappy tutelage! Happy Birthday Bitty! Mummy loves you dearly and you are and always will be the baby of the family!
  21. Name changing is fine!!! My dogs respond to about half a dozen names each!!!
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